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(The Age Of Chaucer MCQ’s)

Q. During the age of Chaucer, what type of institution had the greatest influence over the people of England?
Ans. The church

(Prologue To The Canterbury Tales MCQ’s)
Q. Why is this fact so important that Chaucer wrote in English?
Ans. Because the official language of England was French
Q. How old was Chaucer when The Black Death swept over England?
Ans. 9 years old
Q. Three medieval institutions were?
Ans. Chivalry, Feudalism and the Church
Q. Who is called the father of English poetry?

Ans. Chaucer
(The Age Of Chaucer MCQ’s)
Q. Who called Chaucer the father of English poetry?
Ans. Matthew Arnold

(Matthew Arnold MCQ’s)
Q. Who introduced the Heroic Couplet in English?
Ans. Chaucer
Q. What is Heroic Couplet?

Ans. It consists of a rhyming pair of lines in Iambic Pentameter
Q. What does Dryden say about Chaucer’s work?
Ans. Here is God’s plenty

(John Dryden MCQ’s)
Q. Chaucer wrote in which type of English?

Ans. Middle English

Q. The poet born in the reign of Edward lll, lived in that of Richard ll and died in the reign of Henry lV was?
Ans. Chaucer

(Literary Terms MCQ’s)
Q. A characteristic feature of medieval literature was?
Ans. The popular genre of the bird and the beast fable
Q. In Chaucer’s times, the Peasant Revolt resulted in?
Ans. The end of serfdom

(William Hazlitt MCQ’s)
Q. The Book Of Duchess by Chaucer is?
Ans. A lengthy allegory on the death of his patron’s wife
Q. Which work of Chaucer bears close resemblance to Dante’s Divine Comedy?
Ans. The House Of Fame
Q. Which work of Chaucer contains passages that have been directly taken from Dante?

Ans. The Parliament Of Fowls
Q. Troilus And Criseyde shows great influence of Boccaccio’s work____?
Ans. Filostrato

(Anglo-Norman Period MCQ’s)
Q. Troilus And Criseyde reveals Chaucer’s dexterity in handling?
Ans. The rhyme royal
Q. Which poem of Chaucer is known to be the first attempt in English to use the Heroic Couplet?
Ans. The Legend Of Good Women
Q. Who remarked that Chaucer found English a dialect and left it a language?
Ans. Lowes

(The Age Of Chaucer MCQ’s)

Q. Hudson has rightly said that under the influence of Chaucer in English poetry, the rhyme gradually displaced?
Ans. Alliteration

(Prologue To The Canterbury Tales MCQ’s)
Q. What did Chaucer use in The Book Of The Duchess?
Ans. Octave Rhyme

Q. Why is Chaucer criticized for presenting an incomplete picture of his times?
Ans. Because he writes for the court and cultivated classes and neglects the suffering of the poor
Q. Who is regarded as the Morning Star of the Renaissance?
Ans. Chaucer
Q. Spenser called Chaucer?
Ans. The well of English undefiled

(Edmund Spenser MCQ’s)
Q. “The well of English undefiled” which quality of Chaucer does this phrase refer to? Ans. His avoidance of foreign influences
Q. Chaucer introduced the heroic couplet in English and invented?
Ans. Rhyme Royal
Q. One of the main drawbacks of Troilus And Criseyde is?
Ans. Long and tiresome speeches
Q. The character of Criseyde is?
Ans. The psychological study of a complex woman
Q. What was the occupation of Chaucer’s father?
Ans. Vintner

(The Age Of Chaucer MCQ’s)

Q. Chaucer became a page to which king’s daughter-in-law?
Ans. Edward lll

(Prologue To The Canterbury Tales MCQ’s)
Q. What is not certain about Chaucer?
Ans. His birth date
Q. What did Chaucer’s wife use to do?
Ans. Lady-in-waiting to Queen Philip

Q. One of Chaucer’s daughters was?
Ans. A nun
Q. In which year Chaucer was imprisoned by the French?
Ans. 1360
Q. Chaucer was fined in 1367 for?
Ans. Beating a Friar in a London street
Q. Was Chaucer made in charge of many palaces?
Ans. Yes
Q. Chaucer was released from legal action in a deed of?
Ans. Rape and abduction
Q. Chaucer became a member of parliament in?
Ans. 1386
Q. Chaucer is buried in?
Ans. Poets’ corner

Q. What was Chaucer’s profession?
Ans. A civil servant
Q. Who is known as the earliest of great moderns?
Ans. Chaucer
Q. Who was a page in a royal house, soldier, diplomat and royal clerk?
Ans. Chaucer

(The Age Of Chaucer MCQ’s)
Q. William Hazlitt said about Chaucer that?

Ans. Chaucer was the most practical of all the great poets
Q. Chaucer’s age was marked with?
Ans. Corruption in the church; Decline of Feudal system and Rise of national consciousness

(The Age Of Chaucer MCQ’s)
Q. The notable contemporaries of Chaucer were?
Ans. Langland, Gower and Wycliffe
Q. Chaucer’s work can be divided into?
Ans. French, Italian, English
Q. Chaucer started his literary career under?

Ans. French
Q. Features of Chaucer’s poetry are?
Ans. Music and imagery, love of nature, humor and realism
Q. What attributes make Chaucer the father of English novel?
Ans. Realism, Dramatic art and his narrative techniques

Q. Chaucer’s The House Of Fame, The Parliament Of Fowls and Troilus And Criseyde speak?
Ans. Italian influence on Chaucer
Q. The Legend Of Good Women shows Chaucer’s mastery over?
Ans. Heroic Couplet

(Prologue To The Canterbury Tales MCQ’s)
Q. How was Chaucer’s art of description?

Ans. The characters were individuals as well as types
Q. English and Scottish Chaucerians means?

Ans. Those who follow Chaucer in style
Q. The Romance Of The Rose is a famous poem by Chaucer and it belongs to?
Ans. French Period. It’s an allegorical poem

Q. Who exercised deep influence on Chaucer’s art during Italian period of his literary career?
Ans. Boccaccio
Q. About which poem of Chaucer is it said that if Chaucer had written no satire but this poem, his place in the list would not be low?

Ans. The House Of Fame
Q. The age of Chaucer covers the period?

Ans. 1337 to 1453
(The Age Of Chaucer MCQ’s)
Q. Hundred Years War, The Peasants’ Revolt, Black Death, Nationalism and New Learning are principal events of?
Ans. Chaucer’s Age
Q. In how many different ways are Chaucer’s characters presented?
Ans. Three

Q. What is the keynote of Chaucer’s humor?
Ans. Tolerance and impartiality
Q. What type of events and references have been avoided by Chaucer?
Ans. Political events
Q. Matthew Arnold criticizes Chaucer for lacking in?

Ans. High Seriousness
(Matthew Arnold MCQ’s)
Q. Who presented a cross-section of English life in the fourteenth century?
Ans. Chaucer
Q. Whose work is regarded as the first great work of modern European literature?
Ans. Chaucer
Q. Who said Chaucer was not in any sense a poet of the people?
Ans. Hudson

Q. Who said Chaucer is one of the world’s three or four story-tellers?
Ans. Lowell
Q. Four well-known dialects in the age of Chaucer were?
Ans. Southern, Midland, Northumbrian and Kentish
Q. In which dialect did Chaucer write his poetry?
Ans. East Midland
Q. Chaucer belonged to an?
Ans. Affluent family

Q. Where did Chaucer first become acquainted with the writing of Ovid and Virgil?
Ans. At St. Paul’s Cathedral School
Q. When did Chaucer go to France to fight in Hundred Years War?
Ans. 1359
Q. When did Chaucer get married?
Ans. In 1366 he married Philippa Roet
Q. His wife Philippa Roet passed away in?

Ans. 1387
(The Age Of Chaucer MCQ’s)
Q. What is Chaucer’s work Parliament Of Fouls about?
Ans. It is a study of Christian love. It points out the inauthentic quality of courtly love
Q. What happened to Chaucer while on the job?
Ans. He was robbed twice by highwaymen
Q. Chaucer died on?
Ans. October 25, 1400

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