Death Be Not Proud MCQ’s l John Donne

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Here are all Death Be Not Proud MCQ’s for you!

Q. Who wrote Death be Not Proud?
Ans. John Donne

(John Donne MCQ’s)
Q. Johnny is suffering from?
Ans. A brain tumor
Q. What is the occupation of Gunther?
Ans. Journalist
Q. Who is the family doctor for the Gunthers?

Ans. Dr. Traeger

Q. What does Johnny do in his garage?
Ans. Makes science experiments
Q. What non-fat no-salt diet is Johnny put on?
Ans. The Gerson Diet
Q. What must be done to Johnny’s head everyday?
Ans. Dressed and bandaged

Q. What school does Johnny go?
Ans. Deerfield
Q. What substance does hospital administer to Johnny?
Ans. Mustard gas
Q. In what subject does Johnny write up fifty four experiments?
Ans. Chemistry

Q. What book does Gunther publish during Johnny’s illness?
Ans. Inside USA
Q. What do the Guenthers call Johnny’s tumor?
Ans. The bump
Q. To which famous scientist does Johnny write a letter?
Ans. Albert Einstein

Q. Which side of Johnny is weakened considerably?
Ans. His left side
Q. What water sport does Johnny love most of all?

Ans. Sailing
Q. The name of John Donne’s wife?
Ans. Anne More
Q. Who was the dean of St. Paul’s Cathedral?

Ans. John Donne

Q. Who said, “Oh my America, my new-found land?”
Ans. John Donne
Q. Into what religion was John Donne born?

Ans. Roman Catholicism
Q. What sovereign elevated Donne to his Deanship?
Ans. James l

Q. What illness did Donne suffer from before writing the Meditations?
Ans. Spotted Fever
Q. To what profession did Donne belong?

Ans. The clergy
Q. What was the occupation of Donne’s father?
Ans. An Ironmonger

Q. To which part of Christianity did Donne convert?
Ans. Anglicanism
Q. Death Be Not Proud is part of what group of poems?
Ans. The Holy Sonnets
Q. From the family of which saint was Donne’s mother descended?
Ans. Thomas Moor

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