Month: October 2021

Preposition Quiz Part 05 l Preposition Exercises with Answers l ELP

……..our study, there is a significant relationship between school shootings and playing violent video games.
……..our great effort, we failed to finish the project before the deadline.
………obtaining the government assistance, we were able to use an up-to-date sampling frame from which to select our sample.

Proverbs with Meanings Part 01 l Proverbs Made Easy l ELP

📗A Burden Of One’s Own Choice Is Not Felt.
Meaning: Something difficult seems easier when it is done voluntarily.
📗A Cat In Gloves Catches No Mice.
Meaning: This expression means that if you are too careful and polite, you may not obtain what you want.

150 English Prepositions Part 02 l Preposition Examples Sentences l ELP

📗saving (formal)
• Saving yourself, nobody thanked me.
• Touching your homework, I think we need to speak.
• He was the judge in the case of Gore versus Bush.
• We should choose peace versus war.
• We flew from Paris to Bangkok via Dubai.

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