62 Advanced Ways to Say I’m Busy l Different Ways to Say I’m Busy

Here are 62 ways to say I’m busy!
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📗I’m all booked up.
🍎Example: I’m all booked up today but I could fit you in on Monday.
📗I’m swamped.
🍎Example: I haven’t had any time to myself recently. I’ve been so swamped with work!
📗I’ve got a lot to do.
🍎Example: I need to crack on. I’ve got a lot to do.
📗I’ve got a lot going on.
🍎Example: Don’t call her until Monday. She has a lot going on right now!
📗I’ve got a lot on the go.
🍎Example: I’ve got so much on the go right now. I don’t think I can cope!
📗I’ve got a lot on my plate.
🍎Example: In January, I’ll start my new position and I’ll have a lot more on my plate!
📗I’m up to my ears.
🍎Example: Kashif doesn’t have any time to watch rugby. He is up to his ears with farm work.
📗I’m tied up.
🍎Example: I can’t come over right now because I am tied up!
📗I can’t take anything else on.
🍎Example: I would love to volunteer for your project but I can’t take any more on.
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📗I’m as busy as a bee.
🍎Example: I can’t help you. I’m as busy as a bee.
📗I’m slammed
🍎Example: Don’t call me. I’m slammed.
📗I’m buried
🍎Example: I’m buried in work right now.
📗I’m overwhelmed
🍎Example: She was overwhelmed with her work when we visited her.
📗I’m behind on my work.
🍎Example: Stop disturbing me, please. I’m behind on my work.
🍎Example: She is a bit occupied today.
🍎Example: He is slightly overstretched at the moment.
🍎Example: She is quite over-extended in this particular role.
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🍎Example: We are rather overloaded with all these new cases.
📗Snowed under
🍎Example: He has been snowed under with complaints.
📗To have other fish to fry
🍎Example:Hurry up! I have other fish to fry.
📗To have other priorities today
🍎Example: I can’t join you. I have other priorities today
📗I have got my hands full
🍎Example: I have got my hands full right now with 3 kids under the age of 5 and a sick wife at home.
📗To be at maximum capacity
🍎Example: I’m at maximum capacity at work. I can’t handle more than this.
📗To be at full bandwidth
🍎Example: Ahmad is at full bandwidth right now so why don’t we ask Imran to do this.
📗to be up to one’s eyeballs in something
🍎Example: Accountants are usually up to their eyeballs in paperwork during tax season.
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📗To have a lot of irons in the fire
🍎Example: We have 3 major projects with deadlines coming soon, so I have a lot of irons in the fire at work right now.
📗I’m engaged
🍎Example: I can’t give you time. I’m engaged.
📗I’m preoccupied.
🍎Example: I’m engaged at the moment. Please visit this office tomorrow.
📗Juggling a lot right now
🍎Example: I’m juggling a lot right now.
📗Don’t have the bandwidth
🍎Example: I don’t have the bandwidth these days.
📗Spread pretty thin
🍎Example: I’m spread pretty thin this month.
📗Things are really hectic.
🍎Example: Stop pestering. Things are really hectic this year.
📗Busier than busy
🍎Example: I can’t attend your birthday party. I am busier than busy.
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📗Not a moment to spare
🍎Example: He doesn’t have a moment to spare in the morning.
📗Don’t have time to breathe
🍎Example: I can’t stay here anymore. I don’t have time to breathe.
📗There aren’t enough hours in the day
🍎Example: Please cut your story short. There aren’t enough hours in the day.
📗Have lots to do
🍎Example: He can’t give you time. He has lots to do.
📗Busy as a beaver
🍎Example: Whenever I see her, she is busy as a beaver.
📗My agenda is full
🍎Example: Don’t compel me to write more. My agenda is full.
📗On a tight schedule
🍎Example: I can’t teach her. I’m on a tight schedule.
📗My schedule is jam-packed
🍎Example: I can’t help you out. My schedule is already jam-packed.
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🍎Example: I’m very biz at office.
📗absolutely buried
🍎Example: I can’t come to USA. I’m absolutely buried here.
📗Have got a lot going on.
🍎Example: I have got a lot going on. So please don’t keep requesting me.
📗Have got too much going on
🍎Example: I can’t assist you. I have got too much going on.
📗to have a lot of irons in the fire
🍎Example: Hina can’t cook for her kids. She has a lot of irons in the fire.
📗No spaces left
🍎Example: Do your work independently. I don’t have any spaces left to help people.
📗Have got a lot on the go.
🍎Example: They have got a lot on the go.
📗A productive day
🍎Example: I’m having a productive day today.
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📗I’m taken
🍎Example: I’m taken. How can you expect help?
📗Have got business to attend to
🍎Example: Sorry, I have got business to attend to.
📗I have to run an errand
🍎Example: I have to run an errand now. I’ll be free in the evening.
📗In the middle of something
🍎Example: I can’t join you. I’m in the middle of my project.
📗Incredibly busy
🍎Example: He was incredibly busy in his office on October 4, 2021.
📗Have got obligations
🍎Example: We have got obligations. Please visit any other office.
📗To have bigger fish to fry
🍎Example: Keep it to the point, please. I have bigger fish to fry.
📗to be up to one’s neck in something
🍎Example: Hassan will get first position because he is often seen up to his neck in his studies.
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