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Q. In how many volumes was ‘Emma’ first published?
Ans. Three
Q. Who is Emma in the novel Emma?
Ans. The younger daughter of Mr. Woodhouse
Q. How old is Emma?
Ans. Nearly 21 years old
Q. What is the name of Emma’s governess?

Ans. Miss Taylor
Q. What is the name of Emma’s elder sister?

Ans. Isabella. She has no brothers. She has one sister, Isabella
Q. Who wrote the novel Emma?
Ans. Jane Austen. It was published in 1815

(Jane Austen MCQ’s)
Q. What proved a great loss to Emma in the beginning of the novel?
Ans. The marriage of her governess Miss. Taylor
Q. Emma’s elder sister Isabella lived in?
Ans. London
Q. Who is George Knightley?
Ans. He is a relative of Emma. He is 37 or 38 years old. He lived at Donwell Abbey
Q. Emma lived at?
Ans. Hartfield

Q. Emma’s principal interest is in?
Ans. Match-making
(Pride and Prejudice MCQ’s)
Q. Who is the only character who could see faults in Emma?
Ans. Mr. Knightley

Q. Miss Taylor got married to?
Ans. Mr. Weston.
Q. What is the name of Mr. Weston’s son from his ex-wife?
Ans. Frank Churchill
Q. Emma made acquaintance with?
Ans. Harriet Smith who is an illegitimate daughter of somebody. She is 17 years old
Q. Emma wanted to detach Harriet Smith from Mr. Martin and marry her to?
Ans. Mr. Elton
Q. Who is not in favor of the intimacy between Emma and Harriet Smith?
Ans. Mr. Knightley
Q. Who painted the portrait of Harriet Smith?

Ans. It was painted by Emma and framed by Mr. Elton
Q. Why does Emma not like to marry Harriet Smith to Mr. Martin?
Ans. Because he is a farmer and Emma’s fault is her social snobbery
Q. Harriet Smith got a proposal of marriage from?
Ans. Mr. Martin. She refused the proposal because of Emma and Mr. Knightley did not approve of the decision

Q. The views of Emma are fanciful while those of Mr. Knightley are?
Ans. Realistic
Q. The meaning of Mr. Elton’s puzzle was?

Ans. Courtship
Q. The only similarity between Emma and Miss Bates was?
Ans. Both were not unmarried
Q. Who is Jane Fairfax?
Ans. The niece of Miss Bates

Q. Who is John Knightley?
Ans. The elder brother of George Knightley and the husband of Isabella
Q. Who had interest in Emma instead of Harriet Smith?
Ans. Mr. Elton
Q. Emma had often thought that if she had to marry, then who would be her husband?
Ans. Frank Churchill
Q. Who first proposed Emma?
Ans. Mr. Elton
Q. Emma charged Mr. Knightley of?
Ans. Illiberality
Q. Who is the most garrulous woman in the novel?
Ans. Miss Bates

Q. Why did Emma not like Jane Fairfax?
Ans. Because Jane Fairfax was a reserved girl
Q. After Emma’s refusal, Mr. Elton got engaged to a girl by the name of?
Ans. Miss Augusta
Q. Emma was jealous of Jane Fairfax while Mr. Knightley was jealous of?
Ans. Frank Churchill
Q. Who had sent the gift of a piano to Jane Fairfax?
Ans. We are not told although Emma suspects that Mr. Dixon had sent it
Q. Who suspected that Mr. Knightley was in love with Jane Fairfax?
Ans. Miss Taylor
Q. Did Emma admit that she was mistaken in thinking about the marriage of Harriet and Mr. Elton?
Ans. Yes

Q. Who rescued Harriet from a group of Gipsies?
Ans. Frank Churchill
Q. Emma then thought that she would marry Harriet to?
Ans. Frank Churchill
Q. When was Mr. Knightley very pleased with Emma?
Ans. When she visited Miss Bates
Q. A shock revelation in the novel is?
Ans. The secret engagement of Frank Churchill and Jane Fairfax

Q. Which two girls are in love with Mr. Knightley?
Ans. Emma and Harriet
Q. Who himself disclosed that he had been in love with Emma?
Ans. Mr. Knightley
Q. After his marriage to Emma, both Emma and Mr. Knightley along with Emma’s father lived at?
Ans. Hartfield
Q. Mr. Martin once again proposed Harriet which she?
Ans. Accepted
Q. Where did Mr. Elton and Mrs. Elton meet?

Ans. In Bath
Q. Why does Frank flirt with Emma?
Ans. He wants to conceal his preference for another
Q. Who provides for Jane Fairfax’s education?
Ans. Colonel Campbell

Q. How many engagements take place during the course of the novel?
Ans. 4
Q. Who owns the property where the Martin family lives?
Ans. Mr. Knightley
Q. Who first suspects that Frank and Jane Fairfax have a secret attachment?
Ans. Mr. Knightley

Q. The name of the man Mr. Woodhouse relies on for medical advice?
Ans. Mr. Perry
Q. How many proposals does Emma receive during the course of the novel?
Ans. 2
Q. Where is Emma’s mother?
Ans. She died long ago
Q. Who insults Miss. Bates?
Ans. Emma
Q. In what English village does Emma take place?
Ans. Highbury
Q. Which character serves as the novel’s model of honesty, kindness, and good sense?
Ans. Mr. Knightley
Q. Who resembles Emma in temperament?

Ans. Jane Fairfax
(Robinson Crusoe MCQ’s)
Q. What new character trait does Emma represent when she decides to marry Mr. Knightley?
Ans. Good judgment

Q. Throughout the novel, word games and riddles are used to symbolize?
Ans. Hidden social subtexts
Q. Jane Austen describes Emma as?

Ans. Rich, clever and handsome

Q. From what illness does Mr. Woodhouse suffer?
Ans. Hypochondria

(Jane Austen MCQ’s)
Q. Where was Harriet Smith educated?
Ans. Miss Goddard’s School
Q. What is Mr. Woodhouse’s preferred meal?

Ans. Gruel
Q. Harriet falls in love with which three men?

Ans. Mr. Knightley, Mr. Martin, Mr. Elton
Q. Who says, “Better be without sense than misapply it as you do?”
Ans. Mr. Knightley
Q. Why is Emma so upset when she discovers Harriet’s feelings for Mr. Knightly?

Ans. She realizes that she herself loves him
Q. What does Frank Churchill claim he is going into London to get?
Ans. A haircut

(Wuthering Heights MCQ’s)
Q. What does Frank Churchill claim he is going into London to get?
Ans. A haircut
Q. Why can’t Harriet go to the Christmas party?
Ans. She is ill

Q. What book does Harriet encourage Mr Martin to read?
Ans. The Romance of the Forest

Q. How does Mr. Knightley come to know he loves Emma?
Ans. His jealousy of Frank’s attentions to her, and her apparent regard for Frank
Q. How old was Emma when her mother died?
Ans. Around five
Q. How long was Miss Taylor at Hartfield?

Ans. For 16 years
Q. How many nieces and nephews does Emma have?
Ans. Five
Q. To whom did Austen dedicate the novel, and why?
Ans. The Prince Regent
Q. Where do Emma and Mr. Knightley go for their “honeymoon”?
Ans. To the sea

(Pride and Prejudice MCQ’s)
Q. Who is the oldest single woman in Austen’s novels to catch a husband?
Ans. Miss Taylor

(Jane Austen MCQ’s)
Q. What is Emma’s annual income?
Ans. 1500 pounds
Q. Who nearly drowns in the sea?
Ans. Jane Fairfax

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