90 Advanced Ways to Say How are you? l How are You in Different Ways

Here are How are you in different ways for you!
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📗How are you living?
📗What’s the rumpus?
📗How are things progressing?
📗How are you keeping these days?
📗How do you fare?
📗How goes the world with you?
📗How is the world using you?
📗How wags the world?
📗How’s with you?
📗Tell me how the situation stands?
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📗What’s up in the sky?
📗What’s the word, hummingbird?
📗What’s the gist, physicist?
📗What’s with the face?
📗Any juicy news you want to talk about?
📗How farest thou?
📗How are you keeping?
📗How are you balancing your time?
📗How are things with you?
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📗What’s up, buttercup?
📗How’s living in your shoes?
📗How is life sailing?
📗Whatcha doin’?
📗Does life still find you cool?
📗How met?
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📗How dost thou?
📗How’s it hangin’?
📗How ya doin’?
📗What’s the good word?
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📗Tell me how things go?
📗What is the scene?
📗What’s clicking?
📗What’s in the bag?
📗I’d like to hear from you?
📗Anything interesting happening in your life lately?
📗What’s cracking?
📗What’s popping?
📗What’s kickin’, little chicken?
📗How’s life treating you?
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📗How’s everything?
📗How’s it going?
📗How are things?
📗What’s up?
📗How are you doing?
📗What’s new?
📗You all right?
📗How have you been?
📗How are things going?
📗Are you well?
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📗What’s going on?
📗How are you feeling?
📗What are you up to?
📗What’s sizzling?
📗How do you do?
📗Howdy! (Short for how do you do)
📗What’s good in the hood?
📗Long time no see!
📗What’s new with you?
📗How long has it been?
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📗Must be tough, huh?
📗Sup? (Short for what’s up)
📗Anything interesting happening in your life lately?
📗What is happening?
📗How are you holding up?
📗How is life sailing?
📗What are you heading?
📗How are things coming along?
📗What was the highlight of your day, so far?
📗How was your day?
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📗What have you been doing since we last talked?
📗How’s every little thing in your life?
📗How do you fare?
📗How’s it rolling?
📗What’s up with the flow?
📗What’s with the face?
📗How’s everything coming together?
📗Is there anything concerning you?
📗What’s the latest buzz in your world?
📗What’s shakin’?
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📗What’s the dizzle?
📗What’s the story?
📗How are you diddling?
📗Ogenki desu ka? (In Japanese)
📗Ni hao ma? (In Chinese)
📗Como estas? (In Spanish)
📗Pos eisai? (In Greek)
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