English Literature MCQ’s

Waiting for Godot MCQ’s

Q. Who clearly represent the domination of the lower classes by the upper class?
Ans. Pozzo and Lucky
Q. Who is the power-hungry authoritarian?
Ans. Pozzo
Q. Who flaunts his superiority over lucky?
Ans. Pozzo

Heart of Darkness MCQs l Heart of Darkness

Q. The story of Heart of Darkness is about Marlow’s obsession with the successful ivory trader……..?
Ans. Kurtz
Q. Joseph Conrad described Heart of Darkness as a wild story of a……..who becomes manager of a station in the African interior?
Ans. Journalist
Q. In 1902, Heart of Darkness was published ?
Ans. In book form by William Blackwood

Paradise Lost MCQs l Paradise Lost Quiz

Q. Paradise Lost is based on?
Ans. Biblical theme
Q. In Paradise Lost Book 1, Satan is compared to?
Ans. Leviathan
Q. When do Adam and Eve meet for the first time?
Ans. In Book 4
Q. In Book 3, Milton discusses the principle of free will and……..?
Ans. Divine justice

Samuel Beckett MCQ’s l Samuel Beckett Quiz

Q. Samuel Beckett was influenced by?
Ans. James Joyce
Q. Like James Joyce, Samuel Beckett uses…………as his major device to convey his sense of a bleak world in which all are isolated?
Ans. Interior Monologue
Q. Samuel Beckett has confessed his special concern with?
Ans. Human impotence

Harold Pinter MCQ’s l Harold Pinter Quiz

Q. Who was outstanding among the
playwrights of what was called the ‘New Drama’?
Ans. Harold Pinter
Q. The label ‘comedy of menace’ has been used to categorize?
Ans. Harold Pinter’s work
Q. Harold Pinter is indebted to __ for limiting the number of characters on stage?
Ans. Samuel Beckett

William Golding MCQ’s l William Golding Quiz

Q. William Golding’s work has sometimes been compared to that of?
Ans. Joseph Conrad
Q. Who said, “Golding is a man haunted by his own sense of human inadequacy?”
Ans. David Daiches
Q. Golding is a…………..novelist?
Ans. Symbolic

Walter Pater MCQ’s l Walter Pater Quiz

Q. Walter Pater’s criticism was?
Ans. Impressionist
Q. Oscar Wilde was the disciple of?
Ans. Walter Pater
Q. Among those who had studied Ruskin was…….., though he studied him only to draw his
own conclusions?
Ans. Walter Pater
Q. According to Walter Pater, the Pursuit of……..whether in experience, or in works of art, was the most satisfactory activity that life offered?
Ans. Beauty

Rudyard Kipling MCQ’s l Rudyard Kipling Quiz

Q. A writer with affinities to Stevenson was?
Ans. Rudyard Kipling
Q. Rudyard Kipling has Stevenson’s skill in the?
Ans. Narrative of adventure
Q. With his short stories, Rudyard Kipling proved to be a……….that had never been experienced before?
Ans. literary sensation

Bertrand Russell MCQ’s l Bertrand Russell

Q. In his long, productive and often turbulent life, Bertrand Russell published more than……..books?
Ans. 70
Q. In his life, Bertrand Russell published almost………articles?
Ans. 2000
Q. Bertrand Russell married…….?
Ans. Four times
Q. Bertrand Russell was born in?
Ans. 1872. He died in 1970

William Hazlitt MCQ’s l William Hazlitt Quiz

Q. William Hazlitt’s essays are………..in nature?
Ans. Autobiographical
Q. Who wrote The Round Table?
Ans. William Hazlitt
Q. When was The Round Table published?
Ans. 1817
Q. William Hazlitt’s style has been titled as?
Ans. The familiar style

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