Linguistics MCQ’s

Pedagogy of English MCQs Part 03 l ELT MCQs l MCQs on ELT

Q. In which teaching method a teacher reads the book and tells the students main points?
Ans. Textbook Method
Q. Which teaching method is known as chalk and talk teaching method?
Ans. Lecture Method
Q. To teach evaporation, a teacher boils water inside the classroom to show the children how the water turns into steam. Here the teacher is using……?
Ans. Demonstrative Method

ELT MCQs Part 02 l English Language Teaching MCQs l MCQs on ELT

Q. A structuralist stresses speech and thereby lays importance on…….?
Ans. Phonology
Q. Who said, “Words are like bottles that contain ideas as bottles contain medicines?”                                                 Ans. H. Dippie
Q. Students are passive in…….?
Ans. Lecture Method

Semantics MCQs Part 02 l Semantics Quiz l MCQs on Semantics

Q. The term Semantics was coined by French linguist……..?
Ans. Michel Bréal
Q. Who is commonly regarded as a founder of modern Semantics?
Ans. Michel Bréal
Q. The two main areas of Semantics are logical semantics and……?
Ans. Lexical semantics

Linguistics MCQs Part 09 l Linguistics Quiz l 1000 Multiple Choice Questions

Q. According to Michael Halliday, there are……..of language?
Ans. Three functions
Q. What are the three functions of language according to Michael Halliday?
Ans. Ideational; interpersonal; textual
(Ideational means relating to the formation of ideas or concepts)
Q. The most popular work of
Michael Halliday is?
Ans. Introduction To Functional Grammar

Linguistics MCQs Part 08 l Linguistics Quiz l 1000 Multiple Choice Questions

Q. Who was the leader of Transformational Generative School?
Ans. Noam Chomsky
Q. What is Trill?
Ans.The rapid vibration of one speech organ against another
(as of the tip of the tongue against the teethridge)
Q. What is “zh” sound in English?
Ans. It is the sound of “s” e.g in the word “pleasure”
Q. Define Sibilant?
Ans. A consonant sound in which the tip or blade of the tongue is brought near the roof of the mouth and air is pushed past the tongue to make a hissing sound

Linguistics MCQs Part 07 l Linguistics Quiz l 1000 Multiple Choice Questions

Q. Words which differ only in one phoneme are called?
Ans. Minimal pairs. e.g. ‘sip’ and ‘zip’
Q. The pronunciation of English practised by the educated people at the public schools came to be called?
Ans. Received Pronunciation
Q. What is the study of languages called?
Ans. Linguistics
Q. At the top of the throat is the opening to the nasal passages. This opening is called?
Ans. Nasopharynx

English Language Teaching MCQs Part 01 l ELT MCQs l l MCQs on ELT

Q. Drilling is a teaching-learning technique or a strategy in…….?
Ans. Structuralism
Q. A test which is administered at the end of a language course is called……..?
Ans. Achievement Test
Q. Hesitation while speaking filled by er, umm, ah, you know etc. are called…..?
Ans. Fillers

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