English Literature MCQ’s

Look Back In Anger MCQs Part 2 l Look Back In Anger Quiz l Osborne

Q. What ennobles both Alison and Cliff?
Ans. Their closeness without any sexual involment
Q. Is Alison contented in the married life?
Ans. Not at all
Q. Who can be considered the moral compass of the play?
Ans. Helena
Q. Who is mediocre in height but cautiously outfitted?
Ans. Helena

Othello MCQs Part 3 l Othello Quiz l Othello by William Shakespeare l ELP

Q. What happens to Iago at the end of the play?
Ans. He is sentenced to death
Q. What provides Othello with his sense of self-worth?
Ans. His military prowess
Q. How does the play present the experience of isolation?
Ans. As dangerous and unsustainable
Q. What do the descriptions of Othello as an animal reveal?
Ans. The racism of the time

Literary Terms MCQs Part 02 l Literary Terms Quiz l Literary Terms l ELP

Q. A poem in which the author takes back something said in the former poem is called?
Ans. Palinode
Q. The original pattern from which copies are made is called?
Ans. Archetype
Q. A short allegorical tale intended to convey a moral lesson is called?
Ans. Apologue e.g. The Story of the Tortoise and the Hare
Q. The descent from the sublime to the ridiculous in writing or speech is known as?
Ans. Bathos

Great Expectations MCQs Part 2 l Great Expectations Quiz l Dickens l ELP

Q. Where does Pip first encounter Magwitch?
Ans. Churchyard
Q. Where does Estella live when she goes abroad?
Ans. France
Q. What was the name of Miss Havisham’s brother who was Compeyson’s partner?
Ans. Arthur
Q. What accident befalls Miss Havisham before her death?
Ans. She is burned in a fire

Characters Literature Part 2 l Top Characters in English Literature l ELP

• Richard Feveral: He is the hero of George Meredith’s novel Ordeal of Richard Feveral
• Moll Flanders: She is the heroine of Daniel Defoe’s novel titled Moll Flanders. She is a notorious harlot and jail-bird
• Touchstone: He is the famous witty clown in Shakespeare’s play As You Like It
• Betsy Trotwood: The grand aunt of David Copperfield in Charles Dickens’ novel titled David Copperfield

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