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Q. The postmaster’s letter to Lencho consisted of?
Ans. One word
Q. The postmaster’s letter to Lencho contained only a single word. What is that?
Ans. “God”
Q. God’s supposed letter to Lencho was handed over to Lencho by……?
Ans. The postman
(God’s supposed letter was actually written by the postmaster)
Q. For doing a good deed, the postmaster experienced?
Ans. Contentment
Q. What did Lencho’s first letter to God say?
Ans. It said: “If you don’t help me, my family
and I will go hungry this year. I need a hundred pesos in order to sow my field again and to live until the crop comes, because the hailstorm….”
Q. Lencho wrote his second letter to God……?
Ans. At the post office
Q. Lencho affixed the stamp on the envelope containing his second letter to God…….?
Ans. With a blow of his fist
Q. Lencho told God to send him the remaining 30 pesos because…….?
Ans. He needed this amount very much
Q. Who read the letter first?
Ans. A postman
Q. Did Lencho try to find who had sent the money to him?
Ans. No
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Q. Why did the mother call all of her boys?
Ans. For dinner
Q. Where was Lencho standing when he said that, “A plague of locusts would have left more than this?”
Ans. In the middle of his field
Q. Who went to his boss laughing heartily and showed him the letter to God?
Ans. The postman
Q. Who said, “We will go hungry this year?”
Ans. Lencho
Q. From Lencho’s house, one would see the……and the field of ripe corn?
Ans. River
Q. Where was Lencho’s house situated?
Ans. On the top of a hill
Q. What was the only thing that the Earth needed according to Lencho?
Ans. A shower
Q. Where did Lencho expect the downpour to come from?
Ans. North-East
Q. What did Lencho compare the large raindrops with?
Ans. New coins
Q. Which crop was growing on Lencho’s field?
Ans. Corn
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Q. What did Lencho’s second letter to God say?
Ans. It said: “God: Of the money that I asked
for, only seventy pesos reached me. Send me the rest, since I need it very much. But don’t send it to me through the mail because the post office employees are a bunch of crooks. Lencho.”
Q. Lencho’s house was the only one in the…….?
Ans. Entire valley
Q. The postmaster laughed but almost immediately he turned…….?
Ans. Serious
Q. Lencho went up to the……to
ask for paper and ink?
Ans. Window
Q. What destroyed Lencho’s field?
Ans. Hailstorm
Q. The field looked as if it were covered in……?
Ans. Salt
Q. Lencho compared the quantum of damage with?
Ans. Plague of locusts
Q. What was Lencho’s wife preparing?
Ans. Supper
Q. Find a word that is similar to “Very closely”?
Ans. Intimately
Q. What does the word “Crest” mean?
Ans. Top of the hill
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Q. What could be seen approaching in the North-East?
Ans. Huge mountains of clouds
Q. What do you mean by “Huge mountains of clouds”?
Ans. Clouds promising heavy rains
Q. Why did Lencho go out?
Ans. To have the pleasure of feeling the rain on his body
Q. What was the only hope left in the hearts of Lencho’s family?
Ans. Help from God
Q. How did Lencho decide to contact his last resort (God)?
Ans. Through a letter
Q. How much money did Lencho ask for?
Ans. 100 pesos
Q. What was the immediate reaction of the postman on seeing the letter?
Ans. He laughed whole-heartedly
Q. Find a word that is similar to “forecasted”?
Ans. Predicted
Q. Who knew his fields intimately?
Ans. Lencho
Q. What happened to the rain suddenly?
Ans. It changed into hailstones
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Q. What does the word “exposing” mean?
Ans. Coming out in open
Q. What was the status of leaves after the storm?
Ans. They were detached from the trees
Q. Describe Lencho’s feeling at the destruction of crops?
Ans. He was very sad
Q. What does the word “resolution” mean?
Ans. Determination
Q. What does the phrase “Bunch of crooks” mean?
Ans. A group of dishonest people
Q. What happened at mealtime?
Ans. Big drops of rain began to fall
Q. The younger boys of Lencho’s family were…..?
Ans. Playing near the house
Q. According to Lencho, the small drops of rain are?
Ans. Five cent pieces
Q. “It is said that no one dies of……..?”
Ans. Hunger
Q. On the envelope, Lencho wrote?
Ans. “To God”

Q. Several friends of Lencho were obliged to give something to Lencho……?
Ans. As an act of charity
Q. The postmaster was a fat, amiable man? Ans. True
Q. What is the meaning of “amiable”?
Ans. Friendly
Q. On seeing the letter, the postmaster was moved by Lencho’s…….?
Ans. Unwavering faith
Q. Why did the postmaster decide to reply to Lencho’s letter?
Ans. To preserve Lencho’s faith in God
Q. What else did the reply demand apart from goodwill, ink and paper?
Ans. Money
Q. What was strange about Lencho’s letter?
Ans. It was addressed to God
Q. What does the word  ‘ox’ in the story mean?
Ans. Hard-working and simple person
Q. “All through the night, Lencho thought only of his one hope.” What was it?
Ans. The help of God
Q. The postman at the post office laughed because…….?
Ans. The letter was addressed to God

Q. The postman showed the letter to……?
Ans. The postmaster
Q. The postmaster was impressed with…….? Ans. Lencho’s faith in God
Q. The postmaster decided to collect money from his colleagues to…….?
Ans. Retain Lencho’s faith
Q. “It’s really getting bad now.” It refers to……?
Ans. Hailstorm
Q. Lencho hoped it would stop quickly because……?
Ans. Because otherwise the ripe corn would be destroyed in it
Q. Lencho’s hopes were belied because…..? Ans. The hailstorm lasted for an hour
Q. Lencho’s house is called “the house” because…..?
Ans. It was the only one in the valley
Q. The ripe corn dotted with flowers promised…..?
Ans. A good harvest
Q. Lencho needed more money to sow his field again since…..
Ans. The hailstorm had destroyed the corn
Q. “Whose eyes see everything.” Whose refers to……?
Ans. God’s eyes

Q. How much money was the postmaster able to arrange?
Ans. 70 Pesos
Q. What did the postmaster feel on experiencing Lencho receive the letter?
Ans. Contented
Q. Why was Lencho not surprised on seeing the money in the envelope?
Ans. Because he had unwavering faith in God
Q. How did Lencho feel when he counted the money?
Ans. Angry
Q. Why Lencho compares the raindrops to new coins?
Ans. Because they were round in shape and almost of the same size.
Q. What kind of man was Lencho?
Ans. Literate but stupid
Q. What is another word for contentment?
Ans. Satisfaction
Q. “Now we are really going to get some water woman.” Who is this woman?
Ans. Lencho’s wife
Q. Who predicted heavy rains?
Ans. Lencho
Q. When Lencho predicted heavy rains, what did his wife reply?
Ans. Yes, God willing

Q. What did Lencho think of the post-office employees?
Ans. He thought of them as A bunch of crooks
Q. What did Lencho ask for in his second letter?
Ans. He asked for the remaining amount AND not to send it by mail
Q. What is the irony in this lesson?
Ans. Lencho blamed the post office employees who in fact helped him
Q. What type of conflict does the chapter highlight?
Ans. The conflict between nature and humans AND conflict among humans
Q. Who is the protagonist of this story?
Ans. Lencho
Q. Lencho is……….by profession?
Ans. A farmer
Q. This story is set in…….?
Ans. Latin America
Q. It’s a story about an unconditional faith in……?
Ans. God
Q. There was/were…….house/houses on the top of the hill?
Ans. One
Q. Lencho gazes at the sky in the…….. direction, hoping for rainfall?
Ans. North-East

Q. “Now we’re really going to get some water.” Lencho told this to…..?
Ans. His wife
Q. Lencho’s older boys were…….?
Ans. Working in the field
Q. Large droplets were equivalent to?
Ans. Ten cents coin.
Q. Hailstones were compared with……..in the story?
Ans. Frozen pearls
Q. The hail rained for…….?
Ans. An hour
Q. Lencho started writing a letter to god on…….?
Ans. Sunday morning
Q. “Ox of a man” means…….?
Ans. Hardworking
Q. Pesos is a monetary unit of?
Ans. Mexico and other Latin American countries
Q. Lencho spent………pesos to sow his field?
Ans. 100
Q. Why did Lencho go out?
Ans. To feel the raindrops

Q. Who is the author of the lesson ‘A Letter to God’?
Ans. G.L. Fuentes
Q. Why was Lencho satisfied?
Ans. On seeing the field of ripe corn with flowers
Q. Why did Lencho need money?
Ans. To save his family from hunger
Q. The story is all about an unconditional…….?
Ans. Faith
Q. G.L. Fuentes was a Mexican novelist, poet and?
Ans. Journalist
Q. He was awarded the National Prize of Arts and Sciences in…….?
Ans. 1935

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