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Here is Death of A Salesman MCQs Part 01 for you!

Q. What is the full title of the play Death of a Salesman?
Ans. Death of a Salesman: Certain Private Conversations in Two Acts and a Requiem
Q. Under what genre/genres does Death of a Salesman fall in?
Ans. Tragedy, social commentary, family drama
Q. Where and in how much time was Death of a Salesman written?
Ans. In Six weeks in 1948, in a shed in Connecticut
Q. The Original Publisher of Death of a Salesman was……..?
Ans. The Viking Press
Q. Who are the protagonists in Death of a Salesman?
Ans. Willy Loman, Biff Loman
Q. Who are the antagonists in Death of a Salesman?
Ans. Biff Loman, Willy Loman, the American Dream
Q. What tense has been used in Death of a Salesman?
Ans. Present
Q. When was Death of a Salesman staged?
Ans. 1949
Q. How many acts are there in Death of a Salesman?
Ans. Two
Q. Which instrument is being played when Death of a Salesman opens?
Ans. Flute

Q. What does Linda give Willy before going to bed?
Ans. Aspirin
Q. The American Playright Arthur Miller was born in…….?
Ans. 1915
Q. Which play of Arthur Miller earned him Pulitzer Prize?
Ans. Death Of A Salesman
Q. Death of a Salesman was written in……?
Ans. 1949
Q. TV series of Death Of A Salesman was played in…….?
Ans. 1985
Q. Who played Willy Loman in the 1985 TV series of Death Of A Salesman?
Ans. Dustin Hoffman
Q. How old was Biff?
Ans. 34 years
Q. Who is the old master of Willy?
Ans. Wagner
Q. Which car does Willy talk of…….?
Ans. Chevy
Q. Who was the first girlfriend of happy?
Ans. Betsy

Q. Who was the recent girl with whom happy had relationships?
Ans. Charlotte
Q. How much loan does Biff plan to get from his former employer Bill Oliver?
Ans. $10,000
Q. What was the nickname of Willy in the office?
Ans. Walrus
Q. Willy is a……..salesman?
Ans. Travelling
Q. What surrounds Willy’s building?
Ans. Apartment buildings
Q. What is Willy’s insurance amount?
Ans. $25,000
Q. Arthur Miller died in……..?
Ans. 2005
Q. Willy Loman has a wife and……..?
Ans. Two children
Q. What is the name of Willy Loman’s wife?
Ans. Linda
Q. What are the names of Willy Loman’s children?
Ans. Biff and Happy

Q. Who has come home to visit Willy and Linda?
Ans. Biff
Q. Whom does Willy criticize and why?
Ans. Willy criticizes Biff because Biff does not have a successful career even at the age of 34
Q. What does Biff want from Bill Oliver?
Ans. A business loan
Q. Why does Willy decide to kill himself?
Ans. Willy can leave a lot of insurance money to Biff if his death looks like an accident. Then Biff will have a chance to be successful. So he decides to kill himself.
Q. Arthur Miller’s play Death of a Salesman addresses…….and a man’s inability to accept change within himself and society?
Ans. Loss of identity
Q. The play Death of a Salesman is a montage of…….., all of which make up the last 24 hours of Willy Loman’s life?
Ans. Memories, dreams, confrontations, and arguments
Q. What is the mood of Death of a Salesman?
Ans. The mood is uncomfortably false and depressing throughout the play
Q. Willy’s flute theme foreshadows the revelation of his father’s occupation and……?
Ans. Abandonment
Q. Willy’s preoccupation with Linda’s stockings foreshadows his affair with……..?
Ans. The Woman
Q. Willy’s automobile accident before the start of Act I foreshadows his suicide at the end of………?
Ans. Act II

Q. What is unusual about the way in which Willy Loman relates to reality?
Ans. He loses himself in flashbacks of the past
Q. On several occasions over the course of the play, Willy Loman consults with a long-dead relative. Who?
Ans. Bin
Q. Who is Bin?
Ans. Willy Loman’s elder brother
Q. Willy’s brother Bin had accomplished something special in life. What was it?
Ans. He had gotten rich mining African diamonds
Q. Willy’s older son Biff was captain of the team in what sport?
Ans. Football
Q. What motifs are there in the play Death of a Salesman?
Ans. Mythic figures; the American West; Alaska; the African jungle
Q. The theme of Death of a Salesman is Miller’s criticism of capitalism and he tries to express that the………does not happen to everybody?
Ans. American Dream
Q. Where did Biff get the football when he was a high school student?
Ans. He had stolen it from school
Q. What is Willy’s philosophy?
Ans. His philosophy is that being well-liked makes you successful
Q. Why does Willy tell Howard about Dave Singleman?
Ans. Dave Singleman is Willy’s role model

Q. How much money does Willy borrow from Charley weekly?
Ans. 50 dollars
Q. What is Florida idea?
Ans. Happy Loman develops an idea named the Florida idea for starting a family business with his brother, Biff
Q. What does Biff steal from Bill Oliver’s office as an adult?
Ans. A pen
Q. What product does Willy sell?
Ans. Miller does specify
Q. How old was Dave Singleman when he died?
Ans. 84
Q. Willy’s older son Biff fails……?
Ans. Mathematics
Q. Willy’s younger son Happy is also……..?
Ans. A Salesman
Q. What lie does Willy’s younger son Happy tell his mother to make himself a better person in her eyes?
Ans. That he will be a father soon
Q. The play is titled Death Of A Salesman. How does the Salesman die?
Ans. He commits suicide by crashing his car
Q. The Loman family lives in…….?
Ans. Brooklyn

Q. What does Happy order from Stanley at the restaurant?
Ans. Lobsters
Q. To what kind of store does Willy ask Stanley to direct him?
Ans. A seed store
Q. Many critics described Death of a Salesman as the first great American………?
Ans. Tragedy
Q. Existentialist philosophy had a significant influence on Death of a Salesman?
Ans. True
Q. Much of the play’s dramatic conflict comes from Miller’s own experiences with which member of his family?
Ans. His uncle
Q. When Willy Loman returns home from his failed business trip, what instrument is playing?
Ans. Flute
Q. What does Willy tell Biff will impair Charley’s son, Bernard, in the long run?
Ans. He is not well-liked
Q. What does Willy’s mistress thank Willy for giving her?
Ans. Stockings
Q. Where does Willy’s brother, Ben, invite Willy to go with him?
Ans. Alaska
Q. Towards the end of the play, what does Happy find Willy doing in the middle of the night?
Ans. Planting seeds

Q. Happy’s real name is……..?
Ans. Harold Loman
Q. In sharp contrast to Willy’s disappointing sons is the son of his neighbor, Charley. What is the name of Charley’s son?
Ans. Bernard
Q. Why does Willy believe his sons will be more successful than Bernard?
Ans. Bernard is “Liked, but not well-liked”
Q. What did Willy promise to the woman in the hotel room?
Ans. Stockings
Q. Why does Linda believe that her sons should treat Willy kindly?
Ans. Because he is a human and attention must be paid
Q. What is Happy’s job title?
Ans. Assistant to the assistant
Q. Who gives Willy money to pay his bills?
Ans. Charley
Q. What does Willy claim he did for Howard when Howard was born?
Ans. Named him
Q. To whom does Willy leave an inheritance?
Ans. Biff
Q. Finish Ben’s final mantra: “The jungle is dark, but full of…….?”
Ans. Diamonds

Q. What discovery causes Biff to lose his faith in Willy?
Ans. Willy has a mistress
Q. What prompts Happy to vow to “beat this racket”?
Ans. Willy’s death
Q. What does Linda Loman equate with “freedom”?
Ans. Escape from debt
Q. What does Linda assume happened when Willy returns home unexpectedly at the top of Act I?
Ans. He crashed the car
Q. What does Happy tell Biff that he does in order to climb the corporate ladder?
Ans. Takes bribes
Q. Which character states, “nobody dast blame this man?”
Ans. Charley
Q. What object does Howard have in his office that frightens Willy?
Ans. Wire recorder
Q. Why does Biff not go to college?
Ans. He refuses to go to summer school to pass math
Q. Howard Wagner best represents………?
Ans. An impersonal corporate mentality
Q. Linda is……….?
Ans. Helpful, patient, loyal

Q. Who does Biff want to ask for a loan to buy a ranch?
Ans. Bill Oliver
Q. What is being “well-liked” a predictor of in the Loman household, according to Happy?
Ans. Success
Q. What does Willy say he want to do when he wakes up the next morning and mulls over the “Florida idea?”
Ans. Plant some seeds
Q. What have Linda and Willy just finished paying for?
Ans. They have just finished paying for their car
Q. When Willy is in Howard’s office, Howard plays a recording of his son reciting what?
Ans. State capitals
Q. How does Howard continually refer to Willy during their conversation about Willy’s salary?
Ans. Kid
Q. Who does NOT show up at Willy’s funeral?
Ans. Howard
Q. Rather than being a salesman, Biff recalls that Willy was happier doing what?
Ans. Working on the house
Q. What does Happy resolve to do?
Ans. Become a salesman
Q. Once she is alone at Willy’s funeral, what does Linda tell Willy that she just did?
Ans. Paid off the house

Q. Happy is less self-assured than Biff because……?
Ans. Happy has never risked failure
Q. Does Charley attend Willy’s funeral?
Ans. Yes
Q. According to Charley, fearless people populate which place?
Ans. Jail cells
Q. Why did Biff not keep in contact with his parents when he was out west?
Ans. He was in jail
Q. What causes the rift between Biff and Willy?
Ans. Biff finds that willy is having an affair
Q. What are Linda’s final words as Biff helps carry her away from the funeral?
Ans. We’re free
Q. What happened to Willy and Ben’s father when they were young?
Ans. He abandoned his family
Q. What does Biff call Willy when he discovers that Willy is having an affair?
Ans. Phony little fake
Q. With which pair does Willy believe his two sons share similarities?
Ans. Adonis and Hercules
Q. What object represents betrayal in Death of a Salesman?
Ans. Women’s stockings

Q. Who says the following: “You’ve got to get it into your head now that one day you’ll knock on this door and there’ll be strange people here?”
Ans. Linda
Q. What object symbolizes Willy’s best year, the year in which he felt most happy and successful?
Ans. A red 1928 Chevy
Q. Who says, “I’m losing weight, Pop, you notice?”
Ans. Happy
Q. Why does Willy want Linda to stop darning her stockings?
Ans. Because he’s ashamed that he can’t buy her new ones
Q. Who says, “My salvation is that I never took any interest in anything”?
Ans. Charley
Q. Why does Bernard not help Biff cheat on the Regents exam?
Ans. It is a state exam, and Bernard could be arrested
Q. According to Happy, who is poet and idealist?
Ans. Biff
Q. The Woman chose Willy because of his?
Ans. Sense of humor
Q. Linda criticizes Happy for…….?
Ans. Philandering
Q. What was Willy’s father by profession?
Ans. A salesman but he invented things

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