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Q. What is the rhyme scheme of the poem A Thing of Beauty?
Ans. Aabbcc
Q. “The endless fountain” is an image created by the poet to denote…..?
Ans. The everlasting joy given by beautiful objects
Q. The poem A Thing Of Beauty is based on a…….legend?
Ans. Greek
Q. According to the poem, stories of which men are beautiful?
Ans. Brave men
Q. All lovely tales evoke the feeling of?
Ans. Sadness and nostalgia
Q. Why is grandeur associated with the mighty dead?
Ans. They will always be remembered for their sacrifice
Q. What are ‘mighty dead’ in the poem?
Ans. Great respectworthy ancestors especially dead emperors
Q. According to Keats, the word “sheep” means?
Ans. Human beings

Q. According to Keats, who is the protector of the sheep?
Ans. Jesus Christ
Q. What is it that “sprout a shaddy boon for sheep?”
Ans. Trees

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Q. What are the flowery bands that bind us to the earth?
Ans. Memory of beautiful and pleasant things
Q. What does the “brake” imply?
Ans. Undergrowth of ferns and bushes
Q. Name the figure of speech in “cooling covert”?
Ans. Alliteration
Q. Why are the lovely tales called
“endless fountain”?
Ans. Because they are a source of constant joy and happiness
Q. How are the rills a “cooling covert” for the earth?
Ans. They are the streams that cover the earth and keep it cool during the hot summer months
Q. Daffodils are……..?
Ans. Yellow-colored flowers
Q. What does “Green world they live in” mean?
Ans. It means daffodils’ green surroundings
Q. Give an example of inversion from the poem?
Ans. “Are we wreathing”
Q. What is inversion?
Ans. It is a change in normal word order e.g. It is inversion if we write “are we wreathing” instead of “we are wreathing”
Q. The thick bushes in the mid forest have abundant growth of?
Ans. Musk roses

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Q. Who wrote the poem A Thing of Beauty?
Ans. John Keats
Q. The full title of A Thing of Beauty is…….?
Ans. A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever

Q. From where has this poem A Thing Of Beauty been taken?
Ans. From Keats’ work Endymion
Q. What is Endymion?
Ans. It is a Poetic Romance
Q. What are the things of beauty mentioned in the poem A Thing of Beauty?
Ans. Sun, moon, young trees, streams and flowers
Q. What things cause suffering to human beings?
Ans. Lack of virtues and inhuman acts
Q. How is a thing of beauty a joy forever?
Ans. Because its beauty never ends and leaves a lasting impact
Q. What is the message of the poem A Thing of Beauty?
Ans. Beauty never fades ; beauty lifts spirits high ; beauty is a joy forever
Q. What does a thing of beauty do for us?
Ans. Gives hope ; gives happiness ; removes pain and suffering

Q. What is the “endless fountain” and what is its effect?
Ans. A thing of beauty is an endless fountain and it gives happiness

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Q. What does “A thing of beauty is a joy forever mean?”
Ans. A beautiful thing will keep giving happiness for a longer time

Q. What is Beauty in Keats’ opinion?
Ans. For Keats, it is a joy forever
Q. What is the concept of beauty?
Ans. A quality that always gives happiness
Q. Do we experience things of beauty only for a short time?
Ans. No, they make a lasting impression of happiness
Q. Who said, “A thing of beauty is a joy forever?”
Ans. John Keats

Q. How does a thing of beauty provide shelter and comfort?
Ans. By giving a sense of joy and happiness ; by removing pain and suffering ; like a bower

Q. Whose loveliness will keep on increasing?
Ans. Of rivers ; of mountains ; of nature ; of all beautiful things
Q. Write the phrase which means “It is immortal”?
Ans. It will never pass into nothingness
Q. What is a Bower?
Ans. A shady tree
Q. Why do we need sweet dreams, health and quiet breathing?
Ans. To have a healthy mind and body ; to have sound sleep ; to have peace and happiness

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Q. What is the endless fountain of immortal drink?
Ans. All the things of beauty
Q. What does ‘brink’ mean?
Ans. An edge at the top

Q. What does “immortal” mean?
Ans. Never-ending
or endless
Q. What image does the poet use to convey that beauty is everlasting?
Ans. An endless fountain of joy
Q. What is the effect of immortal drink?
Ans. Immense joy and happiness
Q. Pick the words from the poem which mean “stories and magnificence”?
Ans. “Tales and grandeur”
Q. What removes pall from our life?
Ans. Nature’s beauty
Q. What is the meaning of “gloomy”?
Ans. Dull and depressive
Q. How does beauty help us when we are grief-stricken?
Ans. By giving a ray of hope
Q. What does the poet mean by “Some shape of beauty”?
Ans. A beautiful object that gives happiness
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Q. Which figure of speech is used in the words “Some shape of beauty”?
Ans. Metaphor

Q. Why are our spirits referred to as dark?
Ans. Because of sadness and disappointment
Q. What does “morrow” mean?
Ans. The next day or the following day
Q. Why do we need a flowery band?
Ans. To have strength and joy in spite of all sadness
Q. What is inhuman in life?
Ans. Self-centered tendency and inability to rise above shallow circles

Q. What circumstances make a man unhappy?
Ans. Tendency of hopelessness
Q. The ‘endless fountain’ gets its immortal drink from?
Ans. Heaven’s brink
Q. Immortal drink of the endless fountain is a reference to?
Ans. The continuous flow of sacred or holy water

Q. What are the things that are read or heard by us?
Ans. Lovely tales
Q. The poet talks about ‘grandeur’. Whose grandeur is he talking about?
Ans. About the grandeur of “mighty dead”

Q. What makes for itself a cooling covert against the hot season?
Ans. The clear rills
Q. Clear rills’ are the……..?
Ans. Streams of clear water
Q. In the poem, “Sheep” is a reference to?
Ans. Human beings
Q. “From our dark spirits” is a reference to?
Ans. Our dampened and demoralized spirits
Q. “Of all the unhealthy” means?
Ans. Ill-health
Q. “Spite of despondency” refers to?
Ans. Sadness and depression

Q. Every morning, we all are……?
Ans. Wreathing a flowery band
Q. “Full of sweet dreams” means?
Ans. Pleasant and peaceful sleep

Q. Beautiful things never ‘pass into nothingness’ means that they?
Ans. Never fade away
Q. The beauty of lovely things……..?
Ans. Increases with the passage of time
Q. “Will keep a bower quiet for us” means?
Ans. Will give us peace and calm

Q. According to the poet, a thing of beauty keeps us…..?
Ans. Healthy and peaceful
Q. According to the poet, the flowery band helps to…….?
Ans. Bind us to the earth
Q. “Inhuman dearth” is a reference to……?
Ans. Lack or shortage of human beings with good values

Q. A thing of beauty does not pass into nothingness because…..?
Ans. Beauty increases with the passage of time AND beauty is eternal and lives forever
Q. “A quiet bower for us” means?
Ans. A peaceful place to sleep
Q. “Quiet breathing” signifies the sense of?
Ans. Peace and serenity
Q. “Over-darkened ways made for our searching” refers to?
Ans. Sorrow, physical pain AND grief
Q. Identify the poetic device in the expression “Wreathing a flowery band”?
Ans. Metaphor
Q. One cause of human suffering is?
Ans. Lack of noble natures

Q. Why are we despondent?
Ans. Because of our unhealthy desires AND our lack of nobility

Q. Why are our spirits referred to as dark?
Ans. Due to extreme sadness AND due to disappointment
Q. Which lovely tales does the poet mention here?
Ans. Glorious stories of ancestors
Q. Which poetic device is used by the poet in these lines, “An endless fountain of immortal drink/pouring unto us from the heaven’s brink?
Ans. Imagery
Q. From where is this” immortal drink” pouring?
Ans. From nature’s endless fountain
Q. What is the theme of A Thing Of Beauty?
Ans. The happiness that a beautiful object gives never fades away
Q. Endymion by Keats was published in?
Ans. 1818
Q. Endymion begins with the line…….?
Ans. “A thing of beauty is a joy forever”

Q. John Keats dedicated Endymion to the late poet…….?
Ans. Thomas Chatterton
Q. Endymion was the beloved of the moon goddess……?
Ans. Selene

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