English Literature MCQ’s

Joseph Addison MCQ’s l Joseph Addison

Q. Who was the reconciler of hostile parties and the founder of public opinion?
Ans. Joseph Addison
Q. Joseph Addison wrote nearly?
Ans. 400 essays
Q. The best biography of Joseph Addison is The Life of Joseph Addison by?
Ans. Peter Smithers

John Galsworthy MCQ’s l Galsworthy MCQ’s

Q. The main theme of Galsworthy’s plays is?
Ans. Social problems of his time
Q. Who used the pseudonym John Shinjohn?
Ans. John Galsworthy
Q. John Galsworthy was the son of?
Ans. A lawyer
Q. John Galsworthy began his literary career as?
Ans. A novelist

Charles Lamb MCQ’s l Charles Lamb Quiz

Q. Who wrote Eliana?
Ans. Charles Lamb
Q. Eliana was published posthumously in?
Ans. 1867
Q. Charles Lamb found Christopher Marlowe extravagantly………?
Ans. Offensive
Q. What was the cause of Charles Lamb’s death?
Ans. Erysipelas

Francis Bacon MCQ’s l Francis Bacon Quiz

Q. Bacon was a hero to Robert Hooke and Robert Boyle, founders of the?
Ans. Royal Society
Q. Bacon’s general conception of essay was borrowed from?
Ans. Montaigne
Q. Who called Bacon’s style, “an index of the eminence of the modern world?”
Ans. L.C. Knights

Philip Sidney MCQ’s l Philip Sidney Quiz

Q. Whom did Spenser commemorate in Astrophel?
Ans. Sidney
Q. Who wrote The Lady of May?
Ans. Sidney
Q. What is The Lady of May?
Ans. A one-act play
Q. The Lady Of May was performed for?
Ans. Queen Elizabeth

George Orwell MCQ’s l George Orwell Quiz

Q. George Orwell was born in?
Ans. Motihari, Bengal, India
Q. Like Jean Rhys, who felt that he was marked out due to his colonial origins as an outcast?
Ans. George Orwell
Q. In 1928, George Orwell……….in a restaurant in Paris?
Ans. Washed dishes
Q. George Orwell died at the age of?
Ans. 46

The Victorian Age MCQ’s l The Victorian Age

Q. What confined paupers to workhouses in the 19th century?
Ans. The New Poor Law of 1834
Q. Who wrote A Summer Night?
Ans. Matthew Arnold
Q. What does the speaker of “A Summer Night” speak to?
Ans. The Moon
Q. The period around 1837 was one of unprecedented change as an agricultural country was transformed into?
Ans. An industrial one

E M Forster MCQ’s l E M Forster Quiz

Q. E M in E M Forster’s name stand for?
Ans. Edgar Morgan Forster
Q. E M Forster is more………..in his approach to novel writing?
Ans. Traditional
Q. Who wrote The Celestial Omnibus?
Ans. E M Forster
Q. What is the The Celestial Omnibus?
Ans. A collection of short stories by E M Forster

D H Lawrence MCQ’s l D H Lawrence Quiz

Q. The father of D H Lawrence was?
Ans. A coal-miner
Q. Who wrote Fantasia of the Unconscious?
Ans. D H Lawrence
Q. Sex-based anti-intellectualist theories are extravagantly developed in the non-fiction work?
Ans. Fantasia of the Unconscious
Q. What forced D H Lawrence to give up teaching?
Ans. ill health

James Joyce MCQ’s l James Joyce Quiz

Q. Who said about James Joyce, “the best living prose writer?”
Ans. T.S Eliot
Q. The full name of James Joyce was?
Ans. James Augustin Aloysius Joyce
Q. Which poetic work did James Joyce write to mark the birth of his grandson and the recent death of his father?
Ans. Ecce Puer
Q. Which Irish politician is referenced in all of James Joyce’s works?
Ans. Charles Stewart Parnell

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