30,000 Idioms with Examples

Idioms with Examples Part 34 l Idiomatic Expressions l ELP

I’m not going out with you looking like that. You look like something that the……… dragged in! Brush your hair and put on some clean clothes!
(to have a very dirty or untidy appearance)
How did I know that you were going out with Lucy? Aha! A little………told me!
(an expression used for saying that you are not going to say who told you something)

Idioms with Examples Part 33 l English Idioms for all Tests l Idioms l ELP

Carl: Where’s the head honcho? Has he left yet?
Kathy: Yeah, he has – the coast is clear! Come on! Let’s get going.
Carl : Did you bring the burgers? I’m starving hungry.
Head honcho : the boss; the person in charge of a place or an organization.
The coast is clear : there is no danger of being observed or caught.

Idioms with Examples Part 29 l English Idioms for all Tests l Idioms l ELP

Mike : It’s time I put my cards on the table; I have no intention of marrying her.
Jackie : Didn’t you say that you would move mountains to be with her?
Put one’s cards on the table : be open and honest, reveal one’s intentions.
Move mountains : to do or achieve something that is incredibly difficult……

Idioms with Examples Part 25 l English Idioms for all Tests l Idioms l ELP

James : I used to be very pessimistic, but ever since surviving that car wreck, I’ve been whistling a different tune!
Bill : You used to have a chip on your shoulder as well. What about this?
Whistle a different tune : to change one’s opinion or behavior.
Have a chip on your shoulder : to have quarrelsome attitude

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