Indian English Literature MCQ’s

Amitav Ghosh MCQs l Amitav Ghosh Quiz l MCQs on Amitav Ghosh l ELP

Q. Amitav Ghosh’s works belong to which genre?
Ans. Historical fiction
Q. Most of Amitav Ghosh’s work deals with historical settings, especially in the Indian……?
Ans. Ocean periphery
Q. Who said, “It was not intentional, but sometimes things are intentional without being intentional?”
Ans. Amitav Ghosh

A K Ramanujan MCQs l A K Ramanujan Quiz l MCQs on A K Ramanujan

Q. Who wrote the book Millennium Perspectives on A.K. Ramanujan?
Ans. Surya Nath Pandey
Q. A K Ramanujan’s status as a poet can be compared with that of……?
Ans. Nissim Ezekiel and Kamala Das
Q…… the central theme in A K Ramanujan’s poetry?
Ans. Family

Sarojini Naidu MCQs l MCQs on Sarojini Naidu l Sarojini Naidu Quiz l ELP

Q. What was the political idealogy of Sarojini Naidu?
Ans. Right-winged, non-violence
Q. Who is known as Bul Bule Hind?
Ans. Sarojini Naidu
Q. Whom did Sarojini Naidu refer to as the ‘Chocolate-coloured Mickey Mouse’?
Ans. Gandhi
Q. In one of his letters,………addressed her as “Dear Bulbul”?
Ans. Gandhi

Arundhati Roy MCQs l Arundhati Roy Quiz l MCQs on Arundhati Roy l ELP

Q. Arundhati Roy called Narendra Modi’s nomination as prime minister a…….?
Ans. “Tragedy”
Q. In an August 2008 interview with…….., Arundhati Roy expressed her support for the independence of Kashmir from India?
Ans. The Times of India
Q. Why did Arundhati Roy attract attention in 1994?
Ans. Because she criticized Shekar Kapur’s film Bandit Queen

Raja Rao MCQs l MCQs on Raja Rao l Raja Rao Quiz l Quiz on Raja Rao

Q. Who was the guru of Raja Rao?
Ans. Sri Atmananda, great Vedantic scholar
Q. Raja Rao was influenced by Shakespeare’s tragedies and ?
Ans. Andre Malraux’s novels
Q. The three founding pillars of Indian writing in English are R K Narayan, Mulk Raj Anand and?
Ans. Raja Rao

MCQs on The Portrait of a Lady l 105 MCQs l The Portrait of a Lady Quiz

Q. Where was the author’s grandfather’s portrait placed?
Ans. Hung above the mantelpiece
Q. Who is the main character of the chapter “The Portrait of a Lady?”
Ans. Grandmother
Q. How did the grandfather on the wall look like?
Ans. Old, with a long white beard, wore a big turban

Rabindranath Tagore MCQ’s l Rabindranath Tagore Quiz l Tagore Facts

Q. What was the birth name of Rabindranath Tagore?
Ans. Rabindranath Thakur
Q. What was the pen name of Rabindranath Tagore?
Ans. Bhanu Singha Thakur
Q. Rabindranath Tagore wrote more than?
Ans. 2000 poems (approximately 2232)
Q. Rabindranath Tagore wrote…………novels?
Ans. 12

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