Death Of A Salesman MCQ’s l Arthur Miller

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Here are all Death Of A Salesman MCQ’s for you!

Q. The American Playright Arthur Miller was born in?
Ans. 1915
Q. Which play of Arthur Miller made him earn him Pulitzer Prize?
Ans. Death Of A Salesman which was written in 1949
Q. Who acted as Willy Loman in the 1985 TV series of Death Of A Salesman?
Ans. Dustin Hoffman
Q. Arthur Miller died in?
Ans. 2005

(Robert Frost MCQ’s)
Q. Willy Loman, a salesman, has two children and a wife. Their names are?
Ans. Linda, Biff and Happy
Q. Whose footsteps did Willy Loman want to follow?
Ans. Biff’s

(The Hairy Ape MCQ’s)
Q. What is strange about the way in which Willy Loman relates to reality?
Ans. Willy Loman loses himself in flashbacks of the past
Q. On several occasions in the play, Willy Loman consults with a dead relative. Who?
Ans. Bin, his brother
Q. Willy’s brother Bin had achieved something special in life. What was it?
Ans. He had become rich by mining African diamonds
Q. Willy’s older son was a captain in what sport?
Ans. Tennis

Q. Willy’s older son fails?
Ans. Mathematics
Q. Willy’s younger son is also?
Ans. A Salesman
Q. What lie does Willy’s younger son tell his mother to make himself a better person in her eyes?
Ans. That he will be a father soon
Q. The play is titled Death Of A Salesman. How does the Salesman die?
Ans. He commits suicide by crashing his car
Q. The Loman family lives in?
Ans. Brooklyn
Q. Happy’s real name is?
Ans. Harold
Q. In sharp contrast to Willy’s disappointing sons is the son his neighbor, Charlie. What is his name?
Ans. Bernard
Q. Why does Willy believe his sons will be more successful than Bernard?
Ans. Bernard is “Liked, but not well-liked”
Q. What did Willy promise to the woman in the hotel room?
Ans. Stockings
Q. Why does Linda believe that her sons should treat Willy kindly?
Ans. Because he is a human and attention must be paid

Q. Which character states, “nobody dast blame this man?”
Ans. Charlie

(Maya Angelou MCQ’s)
Q. What object does Howard have in his office that frightens Willy?
Ans. Wire recorder
Q. Why does Biff not go to college?
Ans. He refuses to go to summer school to pass maths
Q. Howard Wagner best represents?
Ans. An impersonal corporate mentality
Q. Linda is?
Ans. Helpful, patient, loyal
Q. Happy is less self-assured than Biff because?
Ans. Happy has never risked failure
Q. Does Charlie attend Willy’s funeral?
Ans. Yes
Q. According to Charlie, fearless people populate which place?
Ans. Jail cells
Q. Why did Biff not keep in contact with his parents when he was out west?
Ans. He was in jail
Q. What causes the rift between Biff and Willy?
Ans. Biff finds that willy is having an affair

Q. Why does Bernard not help Biff cheat on the Regents exam?
Ans. It is a state exam, and Bernard could be arrested
Q. According to Happy, who is poet and idealist?
Ans. Biff

(Emily Dickinson MCQ’s)
Q. Woman chose Willy because of his?
Ans. Sense of humor
Q. Linda criticizes Happy for?
Ans. Philandering
Q. What was Willy’s father by profession?

Ans. Inventor
Q. Who says, a man is not a bird to come and go with the springtime?
Ans. Linda
Q. How does Linda know that Willy is suicidal?
Ans. Linda found a rubber hose hidden behind the heater
Q. What does Willy want from Howard?
Ans. A job in New York
Q. Willy has been borrowing money from?

Ans. Charlie
Q. Why does Biff visit Willy in Boston?
Ans. He wants Willy to convince his teacher to pass him

Q. Why does happy seduce the fiancées of the young executive he works for?
Ans. In order to gain power
Q. By profession, Bernard is a?
Ans. Lawyer

(Mending Wall MCQ’s)
Q. When Willy goes in to talk to Howard about his job, he?
Ans. Fires him
Q. Whom does Willy hold up as a symbol of a successful salesman?
Ans. Dave Singleman
Q. Who says, “One day you’ll knock on this door and you’ll find strange people here?”

Ans. Linda
Q. Who says, “A man is not a piece of fruit?”

Ans. Willy
Q. Who says, “We never told the truth for ten minutes in this house?”
Ans. Biff
Q. Biff wants to?

Ans. Go back to the country
Q. Willy is constantly dreaming about?
Ans. The past
Q. What was the name of Willy’s rich brother?

Ans. Ben

Q. How old is Willy?
Ans. 62
Q. In Act 2, Willy is so excited because?

Ans. Biff is going to get a job
Q. Who fires Willy?
Ans. Howard
Q. What did Biff steal from Oliver as an adult?
Ans. A fountain pin
Q. What is the name of the woman Willy dreams about?
Ans. We don’t know her name
Q. Before the play begins, where was Biff working?
Ans. Working on a farm
Q. What did Biff steal from Oliver as a boy?

Ans. A crate of basketballs
Q. Willy is a salesman, what does he sell?

Ans. Miller does not specify
Q. For what region is Willy responsible in his sales?
Ans. New England
Q. How old is Happy?
Ans. 32

Q. What did Willy’s father sell?
Ans. Flutes
Q. After he abandoned his family, Willy’s father went to?
Ans. Alaska
Q. Where did Ben end up when he went looking for his father?
Ans. Africa
Q. Biff finds Willy with the woman in?
Ans. Boston
Q. How old was Dave Singleman when he died?
Ans. 84
Q. What is the name of the restaurant where Biff and Happy take Willy?
Ans. Frank’s Chop House
Q. How much money does Charlie usually give Willy each week?
Ans. 50 Dollars
Q. Happy works?
Ans. In a store
Q. What was Biff’s position at Oliver’s store when he was a boy?
Ans. Shipping clerk
Q. On what day of the week does Willy die?

Ans. Tuesday

Q. Before the play begins, which city did Willy reach?
Ans. Yonkers
Q. Willy worked in his sales firm?
Ans. Between 34 and 36 years
Q. What does Howard show Willy in his Office?
Ans. His wire recorder
Q. What does Biff allow Bernard to carry to the Ebbets Field Game?
Ans. His shoulder pads
Q. What is the name of Charlie’s secretary?

Ans. Jenny

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