American Literature MCQ’s

MCQs on The Road Not Taken

Q. The central theme of the poem The Road Not Taken is?
Ans. The divergence of paths
Q. How many lines are there in the poem The Road Not Taken?
Ans. 20

The Fun They Had MCQs

Q. What did Margie write in her diary?
Ans. “Today Tommy found a real book”
Q. Had Margie ever seen a book before?
Ans. No, Margie had never seen a book before
Q. Did Margie have any classmates?
Ans. No, she didn’t have any classmates

Robert Frost MCQ’s l Robert Frost Quiz

Q. In what country Robert Frost’s work first became famous?
Ans. England
Q. The name of Robert Frost’s first published book was?
Ans. A Boy’s Will
Q. What kind of tree is the poem Wild Grapes about?
Ans. Birch
Q. Where was Robert Frost born?
Ans. California

Death Of A Salesman MCQ’s l Arthur Miller

Q. The American Playright Arthur Miller was born in?
Ans. 1915
Q. Which play of Arthur Miller made him earn him Pulitzer Prize?
Ans. Death Of A Salesman which was written in 1949
Q. Who acted as Willy Loman in the 1985 TV series of Death Of A Salesman?
Ans. Dustin Hoffman

Mending Wall MCQ’s l Mending Wall Quiz

Q. The poem Mending Wall was published in?
Ans. North Of Boston
Q. How many characters are there in Mending Wall?
Ans. Three
Q. Who is another character in Mending Wall?
Ans. An old farmer

The Hairy Ape MCQ’s l The Hairy Ape Quiz

Q. What is Yank’s job aboard the ship?
Ans. Coal stoker
Q. Which fireman talks about Marxist ideas?
Ans. Long
Q. Where was Yank born?
Ans. New York
Q. What kinds of stores do the men notice on 5th Avenue?
Ans. Furrier and a jeweler

Maya Angelou MCQ’s l Maya Angelou Quiz

Q. Maya Angelou was an American poet, memoirist and?
Ans. Civil rights activist
Q. Maya Angelou published……… autobiographies?
Ans. Seven
Q. Maya Angelou received dozens of awards and more than?
Ans. 50 honorary degrees

Emily Dickinson MCQ’s l Emily Dickinson

Q. In most of her poems, Emily Dickinson equates beauty with?
Ans. Immortality
Q. Who wrote The Soul Selects Her Own Society?
Ans. Emily Dickinson
Q. In Emily Dickinson’s poem By The Sea, the sea is the symbol of?
Ans. Death
Q. Emily Dickinson was?
Ans. An American poetess

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