English Literature MCQ’s

The Tempest MCQs Part 02 l The Tempest Quiz l The Tempest l ELP

Q. While Ferdinand meets Miranda, he feels she is a…….?
Ans. Goddess of the island
Q. Who tells Stephano that Shakespeare has the habit of sleeping in the afternoon?
Ans. Caliban
Q. Who are the three sinners in The Tempest?
Ans. Alonso, Antonio and Sebastian

Oedipus Rex MCQs Part 02 l Oedipus Rex Quiz l Sophocles

Q. Who is the stranger from Argos?
Ans. Polynices
Q. What sort of life does the Chorus say is best?
Ans. A short life
Q. What curse did Oedipus put on his sons when he left Thebes?
Ans. They will kill each other
Q. What is the role of the sentry in Antigone?
Ans. He is a messenger

A Passage To India MCQs Part 02 l A Passage To India Quiz l E M Forster

Q. What genre does A Passage To India fall in……..?
Ans. Modernist novel; psychological novel
Q. Who is the narrator in A Passage To India?
Ans. An unnamed third-person narrator
Q. What motif demonstrates the frightening flip side of the seemingly positive Hindu vision of oneness?
Ans. The echo

Shakespeare MCQ’s Part 06 l 700 Questions with Answers l Shakespeare

Q. Apart from problem play, how else has All’s Well That Ends Well been categorized by critics?
Ans. Dark comedy
Q. In which European country or countries does the action of All’s Well That Ends Well take place?
Ans. France and Italy
Q. Who once declared that All’s Well That Ends Well is a play rooted in my deepest affections?
Ans. G B Shaw

Shakespeare MCQs Part 05 l 700 Questions with Answers l Shakespeare

Q. Shakespeare was……….of his parents?
Ans. The eldest surviving son
Q. Shakespeare earned through playwriting and other literary works……..a year?
Ans. 200 pounds
Q. Shakespeare’s health began to fall at the age of………?
Ans. 50
Q. Shakespeare was buried……….after his death?
Ans. Two days

Shakespeare Quiz Part 03 l 700 Questions with Answers l Shakespeare

Q. The verse in……..has been described as stilted?
Ans. The Two Gentlemen of Verona
Q. It depicts the Machiavellian rise to power and subsequent short reign of King Richard III of England. Name the play?
Ans. Richard III
Q. It is the second longest play of Shakespeare. Name the play?
Ans. Richard lll

William Shakespeare MCQs Part 02 l 700 Questions with Answers l ELP

Q. Which is the last solo play written by Shakespeare?
Ans. The Tempest
Q. Shakespeare’s first play is……..?
Ans Henry VI
Q. Which play of Shakespeare has an epilogue?
Ans. The Tempest
Q. T.S Eliot says which play of Shakespeare is an artistic failure?
Ans. Hamlet

The Age of Chaucer MCQs l Chaucerian Age l The Age of Chaucer Quiz

Q. The total population of London by 1370 was?
Ans. 40,000
Q. Which work is one of the most searching Christian narratives in the English language? Ans. The Vision Of Piers The Plowman by William Langland
Q. Christopher Columbus and Leonardo da Vinci are believed to have relied upon?
Ans. John Mandeville’s book The Travels Of Sir John Mandeville

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