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Here is English Contractions Part 01 for you!
(English Contractions Part 02)

📗d’ye = do you/did you
📗arencha = aren’t you/are not you
📗innit = is it not
📗whatcha = what are you
(e.g.whatcha doing?)
📗y’all = you all
📗a’ight = alright
📗ain’t = am not/is not/are not/has not/have 📗not/did not
📗amn’t = am not
📗aren’t = are not
📗’bout = about
📗can’t = cannot
📗’cause = because
📗’cept = except
📗cannot = can not
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📗could’ve = could have
📗couldn’t = could not
📗couldn’t’ve = could not have
📗dammit = damn it
📗daren’t = dare not/dared not
📗daresn’t = dare not
📗didn’t = did not
📗doesn’t = does not
📗don’t = do not
📗dunno = don’t know/do not know
📗e’en = even
📗e’er = ever
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📗’em = them
📗everybody’s = everybody is, everybody has
📗everyone’s = everyone is, everyone has
📗g’day = good day
📗gimme = give me
📗giv’n = given
📗gonna = going to
📗gon’t = go not (colloquial)
📗gotta = got to
📗hadn’t = had not
📗had’ve = had have
📗hasn’t = has not
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📗haven’t = have not
📗he’d = he had/he would
📗he’ll = he shall/he will
📗helluva = hell of a
📗he’s = he has/he is
📗here’s = here is
📗how’d = how did/how would
📗howdy = how do you do/how do you fare
📗how’ll = how will
📗how’re = how are, how were
📗how’s = how has/how is/how does
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📗I’d = I had/I would
📗I’d’ve = I would have
📗I’ll = I shall/I will
📗I’m = I am
📗Imma = I am about to
📗I’m’o = I am going to
📗Ion = I don’t/I do not
📗I’ve = I have
📗isn’t = is not
📗it’d = it would

📗it’ll = it shall/it will
📗it’s = it has/it is
📗Iunno = I don’t know
📗kinda = kind of
📗let’s = let us
📗ma’am = madam
📗mayn’t = may not
📗may’ve = may have
📗methinks = I think
📗mightn’t = might not

📗might’ve = might have
📗mustn’t = must not
📗mustn’t’ve = must not have
📗must’ve = must have
📗needn’t = need not
📗nal = and all
📗ne’er = never
📗o’clock = of the clock
📗o’er = over
📗ol’ = old

📗oughtn’t = ought not
📗shalln’t = shall not (archaic)
📗shan’t = shall not
📗she’d = she had/she would
📗she’ll = she shall/she will

➡️Ain’t is used colloquially by some speakers as a substitute for a number of contractions but is considered incorrect by others.
➡️Amn’t is primarily used in Scottish and Irish English.
➡️Aren’t is usually a contraction of “are not”; however, it can be used as a contraction of “am not” in questions
(e.g. “Aren’t I the greatest?”), though this is often considered colloquial.
➡️The contraction form “cannot” is generally preferred over the expanded form “can not”; however, the latter is sometimes used.
➡️Don’t can be used to mean “does not”; however, this is considered colloquial to most speakers.
(English Contractions Part 02)

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