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Here is A Passage To India MCQs Part 01 for you!
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Q. This novel was selected as one of the 100 great works of 20th century English literature by the Modern Library. Which novel?
Ans. A Passage To India
Q. The novel A Passage To India is based on E M Forster’s experiences in India, deriving the title from Walt Whitman’s 1870 poem titled……..in Leaves of Grass?
Ans. “Passage to India”
Q. Who was the publisher of A Passage To India in UK?
Ans. Edward Arnold
Q. The story of A Passage To India revolves around what four characters?
Ans. Dr. Aziz, Mr. Cyril Fielding, Mrs. Moore, and Miss Adela Quested
Q. In A Passage To India, the fictitious Marabar Caves have been modeled on the Barabar Caves of………?
Ans. Bihar
Q. A Passage To India is set against the backdrop of the……..and the Indian independence movement in the 1920s?
Ans. British Raj
Q. Where does Dr. Aziz work in A Passage To India?
Ans. At the British Hospital in Chandrapore
Q. Who relies heavily on intuition over logic?
Ans. Dr. Aziz
Q. Who is more emotional: Dr. Aziz or his friend Fielding?
Ans. Dr. Aziz
Q. Which novel won the 1924 James Tait Black Memorial Prize for fiction?
Ans. A Passage To India

Q. Time magazine included this novel by E M Forster in its “All Time 100 Novels” list. Which novel?
Ans. A Passage To India
Q. Who was the publisher of A Passage To India in US?
Ans. Harcourt Brace
Q. Adela thinks she finds herself alone with………in one of the caves when in fact he is in an entirely different cave?
Ans. Dr. Aziz
Q. What is the chief drawback of Dr. Aziz?
Ans. An inability to view a situation without emotion. He sees every situation emotionally
Q. What does Forster suggest is a typical Indian difficulty?
Ans. An inability to view a situation without emotion
Q. Dr. Aziz’s trial shows common racial tensions and prejudices between Indians and the British during the……?
Ans. Colonial era
Q. In 1960, the manuscript of A Passage to India was donated to Rupert Hart-Davis by……..?
Ans. E M Forster
Q. The manuscript of A Passage To India was sold to raise money for the……..?
Ans. London Library
Q. The manuscript of A Passage To India fetched the then record sum of………?
Ans. £6,500
Q. How old is Cyril Fielding in A Passage To India?
Ans. 45

Q. Cyril Fielding is married or unmarried?
Ans. Unmarried
Q. The play A Passage To India has been written by……..?
Ans. Santha Rama Rau
(The novel has been written by E M Forster)
Q. The Indian filmmaker……..intended to direct a theatrical adaptation of the novel A Passage To India but the project was never realised?
Ans. Satyajit Ray
Q. The 1984 film version of A Passage To India won……….and numerous other awards?
Ans. Two Oscars
Q. A Passage To India by E M Forster won Femina Vie Heureuse in……..?
Ans. 1925
Q. What is Fielding by profession in A Passage To India?
Ans. He is the headmaster of the small government-run college for Indians
Q. What separate Dr. Aziz and Fielding?
Ans. Cultural and racial differences, and personal misunderstandings
Q. In the opening dialogue of the novel, who is most open to the possibility of Indian-English friendship?
Ans. Hamidullah
Q. Why is Aziz at the mosque where he meets Mrs. Moore?
Ans. Because English women have stolen his Tonga
Q. How does Aziz sense Mrs. Moore is sympathetic to him?
Ans. She speaks frankly about her dislike for Mrs. Turton

Q. At the beginning of the novel, why is Adela dissatisfied with her visit to India?
Ans. Because she wants to see the real India
Q. Adela visits India with the vague intention of marrying…….?
Ans. Ronny Heaslop
Q. Who is Intelligent, brave, honest, but slightly prudish?
Ans. Adela Quested
Q. Why does Turton throw the Bridge Party?
Ans. To please Adela
Q. Who runs their horse into the flowers at the Bridge Party?
Ans. Panna Lal
Q. What is the main reason Aziz decides not to attend the Bridge Party?
Ans. It coincides with the anniversary of his wife’s death
Q. What disconcerts Ronny about his mother’s story about meeting a young man in the mosque?
Ans. Her tone of voice does not indicate that the young man is Indian
Q. Who does Fielding call “a prig”?
Ans. Adela Quested
Q. Who arrives with the intention of seeing the “real India”?
Ans. Adela
Q. What upsets Mrs. Moore on the day of Fielding’s tea party?
Ans. Adela and Ronny’s bickering

Q. What causes Adela to change her mind and become engaged to Ronny?
Ans. The sexual magnetism between her and Ronny
Q. How does Fielding shock the Indians in Aziz’s sickroom?
Ans. He is bluntly honest
Q. How does Aziz show Fielding that he considers Fielding like a brother to him?
Ans. He shows Fielding a picture of his wife
Q. Who is the mother of Ronny Heaslop?
Ans. Mrs. Moore
Q. Mrs. Moore is visiting Chandrapore to oversee her son’s……..to Adela Quested?
Ans. Engagement
Q. Prior to the visit to the caves, what event prompts Adela’s and Mrs. Moore’s feeling of emptiness?
Ans. Godbole’s song
Q. What disturbs Mrs. Moore in the Marabar Caves?
Ans. The echo, a baby’s hand and the crowd
Q. What makes Fielding suspicious during the trip to the caves?
Ans. Adela’s hasty departure
Q. Why does Mcbryde believe that Indians are criminal?
Ans. Because of the Indian climate
Q. The Indians in the novel appreciate her more than they do any other Briton. Who?
Ans. Mrs. Moore

Q. Who is the magistrate of Chandrapore in the novel A Passage To India?
Ans. Ronny Heaslop
Q. What does Fielding do that angers the members of the Englishmen’s club?
Ans. He does not stand when Ronny enters
Q. What prompts Adela to suddenly proclaim Aziz innocent?
Ans. She has a vision of Marabar and sees that Aziz was not in the cave with her
Q. Why is Aziz upset during his own victory celebration?
Ans. Because Fielding leaves with Adela
Q. Why is Fielding upset with Aziz after the trial?
Ans. Because Aziz refuses to credit Adela’s bravery at the trial
Q. Who in the novel is an elderly, courteous, contemplative Brahmin who views the world with equanimity?
Ans. Professor Narayan Godbole
Q. Name the character who remains totally aloof from the novel’s conflicts?
Ans. Professor Narayan Godbole
Q. In which European country does Fielding stop and admire the architecture on the way back to England?
Ans. Italy
Q. What religion provides the backdrop for part 3 of A Passage To India?
Ans. Hinduism
Q. With what character is Hinduism associated?
Ans. Godbole

Q. Through which character does Aziz renew his friendship with Fielding?
Ans. Ralph Moore
Q. Who rehabilitates the friendship of Fielding and Aziz?
Ans. Professor Narayan Godbole
Q. Who is the collector of Chandrapore in the novel A Passage To India?
Ans. Mr. Turton
Q. What are the titles of the three parts of A Passage To India?
Ans. Mosque, Temple, Cave
Q. What characters in A Passage to India build a friendship that echoes Forster’s own relationship with a young Indian Muslim?
Ans. Fielding and Aziz
Q. What aspect of Forster’s identity gave him insight into the prejudice and misunderstanding he describes in A Passage to India?
Ans. His homosexuality
Q. What phrase did Rudyard Kipling coin for the supposedly moral “burden” of governing colonies like India?
Ans. The “white man’s burden”
Q. Who screams at Adela in the courtroom when Adela retracts her accusation against Aziz?
Ans. Mrs. Turton
Q. Who is Dr. Aziz’s superior at the hospital?
Ans. Major Callendar
Q. What way of representing the chaos of modern experience aligns Forster with modernist writers like Virginia Woolf and James Joyce?
Ans. Patterns of imagery and form

Q. What landmark does Aziz organize a visit to for those who attended Fielding’s tea?
Ans. The Marabar Caves
Q. What crime does Adela Quested falsely accuse Aziz of attempting?
Ans. To rape her
Q. What do Adela Quested and Mrs. Moore hope to see on their trip to India?
Ans. The real India
Q. Who in the novel is more openly racist than any other male character?
Ans. Maj. Callendar
Q. Rumours circulate among the Indians that Maj. Callendar actually tortured an injured Indian by putting…….instead of antiseptic on his wounds?
Ans. Pepper
Q. Who does Fielding offend by joining the Indians in Aziz’s defense?
Ans. All of British India
Q. What does Fielding do that ruins his friendship with Aziz for a number of years?
Ans. Befriends Adela
Q. What is Aziz’s occupation?
Ans. Doctor
Q. What emotional attitude towards Indians sets Cyril Fielding apart from most English in India?
Ans. Sympathy
Q. Who is the superintendent of police in Chandrapore?
Ans. Mr. McBryde

Q. Who publicly asserts that it is a scientific fact that dark men lust after white women?
Ans. Mr. McBryde
Q. Where does Hamidullah think that friendship between Indians and the English is most possible?
Ans. In England
Q. What does Mr. Turton do as “collector”?
Ans. Governs Chandrapore
Q. What seems to motivate Adela’s interest in seeing the “real India”?
Ans. Intellectual curiosity
Q. What is Professor Godbole’s religion?
Ans. Hinduism
Q. Who has an affair with McBryde?
Ans. Miss Derek
Q. Who is the chief Indian gentleman in Chandrapore?
Ans. Nawab Bahadur
Q. How does Mrs. Moore’s presence as a character change in the course of the novel?
Ans. She becomes more symbolic
Q. How does Fielding view India?
Ans. A muddle
Q. Amidst his satire of British colonial government, what does Forster never suggest that Britain should do?
Ans. Leave India

Q. Where does Mr. Turton promise that Adela will be able to meet Indians?
Ans. A bridge party
Q. Who declares at the beginning of the novel that it is easier to be a friend of an Englishman in England than in India?
Ans. Hamidullah
Q. A prominent Indian lawyer from Calcutta is called in to defend Aziz. What is his name?
Ans. Amritrao
Q. What general characterization of India does Fielding personify in Dr. Aziz?
Ans. Its muddle of contradictions
Q. What or who does Fielding become jaded about in the aftermath of Aziz’s trial?
Ans. The Indians
Q. What does Aziz do in his spare time in his new life in Mau?
Ans. Writes poetry
Q. Who did Fielding actually marry in England, instead of Adela, as Aziz believed?
Ans. Stella Moore
Q. Name the Muslim Indian barrister who openly hates the British?
Ans. Mahmoud Ali
Q. Who is Dr. Aziz’s rival at the hospital?
Ans. Dr. Panna Lal
Q. When does Ronny Heaslop change from an open-minded young man to a group-thinking British colonialist?
Ans. Before the novel begins
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