Linguistics MCQ’s

Phonetics MCQ’s l Phonetics Quiz l Phone

Q. How many branches of phonetics are there?
Ans. Three. Articulatory, Acoustic and Auditory
Q. What is articulatory phonetics?
Ans. The study of how speech sounds are produced
Q. What is Acoustic phonetics?
Ans. The study of the physical properties of speech as sound waves in the air

Phonology MCQ’s l Phonology Quiz l Phone

Q. The study of the systems and patterns of speech sounds is?
Ans. Phonology
Q. Phonology is based on the theory that?
Ans. Every speaker of a language unconsciously knows about the sound patterns of that language

Word Formation MCQ’s l Word Formation

Q. What is Eponym?
Ans. New words based on the name of a person or place are called Eponyms e.g. the word jeans from the Italian city Genoa where this type of cloth was first made
Q. What is Backformation?
Ans. The process of reducing a word such as a noun to a shorter version and using it as a new word such as a verb e.g. Babysit from babysitter

Morphology MCQ’s l Morphology Quiz

Q. What is Morphology?
Ans. Morphology is the study and analysis of the structure, form and classes of words
Q. We can also say that morphology is the study of?
Ans. Morphemes

Micro And Macro Linguistics MCQ’s

Q. What is Macro Linguistics?
Ans. It is concerned with the way languages are acquired, stored in the brain and used for various functions
Q. Geographical Linguistics?
Ans. It studies the geographic distribution of language

Semantics MCQ’s l Semantics Quiz

Q. What is semantics?
Ans. Semantics is the study of the meanings of words, phrases and sentences
Q. What is Signifier?
Ans. Signifier is the sound or pronunciation of a word
Q. What is Signified?
Ans. Signified is the meaning indicated by the the signifier/pronunciation of a word

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