Linguistics MCQ’s

History Of Modern Linguistics MCQ’s

Q. When did modern linguistics emerge?
Ans. It emerged in the late 19th century and early 20th century
Q. In modern linguistics, shift of focus changed from historical concerns of changes to the idea that?
Ans. Language can be viewed as a structured system

History Of Linguistics MCQ’s Part 02

Q. When did the Greek Tradition of Linguistics develop?
Ans. It developed slightly later than the Hindu Tradition
Q. Greek Tradition of Linguistics also developed in response to?
Ans. Linguistic change necessitating explanations of Homer’s epics
Q. Another reason of the development of Greek Tradition was Linguistics was that?
Ans. Philosophical and theoretical questions about language were also investigated

History Of Linguistics MCQ’s Part 01

Q. Which very different language replaced Sumerian language in everyday speech?
Ans. Akkadian
Q. Akkadian became famous and was taught as a?
Ans. Foreign language
Q. Over the centuries, the Sumerian words were provided with?
Ans. Akkadian translations

English Language Teaching MCQ’s l ELT

Q. A very important reason for regarding English as a world language is that?
Ans. World’s knowledge is enshrined in English
Q. Who has made a distinction between English as a foreign language and English as a second language?
Ans. Albert H. Marckwardt
Q. Who did state that English is the means of communication between the East and the West Pakistan?
Ans. Ayub Khan

American Structuralism MCQ’s l Linguistics

Q. What does Structuralism mean?
Ans. Structuralism proposes the idea that many phenomena do not occur in isolation, but instead occur in relation to each other
Q. Structuralism in Linguistics means?
Ans. It is a term for a number of linguistic approaches in the first half of the 20th century, all are based on the work of Ferdinand De Saussure.

Formal and Functional Linguistics MCQ’s

Q. Contemporary approaches to linguistics can be divided into?
Ans. Two primary types namely Formal Linguistics and Functional Linguistics
Q. What is Formal Linguistics?
Ans. Formal Linguistics adopts an overall focus on form

Sociolinguistics MCQ’s l Sociolinguistics

Q. What is a social feature of language use?
Ans. Speech
Q. Basic distinction in speech style is between?
Ans. Formal uses and informal uses
Q. What is style-shifting?
Ans. A change from one style to the other by an individual is called style-shifting
Q. The style when we pay more attention to how we are speaking is called?
Ans. Formal style

The Prague School Of Linguistics MCQ’s

Q. When was The Prague School established?
Ans. 1926
Q. The first president of the Prague School was?
Ans. Vilem Mathesius
Q. What journal did The Prague School publish?
Ans. Travaux Du Cercle linguistique De Prague

British Structuralism MCQ’s l Linguistics

Q. Who extended the British Henry Sweet’s work on phonetics?
Ans. Daniel Jones
Q. What two books of Daniel Jones were used throughout the world?
Ans. Outline Of English Phonetics; English Pronouncing Dictionary
Q. Daniel Jones was highly influential in the development of?
Ans. Phonetics

Scope Of Linguistics l Linguistics Scope

Q. Why can’t a scholar cover all specializations of contemporary Linguistics?
Ans. Because it is a richly diversified field
Q. What continues to have a strong impact on modern linguistics?
Ans. Generative Grammar by Norm Chomsky
Q. How many languages are spoken throughout the world?
Ans. Almost 7000

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