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Q. Which literary form was dominating in the Middle English Period?
Ans. The Romance
Q. Middle English Period was the period of?

Ans. Transition and Experience
Q. Anglo-Norman Period lasted from?
Ans. 1066 to 1350
Q. At first Normans and Saxons lived in the relation of?
Ans. Masters and servants but later became unified
Q. What found much praise in the Normans?

Ans. The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle
(Anglo-Saxon Period MCQ’s)
Q. Who forced upon England the idea of a centralized government?
Ans. The Normans
Q. After the Norman conquest, French remained the language of the upper classes, of courts, of schools and literature?
Ans. For three centuries
Q. The name Norman is the softened form of?
Ans. Northman
Q. Ancrene Riwle was produced early in the?

Ans. Thirteenth century. It is a notable prose work
Q. Ancrene Riwle is a manual of instruction for?
Ans. Women who have chosen to live as religious recluses

Q. Ancrene Riwle was written in?
Ans. 1225

Q. In which year did the Norman conquest of England begin?
Ans. 1066
Q. In which dialect of Middle English is Orm’s Ormulum written?
Ans. East Midland
Q. To which literary genre does The Owl And The Nightingale belong?
Ans. Poetry
Q. The chief religious and didactic poems of Middle English Period are?
Ans. The Owl And The Nightingale, Ormulum and The Cursor Mundi
Q. Poem The Pearl is a mixture of?
Ans. Allegory and Symbolism
Q. What is meant by Courtly Literature?
Ans. It frequently refers to love-making and amorous relation between knights and their beloveds
Q. University Of Cambridge was chartered in?
Ans. 1230
Q. Which two poets besides Chaucer are the eminent figures of Richardian Poetry?
Ans. John Gower and William Langland

(Chaucer MCQ’s)
Q. Sir Gawaine And The Green Knight, Patience and Cleanness are written by?
Ans. Anonymous poets

Q. Who wrote A Vision Of Piers The Plowman?
Ans. William Langland
Q. The Miracle and Morality plays were popular in?
Ans. Middle English Period

Q. First recorded miracle play in England?
Ans. 1100 A.D
Q. The Matter Of England, The Matter Of Britain and The Matter Of Rome the Great are the chief romances of?
Ans. Middle English Period
Q. Who wrote The History Of The Kings Of Britain?
Ans. Geoffrey Of Monmouth
Q. What is the climax of the work The History Of The Kings Of Britain?
Ans. The Reign Of King Arthur
Q. Apart from Chaucer and Langland, the flowering of Middle English Literature is evident in the works of?
Ans. The Gawain poet

(Chaucer MCQ’s)
Q. Why did the rebels of 1381 target the church?
Ans. The church was among the greatest of oppressive landowners
Q. Which medieval text revealed the secrets of afterlife?
Ans. Dante’s Divine Comedy
Q. Which languages co-existed in Anglo-Norman England?
Ans. Latin, French, English and Celtic

Q. Which twelfth century poets were indebted to Breton storytellers for narratives?
Ans. Marie de France and De Troyes
Q. What was vellum?
Ans. Parchment made of animal skin
Q. A lot of medieval books were destroyed in?
Ans. The dissolution of the monasteries in the 1530s

Q. Words from which language began to enter English vocabulary around the time of the Norman conquest in 1066?
Ans. French
Q. Toward the close of which century did English replace French as the language of conducting business in Parliament and in court of law?
Ans. Fourteenth
Q. Which king began a war to enforce his claims to the throne of France in 1336?
Ans. Edward lll
Q. The only extant poem of William Langland is?
Ans. The Vision Of Piers The Plowman
Q. The poet known entirely for Bruce, the supreme national poem of Scotland, is?
Ans. John Barbour
Q. What is true about Julian Of Norwich?

Ans. She is the first known woman writer in the English vernacular
Q. How did Henry ll acquire vast provinces in Southern France?
Ans. His marriage to Eleanor

Q. Beginning of Hundred Years War with France?
Ans. 1338
Q. Who began linguistic changes which resulted in Middle English?
Ans. Anglo-Normans
Q. What people did the Normans originally come from?
Ans. Vikings
Q. What was the main battle between the English and Normans?
Ans. Battle of Hastings

Q. What is the popular name for William the Duke of Normandy?
Ans. William the Conquerer
Q. The Normans brought with them?
Ans. Soldiers, artisans, traders, scholars and chroniclers
Q. The Anglo-Norman poetry has in common with the Anglo-Saxon poetry?
Ans. Nothing

(Anglo-Saxon Period MCQ’s)
Q. In Anglo-Norman England, the clergy insisted on the use of Latin while the nobility on the use of?
Ans. French
Q. Which language was disregarded in Anglo-Norman England?
Ans. English
Q. A striking characteristic of Anglo-Norman period is?
Ans. Its anonymity. Because originality was deplored as a fault

Q. A Vision Of Piers The Plowman is a satire on?
Ans. The corrupt religious practices of the time
Q. Middle Age is a period of?
Ans. Military struggle and political and religious unrest
Q. William of Normandy was?
Ans. A very harsh king
Q. What did the Norman Conquest lead to?

Ans. It led to the unification of England. It also established global economy
Q. What led to the establishment of Feudal system in England?
Ans. The Norman Conquest

Q. Norman Barons invaded Ireland in?
Ans. 1169
Q. Why a conflict emerged between the king and the church in 1154?
Ans. Because of Henry ll’s radical reforms
Q. Loss of Normandy took place in?
Ans. 1204
Q. Two years after the conquest took place in 1066, the development of English society, culture and literature was dependent on?

Ans. French politics, culture, literature and language
Q. What did the Chronicler William of Malmesbury write around 1120?
Ans. Deeds Of The Kings Of England

Q. Who wrote Chronica Majora and Chronica Minora?
Ans. Mathew Paris
Q. Who wrote Opus Majus and Opus Minus?

Ans. Roger Bacon
Q. Medieval romance is also known as?
Ans. Chivalrous romance, Arthurian legend, metrical romance OR prose romance
Q. What was a romance in Anglo-Norman England?
Ans. An extended narrative concerning the adventure of a noble knight
Q. Was there any didactic function of the romances?
Ans. Yes, there were moral and ethical lessons
Q. The most famous romances in Britain were the tales in verse form about?
Ans. king Arthur and his knights of the round table

Q. The founder of Arthurian romance is?
Ans. Geoffrey Of Monmouth
Q. The most celebrated English medieval romances are?
Ans. King Horn, Sir Gawain And The Green Knight and The Lay Of Havelock The Dane
Q. Layamon wrote Brut in?
Ans. 1200
Q. Sir Gawain And The Green Knight was written in?
Ans. 1350

Q. Normans were originally inhabiting?
Ans. Scandinavia
Q. In the tenth century, the Normans conquered a part of Northern France which is still called?
Ans. Normandy
Q. In Anglo-Norman period, Anglo-Saxon speech simplified itself by dropping most of its?
Ans. Teutonic inflections
Q. What brought Roman civilization to England?
Ans. Anglo-Norman conquest
Q. Metrical romances were of four classes?

Ans. The Matter Of France, The Matter Of Greece and Rome, The Matter Of England, The Matter Of Britain
Q. Ancrene Riwle is written for?
Ans. Three ladies who wished to live a religious life without becoming nuns
Q. What is The Owl And The Nightingale?

Ans. It is a Metrical Romance. It is a long debate between two birds. One represents the gay side of life while the other does not
Q. Cursor Mundi is?
Ans. It is a metrical romance written in 1320. It shows the whole dealing of God with man from creation to Doomsday
Q. While literature was for the upper classes, some singers made?
Ans. Ballads for common people
Q. The saddest of all early poems is?
Ans. The Pearl

Q. What three literary ideals found expression in The Romances?
Ans. Love, chivalry and religion
Q. The most important of the English riming chronicles is?
Ans. Layamon’s Brut
Q. What did the Normans first put into literary form?
Ans. Chanson De Roland which is the national epic of France
Q. The styles of The Owl And The Nightingale and Ancrene Riwle show that?

Ans. Works were written for well-educated readers. Their readers’ primary language was English
Q. Some characteristics of medieval romances that are similar to ancient epics?

Ans. Verse form, extended narration, extraordinary events and supernatural element. (Anglo-Saxon Period MCQ’s)
(The Age Of Chaucer MCQ’s)
(15th Century English Literature History MCQ’s)
(The Victorian Age MCQ’s)

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