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Q. The full name of the play is?
Ans. The Tragical History Of Doctor Faustus
Q. The play Dr. Faustus was published in?

Ans. 1604
Q. The main theme of Dr. Faustus is?
Ans. Power as a corrupting influence
Q. The play Dr. Faustus is in?
Ans. 13 scenes
Q. At the beginning of the play, Faustus expresses?
Ans. Frustration that he has mastered much conventional knowledge without gaining satisfaction
Q. From his first speech, the audience can see clearly that Faustus suffers from the sin of?
Ans. Pride
Q. The name Marlowe uses for the ruler of hell and the devils is?
Ans. Lucifer

(Christopher Marlowe MCQ’s)
Q. After Faustus signed the contract with the Devil, what was the first thing he asked Mephistophilis to give him?
Ans. A wife
Q. Which fields has Faustus studied about thoroughly?
Ans. Law, medicine and theology
Q. How does Marlowe’s Doctor Faustus differ from a traditional Greek tragedy?
Ans. Faustus is a common man rather than a king or a war hero

Q. How long does Faustus offer to be punished, if his soul could be saved afterwards?
Ans. One hundred thousand years
Q. The play Dr. Faustus is written in?
Ans. Blank verse and prose
Q. When Faustus started worrying that his time was running out, he didn’t sleep for?

Ans. Eight days
Q. In the Prologue, who introduces the story of Doctor Faustus?
Ans. The Chorus
Q. To which Greek mythological character is Faustus compared in the Prologue?
Ans. Icarus

(Oedipus Rex MCQ’s)
Q. What fields of learning does Faustus consider before he turns to magic?
Ans. Logic, medicine, law, and theology
Q. Which characters instruct Faustus in the dark arts?
Ans. Cornelius and Valdes
Q. When he first summons Mephastophilis, how does Faustus ask him to appear?
Ans. In the shape of a Franciscan friar
Q. What is the name of the ruler of hell in Doctor Faustus?
Ans. Lucifer

(Paradise Lost MCQ’s)
Q. How long does Faustus demand that Mephastophilis serve him?
Ans. 24 years

Q. How does Faustus sign his contract with Lucifer?
Ans. In his own blood
Q. What is the meaning of the words that appear on Faustus’s arm in Latin?
Ans. “Fly, man”
Q. Who agrees to become Wagner’s servant?

Ans. The clown
(A Thing of Beauty MCQs)
Q. What does Mephastophilis refuse to tell Faustus?
Ans. Who made the world
Q. Why does Mephastophilis refuse to answer the question about the creation of universe?
Ans. He says that the answer is “against our kingdom”
Q. Which city does Faustus visit extensively in scene 7?
Ans. Rome
Q. What trick does Faustus, while invisible, play on the pope?
Ans. He steals dishes of food and disrupts the pope’s banquet
Q. Which historical figure does Faustus conjure up for the emperor to see?
Ans. Alexander the Great
Q. Which character is publicly skeptical of Faustus’s powers?
Ans. The knight (also known as Benvolio)
Q. How does Faustus humiliate the skeptical knight?
Ans. He makes antlers sprout from the skeptic’s head

Q. Who tries to persuade Faustus to repent just before he reseals his pact with Lucifer? Ans. An old man
Q. What happens to the horse that Faustus sells to the horse-courser?
Ans. It turns into a heap of straw when it goes in the water
Q. What does the horse-courser think he is removing from Faustus’s body after Faustus wakes?
Ans. His leg
Q. What does Faustus fetch for the Duchess of Vanholt?
Ans. A dish of grapes
Q. Where, according to Mephastophilis, is hell?
Ans. Everywhere
Q. What famous beauty does Mephastophilis present to Faustus in scene 12?
Ans. Helen of Troy
Q. What happens to Faustus at the end of the play?
Ans. He is carried off to hell
Q. The immediate source of Marlowe’s Doctor Faustus is most likely an anonymous German work dating from?
Ans. 1587
Q. Johannes Faustus, the real-life figure to whom the tale about selling one’s became attached, was?
Ans. An astrologer
Q. Faustus grows dissatisfied with the limits of traditional forms of?
Ans. Knowledge

Q. How does Faustus begin his new career as a magician?
Ans. By summoning a devil
Q. What does Faustus do first with his new powers?
Ans. Travel
Q. Which two characters represent Faustus’s conscience?
Ans. Good angel, Evil angel
Q. What is Robin’s profession?
Ans. Innkeeper
Q. Who hears Faustus’s confession of his pact with Lucifer?
Ans. The scholars
Q. Faustus represents the spirit of which era?

Ans. The Renaissance
Q. At which point in the play does Marlowe use much of his finest poetry?
Ans. In Faustus’s final hours
Q. What does Mephastophilis say or do when Faustus says that he doesn’t believe in Hell?

Ans. Insists Hell is real
Q. What does Faustus say he sees running across the sky during his terrible last night? Ans. Christ’s blood
Q. How many people make up the chorus in the play?
Ans. One

Q. What two topics does the chorus say will not be tackled in the play?
Ans. Love and war
Q. Where was Faustus born?
Ans. Rhode
Q. Who did Faustus initially live with in Wittenberg?
Ans. His Kinsmen
Q. According to the chorus, who is “swollen with cunning”?
Ans. Faustus
Q. Who visits Faustus while he is waiting for his friends to arrive?
Ans. Two angels
Q. What does the Good Angel encourage Faustus to read?
Ans. Milton’s Paradise Lost

(John Milton MCQ’s)
Q. Over which country does Faustus imagine himself as King?
Ans. Germany
Q. Who lists several texts to help Faustus study magic?
Ans. Valdes
Q. In Scene Two, who does Wagner make fun of?
Ans. Two scholars
Q. What does Faustus order Mephastophilis to wear?
Ans. A monk’s robes

Q. What food does Wagner say the clown would probably sell his soul for?
Ans. A shoulder of mutton
Q. What pulled the chariot that took Faustus through the heavens?
Ans. Dragons
Q. What have Robin and Rafe stolen from a tavern?
Ans. A cup
Q. During the chorus, who do we learn has invited Faustus to his palace?
Ans. Charles V
Q. What does the horse-courser do first to try and wake Faustus?
Ans. Yells in his ear
Q. What does the horse-courser run away with?
Ans. Faustus’ leg
Q. In the chorus, what has Faustus given to Wagner?
Ans. All his wealth

Q. In Scene 13, as the clock strikes eleven, what does Faustus see?
Ans. A vision of hell
Q. What does Faustus wish he was, so that upon death he would simply cease to be?

Ans. A beast
Q. When Faustus conjures up Mephistophilis, he tells the demon?
Ans. To return in a more physically attractive form

Q. Who does Faustus conjure as a means of saving his soul from hell?
Ans. Helen Of Troy
Q. Who steals one of the books from Faustus’ library?
Ans. Robin

(Christopher Marlowe MCQ’s)
Q. The seven deadly sins make an appearance in this play and Faustus is delighted by the sight of them?
Ans. True

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