Active and Passive Voice Exercises Part 05 l Solved Voice Exercises

Q. Why should I be suspected by you?
Ans. Why should you suspect me?
Q. The doctor despaired of his recovery.
Ans. His recovery was despaired of by the doctor.
Q. They laughed at his warnings and objected lo all his proposals.
Ans. His warnings were laughed at and all his proposals were objected to.

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Active and Passive Voice Exercises Part 04 l Solved Voice Exercises

Q. The public will learn with astonishment that war is imminent.
Ans. It will be learnt with astonishment by the public that war is imminent.
Q. He made his wife do the work.
Ans. His wife was made to do the work.
Q. The legend tells us how the castle received its name.
Ans. We are told by the legend how its name was received by the castle.

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Articles Exercises l Solved Exercises on Articles l ELP

I like to live in……open air.
Do not look… horse in…….mouth.
……tiger,…….animal equal to……lion in size, is…….native of Asia.
…….Andamans are group of islands in……. Bay of Bengal.

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