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Here is Coleridge Quiz for you!

Q. Coleridge was born in?
Ans. 1772

(S T Coleridge MCQ’s)
Q. Coleridge’s middle name was?
Ans. Taylor
Q. Which poem did Coleridge write after his sister’s death?
Ans. Monody
Q. What name was assumed by Coleridge when he joined the army?
Ans. Silas Tomkin Comberbache

Q. Which periodical was published by Coleridge?
Ans. The Watchman
Q. Which magazine was edited by Coleridge with Sara Hutchinson?
Ans. The Friend
Q. Which ballad of Coleridge has this line, water, water everywhere?
Ans. The rime of the ancient mariner

Q. Which bird was killed in the rime of the ancient mariner?
Ans. Albatross
Q. Where did Coleridge die?
Ans. Highgate
Q. When did Coleridge write the rime of the ancient mariner?
Ans. 1797

Q. Who wrote the book Coleridge read that inspired the poem the rime of the ancient mariner?
Ans. Samuel purchas

(Lord Byron MCQ’s)
Q. Where did he get the visions he founded his poem on?
Ans. Opium dream

Q. A traveler asked the poet for directions and much of the vision’s images were lost. Where was this anonymous but legendary traveler from?
Ans. Porlock
Q. Where did Kubla Khan build the dome?

Ans. Xanadu
Q. What is the sacred river where the dome was built?
Ans. Alph

Q. How many miles were walled in for the dome?
Ans. 10

(Wordsworth MCQ’s)
Q. What was the astounding feature of the property in the poem Kubla khan?
Ans. A fountain in a chasm
Q. What instrument did the Abysyssinian maid play?
Ans. Dulcimer

Q. What mountain. Did the maid sing of?
Ans. Abora
Q. What was the name of Coleridge’s son?

Ans. David Hartley Coleridge
Q. Who wrote Aids To Reflection?
Ans. Coleridge
Q. What did Coleridge write for himself in the epitaph?
Ans. Beneath this sod, a poet lies or that which once was he

Q. What did Lamb say about Coleridge?
Ans. His face when he repeats his verses hath its ancient glory
Q. Who introduced the words selfless and aesthetic to the English language?
Ans. Coleridge

(S T Coleridge MCQ’s)
Q. Who wrote The Nightingale?
Ans. Coleridge

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