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Q. Who is regarded as the second father of English poetry?
Ans. Spenser
Q. Which stanza did Shelley use in The Revolt Of Islam and Byron in Child Harold’s Pilgrimage?
Ans. Spenserian Stanza

(Lord Byron MCQ’s)
Q. In 1580, through Leicester’s influence, Spenser was made secretary to?
Ans. Lord Grey
Q. During which war the castle of Edmund Spenser, namely Kilcolman was burnt by native Irish forces ?
Ans. Nine Years War
Q. Spenser wanted to write a……..myth and protect the ermine of Queen Elizabeth?
Ans. National
Q. Whom did Milton, Wordsworth and Keats follow in their long works?
Ans. Spenser

(John Milton MCQ’s) (Wordsworth MCQ’s)
Q. According to Spenser, what forms a great nation?
Ans. Religion, ethics and politics

(John Keats MCQ’s)
Q. Which school did Spenser attend?
Ans. Merchant Taylor’s School (one of the most advanced schools of those days)
Q. Who wrote Complaints Containing Sundry Small Poems Of The World Vanitie?
Ans. Spenser
Q. Complaints Containing Sundry Small Poems Of The World Vanitie include what livelier and mock-heroic fable?
Ans. The Fate Of The Butterfly

Q. Name the poem Spenser wrote in honor of the two daughters of the Earl of Worcester? Ans. Prothalamion
(Charles Lamb MCQ’s)
Q. The poet who influenced Spenser in his allegorical use of the pastorals was the Italian?
Ans. Baptista Spanuoli
Q. A critic says that the Faerie Queene is, “Downright flattery__gross, shameless, lying flattery” of Queen Elizabeth, who?

Ans. Dean Church
Q. Spenser is buried beside…….. in the Poet’s Corner?
Ans. Chaucer

(Chaucer MCQ’s)
Q. Who remarks that Spenser is at once the child of Renaissance and Reformation?
Ans. Rickett
Q. Who compared Spenser to a mistress, whose faults we see, but love her with them all?
Ans. Alexander Pope

(Alexander Pope MCQ’s)
Q. Which line of Spenser did T.S Eliot use in The Waste Land?
Ans. “Sweet Thames, run swiftly till I end my song”

(T S Eliot MCQ’s)
Q. Spenser was successful enough to obtain a life pension of…………a year from the Queen?
Ans. £50
Q. Spenser’s first wife was?
Ans. Machabyas Childe
Q. Name the prose pamphlet of Spenser?

Ans. A View Of The Present State Of Ireland

Q. The alma mater of Spenser was?
Ans. Pembroke College, Cambridge
Q. Which royal dynasty does Edmund Spenser celebrate in his epic poem The Faerie Queene?
Ans. Tudor
Q. Which prose work did Spenser write for pacifying the oppressed and rebellious people?
Ans. A View Of The Present State Of Ireland
Q. Who wrote the poem Ruins Of Time?
Ans. Spenser
Q. Spenser was in sympathy with both Catholicism and Protestantism, he tried to reconcile these two in his greatest work…….?
Ans. The Faerie Queene
Q. Who wrote Amoretti, a work written in honor of love and beauty?
Ans. Spenser
Q. Amoretti by Spenser consists of?
Ans. 89 sonnets (written in the Petrarchan manner)
Q. Spenser married?
Ans. Elizabeth Boyle in 1594 (His second wife)

Q. Amoretti by Spenser describes beautifully the progress of Spenser’s love for?
Ans. Elizabeth Boyle
Q. Who may be called the poet of chivalry and medieval allegory?
Ans. Spenser

Q. Spenser was the greatest Elizabethan poet?
Ans. Non-dramatic
Q. As a metrist, the greatest contribution of Spenser to English poetry is?
Ans. Spenserian Stanza (the stanza used in The Faerie Queene, consisting of eight iambic pentameters and an alexandrine, with the rhyming scheme ababbcbcc)
Q. Who said it is Spenser’s idealism, his love of beauty, and his exquisite melody which have caused him to be known as the poets’ poet?
Ans. J. Long
Q. Who said about Spenser, no man was ever born with a greater genius, or had more knowledge to support it?
Ans. John Dryden

(John Dryden MCQ’s)
Q. Who wrote the poem The Tears Of The Muses?
Ans. Spenser
Q. Who said, “Spenser is the poets’ poet?”

Ans. Charles Lamb
Q. Spenser adopted………as the form of his epic?
Ans. Courtly romance
Q. Faerie Queene is written in the form of a/an………because on the surface it deals with the petty intrigues, corrupt dealings and clever manipulations of politicians in the court of Elizabeth; from a higher point of view, it brings before us the glory of the medieval times?
Ans. Allegory
Q. Spenser was born in?
Ans. 1552. He died in 1599
Q. The style of the Faerie Queene is deliberately?
Ans. Old-fashioned

Q. Spenser is the first great English master of what two devices?
Ans. Alliteration and onomatopoeia
Q. Spenser’s father John Spenser was?
Ans. A tailor

Q. Who wrote the poem Virgil’s Knat?
Ans. Spenser
Q. Spenser died at the age of?
Ans. 47
Q. Spenser’s beloved master was?
Ans. Chaucer
Q. Who wrote Mother Hubbard’s Tale?
Ans. Spenser
Q. In which work of Edmund Spenser the Ape and the Fox serve to satirize the customs of the court?
Ans. Mother Hubbard’s Tale
Q. Who wrote Astrophel?
Ans. Spenser
Q. Astrophel is?
Ans. An elegy (written on the death of Sidney)
Q. Who wrote Epithalamion?
Ans. Spenser

(Jonathan Swift MCQ’s)

Q. Epithalamion is a beautiful marriage……….?
Ans. Hymn
Q. Leigh Hunt said about Spenser, ” I think that if he had not been a great poet, he would have been a great……….?
Ans. Painter
Q. The first three books of Faerie Queene were published in?
Ans. 1590
Q. Spenser is in the front rank of English poets as the poet of beauty, ………?
Ans. Music and harmony
Q. Who wrote The Shepherd’s Calendar?
Ans. Spenser
Q. The Shepherd’s Calendar is a………. written in an artificial classical style?
Ans. Pastoral poem

Q. The Shepherd’s Calendar consists of?
Ans. 12 parts (each part devoted to a month of the year)
Q. In the Shepherd’s Calendar, Spenser gives expression to his unfruitful love for?
Ans. Rosalind
Q. Spenser had dedicated his work The Shepherd’s Calendar to?
Ans. Sidney
Q. The Shepherd’s Calendar was published in?
Ans. 1579

Q. How many eclogues are there in The Shepherd’s Calendar?
Ans. Twelve (eclogue is a short poem, especially a pastoral dialogue)
Q. Spenser published The Shepherd’s Calendar under the name of?
Ans. Immerit
Q. The most important of all eclogues in The Shepherd’s Calendar is?
Ans. The October eclogue

(Virginia Woolf MCQ’s)
Q. Who wrote the preface, the arguments, and a verbal commentary to Spenser’s Shepheardes Calendar, under the initials ‘E.K.’?
Ans. Edward Kirke (student of Spenser)
Q. Spenser dedicated Shepherd’s Calendar to?
Ans. Sidney
Q. In which eclogue of the Shepherd’s Calendar does Spenser praise Queen Elizabeth l?
Ans. April
Q. Between the publications of Shepherd’s Calendar and Complaints Containing Sundry Small Poems Of The World Vanitie is the period of?
Ans. Twelve years
Q. Why did Spenser give the title Astrophel to his elegy written on the death of Sidney? Ans. Because Sidney wrote a sonnet series under the name of Astrophel And Stella
Q. Which of the following poems by Keats uses the Spenserian Stanza?
Ans. The Fall Of St. Agnes
Q. What metaphor does Spenser employ to describe the relationship between the tale and its readers?
Ans. That of a ship filled with jolly mariners

Q. The rhyme scheme of a Spenserian sonnet is?
Ans. abab bcbc cdcd ee
Q. Mother Hubbard’s Tale is a skillful satire on contemporary politics in the form of?

Ans. A beast fable
Q. Colin Clout’s Come Home Again is about?
Ans. Sir Walter Releigh visit
Q. Spenser’s Colin Clout’s Come Home Again is a fine example of?
Ans. Pastoral eclogue
Q. Who said, “Spenser writ no language?”

Ans. Ben Jonson
(Ben Jonson MCQ’s)
Q. Spenser modeled Faerie Queene on?
Ans. Ariosto’s Orlando Furioso
Q. To whom did spenser write a letter explaining to him the plan and purpose of his Faerie Queene?
Ans. Sir Walter Raleigh

Q. Spenser’s Faerie Queene was planned to be completed in 12 books but he was able to complete only?
Ans. 6 books. (The seventh book is incomplete)
Q. Spenser’s primary purpose in writing Faerie Queene was?
Ans. To fashion a gentleman or noble person in virtuous and gentle discipline
Q. Who is the hero of Faerie Queene?
Ans. King Arthur

Q. Who represents Queen Elizabeth in Faerie Queene?
Ans. Gloriana
Q. How many Cantos are there in book 1 of the Faerie Queene?
Ans. 12

(Chaucer MCQ’s)
Q. In the dedicatory letter Spenser says that the real purpose of the Faerie Queene is to be found in?
Ans. Book Xll
Q. Two cantos from the seventh book of the Faerie Queene appeared posthumously. They are known as?
Ans. Mutability Cantos

Q. In Faerie Queene, what is Redcross’s reward for slaying the dragon?
Ans. Una’s hand in marriage and her parents’ kingdom
Q. Book 4, 5, and 6 of The Faerie Queene were published in?
Ans. 1596
Q. How many ethical values have been highlighted by Spenser in the Faerie Queene?

Ans. 12
Q. The Faerie Queene is the greatest poetic monument for its musical, …………. ?
Ans. Pictorial and intellectual delights
Q. Who asks the knight of Redcross to kill the dragon?
Ans. Gloriana (the greatest queen of the fairyland)
Q. Who is the enchanter in The Faerie Queene?
Ans. Archimago

Q. The lamb in Faerie Queene represents?
Ans. Innocence
Q. How many heads did the monster have in the Faerie Queene?
Ans. Seven

(the seven heads of this monster represent the seven catholic countries that were the strongholds of Papacy)
Q. In The Faerie Queene, Archimago represents?
Ans. The pope of Roman Catholics

Q. In The Faerie Queene, the books and pamphlets vomited by Error allude to?
Ans. The unfair pamphlets directed against Elizabeth by the Roman Catholics
Q. In the Faerie Queene, Duessa represents?
Ans. Mary, Queen of Scots
Q. In The Faerie Queene, the fight between the knight of the Redcross and Monster Error represents?
Ans. Conflict between Protestantism and catholicism
Q. In The Faerie Queene, lady Una represents?
Ans. Truth

(Anita Desai MCQ’s)
Q. To whom did Spenser dedicate his Faerie Queene?
Ans. To Queene Elizabeth

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