English Literature MCQ’s

English Literature MCQ’s Part 07 l UGC-NET

Q. Faerie Queene is modeled after?
Ans. Aristo’s Orlando Furiose
Q. Who wrote Novum Organum?
Ans. Francis Bacon
Q. Which method did Bacon popularize for arriving at truth in Novum Organum?
Ans. Inductive Method

English Literature MCQ’s Part 08 l UGC-NET

Q. The pen name of Charlotte Bronte was?
Ans. Currer Bell
Q. Who wrote the poem Four Quartets?
Ans. T.S Eliot
Q. T.S Eliot’s Four Quartets is based on?
Ans. A musical pattern
Q. The theme of T.S Eliot’s Four Quartets is?
Ans. Artistic Consciousness

English Literature MCQ’s Part 09 l UGC-NET

Q. T.S Eliot served as Charles Norton Professor Of Poetry at?
Ans. Harvard
Q. What is the dominating passion in Othello?
Ans. Jealousy
Q. Milton became blind at the age of?
Ans. 43
Q. The Land Of Heart’s Desire is a play by?
Ans. W.B Yeats

English Literature MCQ’s Part 10 l UGC-NET

Q. The period from 1660-1700 is known as?
Ans. The Age of Restoration
Q. Why is it called The Age of Restoration?
Ans. Because Charles ll was restored in that age
Q. When were theatres closed?
Ans. 1642
Q. When were theatres reopened?
Ans. 1660
Q. Who wrote The Seasons?
Ans. James Thomson

English Literature MCQ’s Part 11 l UGC-NET

Q. The Glorious Revolution took place in?
Ans. 1688
Q. R.L Stevenson is famous for?
Ans. Romantic novels
Q. What did R.L Stevenson say about romance?
Ans. “The romance is more truthful than the realistic fiction”

Samuel Johnson MCQ’s l Dr. Johnson MCQ’s

Q. Who wrote Dictionary Of The English Language?
Ans. Johnson
Q. What advanced Johnson’s fame?
Ans. Dictionary Of the English Language
Q. In 1735 he opened his own school by the name of?
Ans. ‘Edial Hall School’
Q. Samuel Johnson was the son of?
Ans. Michael Johnson

T S Eliot MCQ’s l T S Eliot Quiz l T S Eliot

Q. T.S Eliot was awarded Dante Medal (of Florence) in?
Ans. 1959
Q. T.S Eliot was the…….. of his parents’ seven children?
Ans. Youngest
Q. In his childhood, T.S Eliot was especially fond of?
Ans. ‘The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Thomas Carlyle MCQ’s l Thomas Carlyle

Q. Thomas Carlyle was the second son of?
Ans. James Carlyle
Q. Thomas Carlyle had an aptitude for?
Ans. Mathematics
Q. In 1814, he obtained a mathematical teaching post at?
Ans. Annan
Q. Thomas Carlyle’s father was a…….. by profession?
Ans. Mason

The Winter’s Tale MCQ’s l Shakespeare

Q. What does Florizel ask the Shepherd? Ans. Permission to marry
Q. After he reveals his identity, what does Polixenes say will happen to the Shepherd?
Ans. He will be executed
Q. Before he relents, what does Polixenes say will happen to Perdita?
Ans. Her face will be scratched

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