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Q. What is the full name of Dickens?
Ans. Charles John Huffam Dickens
Q. Dickens was born at?
Ans. Landport in 1812. He died in 1870
Q. Dickens was?
Ans. The second child of his parents
Q. Dickens’ father John Dickens was?
Ans. A clerk

(The Victorian Age MCQ’s)
Q. Dickens had?
Ans. Seven siblings

(A Tale of Two Cities MCQ’s)
Q. When Dickens was four years old his father was transferred to?
Ans. Chatham
Q. Which place produced the most congenial malice for Dickens?
Ans. Chatham
Q. Dickens went to Giles School with his elder?
Ans. Sister
Q. Dickens says that I was a writer when a mere baby but an actor?
Ans. Never
Q. Dickens’ formal education came to an end when he was?
Ans. Ten

(Great Expectations MCQs)

Q. Dickens’ family had to face poverty due to his father’s?
Ans. Loss of job
Q. Dickens’ father was arrested and sent to?

Ans. Debtor Jail
Q. Dickens worked in a factory as a?
Ans. Pastor of labels
Q. Dickens’ second school was?
Ans. Willington House Academy

Q. Dickens at Willington House wrote?
Ans. Short stories
Q. Dickens’ father after release was successful to?
Ans. Get job for Dickens
Q. Dickens’ father got service for Dickens at the office of a?
Ans. Solicitor
Q. Charles Dickens fell in love with a girl called?
Ans. Maria Beadnell
Q. A friend of Dickens described him to be a born……….. ?
Ans. Actor
Q. The pen-name of Dickens is?
Ans. Boz

Q. Boz was actually the name of Dickens’?
Ans. Brother
(English Literature MCQ’s Part 01)
Q. Who said about Dickens that he has the life and soul of fifty human beings?
Ans. Leigh Hunt
Q. Dickens’ Sketches By Boz were firstly published in?
Ans. Monthly Magazine
Q. Dickens’ beloved discouraged him to be a writer of?
Ans. Stories
Q. How much royalty did Dickens get for his work Sketches By Boz?
Ans. 150 pounds
Q. The first novel of Dickens is?
Ans. The Pickwick Papers
Q. Who was the illustrator of The Pickwick Papers?
Ans. Seymour

Q. Dickens married?
Ans. Catherine
Q. Dickens was the reporter of?
Ans. Morning Chronicle
Q. Who discouraged his students to read Pickwick Papers?
Ans. Thomas, the headmaster of Rugby School

Q. Pickwick Papers were serially published in?
Ans. 20 parts
Q. Pickwick Papers were the posthumous papers of the?
Ans. Pickwick Club
Q. Who was the founder of Pickwick Club?

Ans. Leigh Hunt
Q. Who wrote the novels Oliver Twist and David Copperfield?
Ans. Dickens
Q. Dickens went on tour of America and Canada with his?
Ans. Wife
Q. Who has charged Dickens with vulgarity in literature?
Ans. Aldous Huxley

(John Dryden MCQ’s)
Q. Dickens’ David Copperfield contains a great deal of?
Ans. Autobiographical material
Q. Who is the writer of the novels Nicholas Nickelby and The Old Curiosity Shop?
Ans. Dickens
Q. Dickens separated from his wife after?

Ans. Twenty years of marriage
Q. Dickens had?
Ans. 10 children

Q. Barnaby Rudge by Dickens is?
Ans. A historical novel
Q. Who wrote the novels Hard Times and Little Dorrit?
Ans. Dickens
Q. Who wrote the novels A Christmas Carol and Bleak House?
Ans. Dickens
Q. Who wrote the novels Martin Chuzzelwit and A Tale Of Two Cities?
Ans. Dickens
Q. Who is the writer of the novel Dombey And Son?
Ans. Dickens
Q. Dickens’ last completed novel is?
Ans. Our Mutual Friend
Q. The murder of Nancy by Bill Sikes occurs in which Dickens’ novel?
Ans. Oliver Twist

(The Hairy Ape MCQ’s)
Q. At the time of his death, Dickens was working on his novel?
Ans. The Mystery Of Edwin Drood
Q. Dickens was buried at?
Ans. Westminster Abbey
Q. The theme of Dickens’ novel Great Expectations is?
Ans. Money

Q. Dickens was primarily interested in?
Ans. Character
Q. While in London, Dickens frequently went to?
Ans. Theater
Q. Dickens’ early novels are purely?
Ans. Episodic

Q. Dickens felt offended when the absence of what was pointed out in his novels?
Ans. The absence of form
Q. Who said Dickens may not construct his story well but he tells it admirably?
Ans. David Cecil
Q. Dickens is most admirable for his?
Ans. Eccentric characters
Q. What is considered the soul of Dickens’ novels?
Ans. Humor
Q. Dickens’ female characters are?
Ans. Feeble
Q. Who described Dickens’ characters as flat?
Ans. David Cecil
Q. The Dickens World is a book written by?

Ans. Humphrey House

Q. Dickens had a natural gift for homely?
Ans. Pathos
(Look Back In Anger MCQ’s)
Q. Who wrote to Dickens that he had cried and sobbed over the death of Paul?
Ans. Lord Macaulay
Q. Pip is a……….. character in Great Expectations?
Ans. Pathetic
Q. Dickens about which of his novels writes, “Of all my books, I like this the best?”
Ans. David Copperfield
Q. Dickens had a love affair with a London actress………. that affected his family life?

Ans. Ellen Turner
Q. Oliver Twist highlighted the problems of?

Ans. Poor city children
Q. Who asks the workhouse master, “Please sir, I want some more?”
Ans. Oliver
Q. In which novel did Dickens describe realistically the society of his time, but with a faith and optimism?
Ans. David Copperfield
Q. Dickens’ experiences during his stay in America were named as?
Ans. American Notes
Q. The sales of his novel The Old Curiosity Shop reached?
Ans. One lac pounds

Q. Who said about Dickens, “The mere record of his conviviality is exhausting?”
Ans. Lionel Trilling
Q. Who wrote the book, Charles Dickens: His Tragedy And Triumph?
Ans. Edgar Johnson

Q. Dickens projected a paper The Daily News from?
Ans. England
Q. After how many days, Dickens resigned as an editor from The Daily News?
Ans. 17

(Oedipus Rex MCQ’s)
Q. Dickens’ health was failing by the?
Ans. Mid 1860s
Q. Dickens founded a weekly magazine named?
Ans. Household Words
Q. Dickens’ novel Hard Times appeared in?

Ans. Weekly installments
Q. Who described Hard Times by Dickens as a work of genius?
Ans. F.R Leavis
Q. Who said about Hard Times that it should be studied by persons interested in social questions?
Ans. John Ruskin

Q. Hard Times generally means a period of?
Ans. Slump or depression

Q. Dickens’ father was arrested for?
Ans. Not paying the debt
Q. How much was Dickens paid when he worked in a factory at the age of 12?
Ans. Six shilling a week
Q. What did Dickens teach himself?
Ans. Shorthand
Q. For which newspaper Dickens reported parliamentary debates?
Ans. Mirror Of Judgement
Q. In 1832 what did Charles Dickens nearly become?
Ans. Professional actor
Q. Which adjective describes the work of Dickens?
Ans. Dickensian
Q. Which of Dickens’ novels was the first Victorian novel to feature a child protagonist?
Ans. Oliver Twist
Q. Which of Dickens’s works was the first to propel him to fame?
Ans. The Pickwick Papers
Q. What publishing trend did Dickens pioneer?
Ans. The serialized novel

Q. Which Peter Carey novel was inspired by Great Expectations?
Ans. Jack Maggs

Q. Which episode would you need a heart of stone not to laugh at, according to Oscar Wilde?
Ans. The death of the pure and innocent Little Nell
Q. Which writer and later friend of Dickens applied unsuccessfully for the job of illustrator on The Pickwick Papers?
Ans. Thackeray

(Oscar Wilde MCQ’s)
Q. Who described Dickens as having “a large loving mind and the strongest sympathy with the poorer classes”?
Ans. Queen Victoria
Q. Dickens’ first novel which focused on the specific social ills was……………?
Ans. Great Expectations
Q. Hard Times is subtitled as?
Ans. For These Times

(Advanced Grammar Mistakes)
Q. Hard Times emphasizes the dehumanizing aspects of?
Ans. The Industrial Revolution

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