Advanced Spoken English Course

600 Prepositional Phrase Examples Sentences Part 04 l ELP

📗In anticipation of
They hired extra police officers in anticipation of a big crowd at the concert.
📗In a row
He has been sick for three days in a row
📗By rights
By rights you should not come into this room.
📗To the exclusion of
He spent all his time with colleagues to the exclusion of his own family.

600 Sentences with Prepositional Phrases Part 03 l ELP

📗On account of
I cannot come today on account of illness.
📗Under repair
Is the bridge still under repair?
📗In moderation
Some people think drinking in moderation can prevent heart disease.
📗In excess of
The increase will not be in excess of two per cent.
📗Under lock and key
She would keep any sensitive documents under lock and key.

600 Sentences with Prepositional Phrases Part 02 l ELP

📗At issue
The point at issue to consider is your motivation.
📗At full throttle
He drove the police car at full throttle.
📗At face value
We bought the tickets at face value.
📗Without respite
She continued to work without respite.

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