American Literature MCQ’s

Death Of A Salesman MCQs Part 01 l Death of a Salesman Quiz l ELP

Q. What is the full title of the play Death of a Salesman?
Ans. Death of a Salesman: Certain Private Conversations in Two Acts and a Requiem
Q. Under what genre/genres does Death of a Salesman fall in?
Ans. Tragedy, social commentary, family drama
Q. Where and in how much time was Death of a Salesman written?
Ans. In Six weeks in 1948, in a shed in Connecticut

Mending Wall MCQs l Mending Wall Quiz l MCQs on Mending Wall l ELP

Q. The poem Mending Wall consists of…..?
Ans. 45 lines
Q. Robert Frost’s poem Mending Wall was published in Robert Frost’s book…….?
Ans. North Of Boston
Q. The poem Mending Wall is thought to have been inspired by the years Robert Frost spent as a……?
Ans. Poultry farmer
Q. The poem Mending Wall is not divided into stanzas?
Ans. True

The Hairy Ape MCQs l The Hairy Ape Quiz l MCQs on The Hairy Ape

Q. Yank is obsessed with the concept of…….?
Ans. “Belonging”
Q. The Thinker is a…… the artist Auguste Rodin?
Ans. Sculpture
Q. Mildred’s white dress symbolically represents the artificiality and detachment of the…….?
Ans. Aristocracy
Q. What language is “Gesundheit”?
Ans. German

Emily Dickinson MCQs Part 01 l Emily Dickinson Quiz l Emily Dickinson

Q. Among her friends and family, what was a common nickname for Emily Dickinson?
Ans. Queen Recluse
Q. Who listed Emily Dickinson among the 26 central writers of Western civilization?
Ans. Harold Bloom
Q. “Dickinson” is a TV series about the life of Emily Dickinson launched in 2019 on…….?
Ans. Apple TV+
Q. What was the full name of Emily Dickinson?
Ans. Emily Elizabeth Dickinson

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