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The law is not the same in the morning and at night.
📗As well
He speaks English and Spanish as well.
📗As well as
She shares my troubles as well as my joys.
I don’t want to go; besides, I’m too tired.
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Furthermore, they had not consulted with her.
📗In addition
You will, in addition, pay to the Bank any losses, costs, expenses or legal fees .
📗Into the bargain
Frank is a teacher, and an artist into the bargain.
It was, moreover, a waste of time.
📗On top (of that)
On top of that they poured a thin layer of silicone oil.
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Work out the full weekly rent, plus your rates.
Custom, then is the great guide of human life.
📗To boot
She’s an attractive woman, and wealthy to boot.
‘Nice to talk to you.’–‘Nice to talk to you too.’.
📗What’s more
What’s more, you can keep the artwork for re-use at a later date!
📗In conjunction with
The medicine is typically used in conjunction with other treatments.
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In the same way, the following words can also be used instead of “also”.

📗In like manner
📗Along with
📗More than that
📗Along with

📗In the same way
📗Over and above
📗Together with
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📗Over and above
📗Over and above that

📗Together with

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Another way to say also, Another way to say also

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