Linguistics MCQ’s

Linguistics MCQ’s Part 06 l Linguistics Quiz

Q. The preceding sound influencing the following sound is an instance of?
Ans. Progressive assimilation. e.g ten bucks is pronounced tembucks by native speakers
Q. The two sounds influencing each other and combine to produce a third sound is an instance of?
Ans. Reciprocal assimilation. e.g. ‘Light blue’ is pronounced as ‘Laip blue’

Linguistics MCQ’s Part 05 l Linguistics Quiz

Q. Secondary phonemes are also called?
Ans. Suprasegmentals
Q. Syllables in which the consonant functions as nucleus are called?
Ans. Syllabic consonants
Q. The final /n/ in the words ‘sudden’ and ‘mutton’ are?
Ans. Syllabic consonants

Linguistics MCQ’s Part 04 l Linguistics Quiz

Q. Which among the following dimensions can the vowels in English be classified?
Ans. The position of the lips
Q. The phonemes which do not occur in the same linguistic environment and which when occur so, do not bring about a change in meaning are said to be in?
Ans. Complementary distribution

Linguistics MCQ’s Part 03 l Linguistics Quiz

Q. It is the study of language from a cognitive and developmental law?
Ans. Psycholinguistics
Q. The term Interlanguage refers to?
Ans. A system of rules generated by the speakera of L1 who are learning L2

Linguistics MCQ’s Part 02 l Linguistics Quiz

Q. What is the difference between acquisition and learning?
Ans. Acquisition is natural and learning is conscious effort to get language
Q. Traditional method of learning a language is?
Ans. Grammar Translation Method
Q. When you mix L1 and L2 and make another language is called?
Ans. Interlanguage

History Of English Language MCQ’s

Q. William the Conqueror and his supporters used to speak?
Ans. French and Latin the most
Q. Middle English again became dominant in England in?
Ans. 14th century
Q. Early Modern English is dated from?
Ans. 1500-1800.
Q. The great vowel shift started in?
Ans. Early Modern English

55 Facts About English Language l English

Q. The dot over the letter “i” and the letter “j” is called a?
Ans. “superscript dot”
Q. The most commonly used word overall is?
Ans. “The”
Q. The word “alphabet” comes from the first two letters of the Greek alphabet namely?
Ans. alpha, bēta
Q. 11% of the entire English language is just the letter E?
Ans. True

The Origin Of Language,Language Theories

Q. What does the Biblical Tradition say about the origin of language?
Ans. God created Adam and taught him the names of everything
Q. According to Hindu Tradition, language came from?
Ans. Sarasvati, who was the wife of Brahma
Q. In most religions, there appears to be a divine source who provides humans with?
Ans. Language

Branches of Linguistics MCQ’s l Linguistics

Q. Geographical Linguistics?
Ans. It studies the geographic distribution of language
Q. Ethnolinguistics?
Ans. It studies the relationship between language and culture
Q. Diachronic OR Historical Linguistics?
Ans. It studies the history and development of language

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