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📗For instance
It is sufficient that, for instance, the accused is allowed to borrow something.
📗As seen in
It has all the amusement facilities as seen in the story of Aladdin.
📗As you can see
The technique is easy, as you can see in the bottom right-hand corner of the picture.
📗In other words
In other words, she must give up singing.
Divorce is very painful, especially when children are concerned.
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📗By way of illustration
By way of illustration, I’ll refer to the behavior of rabbits.
📗In a similar case
In a similar case, you would be able to turn aside because the wheels wouldn’t be locked.
📗As proof of
As proof of her versatility, the comedienne has appeared in films of extremely diverse character.
The railroad connects two cities, namely, New York and Chicago.
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📗As seen in the
It has all the amusement facilities as seen in the story of Aladdin.
📗In particular
In particular, they form their past tense forms in untypical ways, and they distinguish two types of onset.
📗As an example
The film was held up as an example of good cinema.
📗To illustrate
To illustrate my point I have done a comparative analysis.
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In the same way, the following words and phrases can be used instead of “for example”

📗Consider the example of..
📗To show you what I mean
📗As in…
📗Case in point
📗Let’s say
📗Like this
📗An example being
📗Pretend that
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📗Note well
📗Examples include
📗One example is
📗To give you an idea
📗As a case in point
📗Such as
📗That is to say…
📗These include

📗Suppose that
📗If you look at
📗This can be seen when…
📗This includes
📗This is illustrated
📗Which is made apparent when…
📗Note well

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