American Literature MCQ’s

Emily Dickinson MCQs Part 02 l Emily Dickinson Quiz l Emily Dickinson

Q. “Belle of Amherst” or the “Nun of Amherst” were the posthumous nicknames of…….?
Ans. Emily Dickinson
Q. What was Emily Dickinson’s favorite subject in her school?
Ans. Botany
Q. Emily Dickinson had literary affinity with…….?
Ans. Emerson
Q. Who is the writer of My Sabbath?
Ans. Emily Dickinson

Death of a Salesman MCQs Part 02 l Death of a Salesman Quiz l ELP

Q. Death of a Salesman contains a variety of themes, such as the American Dream, the anatomy of truth and…….?
Ans. Betrayal
Q. Which play explores the psychological chaos of the protagonist and the capitalist society’s impact on his life?
Ans. Death of a Salesman
Q. Death of a Salesman won the 1949…….?
Ans. Pulitzer Prize for Drama

The Old Man and the Sea MCQs Part 02 l The Old Man and the Sea Quiz

Q. After the first day of the Marlin dragging Santiago further, what attaches to the line that helps slow the fish?
Ans. A weed
Q. What kind of bird lands on the stern of the skiff at the beginning of day three?
Ans. Warbler
Q. What does Santiago do to help keep his strength after the Marlin surges and the line cut his hand?
Ans. Eats the Tuna
Q. How long does Santiago rest during the night of the third day?
Ans. Two hours

Robert Frost MCQs Part 02 l Robert Frost Quiz l Robert Frost Facts l ELP

Q. Because of which book is Robert Frost called “Home-Spun Philosopher”?
Ans. West-Running Brook
Q. West-Running Brook is a collection of poetry by Robert Frost published in?
Ans. 1928
Q. How many plays did Robert Frost write?
Ans. Four
Q. Where did President Kennedy send
Robert Frost as a representative of the American people?
Ans. France

Fire and Ice MCQs l 90 MCQs of Fire and Ice l Fire and Ice Quiz l R. Frost

Q. The poem Fire and Ice is based on?
Ans. Aphorism
Q. What is meant by aphorism?
Ans. Expressing the truth in a clever way
Q. The poem Fire and Ice is a……..about how the world will end?
Ans. Meditation
Q. According to Robert Frost, how will the world end in fire?
Ans. It will reduce the world to a fireball

The Old Man and the Sea MCQs Part 01 l The Old Man and the Sea Quiz

Q. During fishing, the old man said, “I’m still an old man, but I’m not………?”
Ans. Unarmed
Q. The Old Man and the Sea is a?
Ans. Tragedy
Q. Santiago promises that if he catches the fish, he will make a pilgrimage to?
Ans. The Virgin of Cobre
Q. What takes the second bait that Santiago put out just before nightfall?
Ans. A dolphin

Robert Frost MCQs Part 01 l Robert Frost Quiz l Robert Frost Facts l ELP

Q. Robert Frost was nominated for the
Nobel Prize in Literature…….?
Ans. 31 times
Q. Robert Frost is Known for his realistic depictions of rural life and his command of American……?
Ans. Colloquial speech
Q. Who said, “The death of Robert Frost leaves a vacancy in the American spirit. He was the great American poet of our time?”
Ans. President John F. Kennedy
Q. Robert Frost won the 1963……..?
Ans. Bollingen Prize

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