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Q. What does Structuralism mean?
Ans. Structuralism proposes the idea that many phenomena do not occur in isolation, but instead occur in relation to each other
Q. Structuralism in Linguistics means?
Ans. It is a term for a number of linguistic approaches in the first half of the 20th century, all are based on the work of Ferdinand De Saussure.
Q. Who were responsible for setting American Linguistics on its course?
Ans. Franz Boas, Edward Sapir and Leonard Bloomfield

Q. The major concern of Franz Boas was?
Ans. To gather information on the languages and cultures of native Americans
Q. Which book did Franz Boas write?
Ans. Handbook Of American Indian Languages
Q. What became the basis of American Structuralism?
Ans. Info which Franz Boas collected on native Americans’ languages and the methods he and his students developed for describing those languages

Q. Who was the student of Franz Boas?
Ans. Edward Sapir

(Linguistics MCQ’s Part 02)
Q. Which book did Sapir write?
Ans. An Introduction To The Study Of Speech
Q. Which notion did Franz Boas and his student Edward Sapir strongly uphold?
Ans. All languages should be described in their own terms

Q. Both Franz Boas and Edward Sapir did not want that all languages must not be forced into the mould of European languages for their description?
Ans. True
Q. Both Franz Boas and Edward Sapir saw language as intimately connected with?
Ans. The way of life and thought of its speakers
Q. This notion of life and thought was further developed by?
Ans. Sapir’s student Benjamin Whorf

Q. The hypothesis which Sapir and Whorf developed on language being connected with the life and thought of its speakers is called?
Ans. Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis
Q. Sapir-Whorf hypothesis holds the view that the structure of the language one speaks determines how one?
Ans. Views and perceives the world
Q. What was the primary concern of Leonard Bloomfield?
Ans. To establish Linguistics as a science

Q. Leonard Bloomfield opposed the ideas of?
Ans. Franz Boas and Edward Sapir
Q. Leonard Bloomfield was influenced by?

Ans. Behaviorist Psychology
Q. Whose approach was the dominant force in American Linguistics from the 1930s until the mid 1950s?
Ans. Leonard Bloomfield

Q. What played little part in the approach of Leonard Bloomfield?
Ans. Meanings or Semantics
Q. Leonard Bloomfield focused on methodology and shunned?
Ans. Theories
Q. Stimulus-Response Theory is associated with?
Ans. Leonard Bloomfield

Q. Structuralism is based on the assumption that grammatical categories should be defined not in terms of meaning but in terms of?
Ans. Distribution

Q. Structural grammar is different from traditional grammar because it is?
Ans. Empirical

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