British Structuralism MCQ’s l Linguistics

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Here are all British Structuralism MCQ’s for you!

Q. Who extended the British Henry Sweet’s work on phonetics?
Ans. Daniel Jones
Q. What two books of Daniel Jones were used throughout the world?
Ans. Outline Of English Phonetics; English Pronouncing Dictionary
Q. Daniel Jones was highly influential in the development of?
Ans. Phonetics

Q. General linguistics in Britain really began with the work of?
Ans. J.R Firth
Q. Who held the first chair in linguistics at the University Of London from 1944-1956?
Ans. J.R Firth

(Linguistics MCQ’s Part 06)
Q. Who had lived for some time in India and studied its languages?
Ans. J.R Firth

Q. Who brought a number of original perspectives to linguistics?
Ans. J.R Firth, because he had lived in India for some time
Q. The tradition which J.R Firth established is called?
Ans. The London School
Q. Which assumption did J.R Firth question?

Ans. The assumption that speech can be divided into segments of sound

Q. Which theory did J.R Firth present?
Ans. The Theory Of Prosodic Analysis
Q. J.R Firth’s Theory Of Prosodic Analysis focused on?
Ans. Phonetic elements larger than individual sounds
Q. J.R Firth was influenced by which Polish anthropologist?
Ans. Bronislaw Malinowski

Q. J.R Firth was also deeply concerned with meaning which theory did he develope?
Ans. A Contextual Theory Of Meaning
Q. Michael Halliday was the student of?
Ans. J.R Firth
Q. Who was responsible for elaborating Firth’s ideas and developing them into a coherent theory of language?
Ans. Michael Halliday

Q. The theory for which Halliday is well-known?
Ans. Systemic Functional Grammar
Q. In which branch of linguistics Halliday’s ideas attracted attention?
Ans. Applied Linguistics
Q. The tradition which Michael Halliday began is represented in?
Ans. Britain, Australia, America, Spain, China and Japan

Q. Michael Halliday was born in?
Ans. 1925. He died in 2018
Q. The name of Michael Halliday’s wife was?

Ans. Ruqaiya Hasan
Q. What are the three functions of language according to Michael Halliday?
Ans. Ideational; interpersonal ; textual

Q. The most popular work of Michael Halliday is?
Ans. Introduction To Functional Grammar
Q. Michael Halliday was also influenced by the work of?
Ans. The Prague School Of Linguistics
Q. The key concepts of Halliday’s Systemic Functional Grammar are?
Ans. The function of language is to make meanings; meanings are influenced by the social and cultural context
Q. What does Halliday mean by saying that the process of using language is a semiotic process?
Ans. It is a process of making meaning by choosing

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