The Merchant of Venice Summary l Summary of the Merchant of Venice

Antonio is a Venetian merchant who lends money to people without taking interest. He feels sad but does not know why. He complains to his friends Salarino and Solanio and they say that he must be either in love or that it would be due to his recent investments.

The Yellow Wallpaper Summary l Summary of The Yellow Paper l ELP

As it begins, the narrator explains that she and her husband, John, have rented a colonial mansion for the summer. She feels that there is something strange about it. But John, a doctor and a man who claims to be practical and reasonable, dismisses her misgivings.

Wuthering Heights Summary l Summary of Wuthering Heights l Bronte

Zillah leads Lockwood to a room from which Heathcliff has forbidden all visitors. He notices that three names are inscribed there repeatedly: Catherine Earnshaw, Catherine Linton, and Catherine Heathcliff. He also finds a diary written approximately twenty-five years earlier.

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