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Here is Contractions Grammar Part 02 for you!
(English Contractions Part 01)

📗she’s = she has/she is
📗should’ve = should have
📗shouldn’t = should not
📗shouldn’t’ve = should not have
📗somebody’s = somebody has/somebody is
📗someone’s = someone has/someone is
📗somethings = something has/something is
📗so’re = so are (colloquial)
📗so’s = so is/so has
📗so’ve = so have
📗that’ll = that shall/that will
📗that’re = that are
📗that’s = that has/that is
📗that’d = that would/that had
📗there’d = there had/there would
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📗there’ll = there shall/there will
📗there’re = there are
📗there’s = there has/there is
📗these’re = these are
📗these’ve = these have
📗they’d = they had/they would
📗they’ll = they shall/they will
📗they’re = they are/they were
📗they’ve = they have
📗this’s = this has/this is
📗those’re = those are
📗those’ve = those have
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📗’thout = without
📗’til = until
📗’tis = it is
📗to’ve = to have
📗’twas = it was
📗’tween = between
📗’twere = it were
📗wanna = want to
📗wasn’t = was not
📗we’d = we had/we would/we did
📗we’d’ve = we would have
📗we’ll = we shall/we will
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📗we’re = we are
📗we’ve = we have
📗weren’t = were not
📗what’d = what did, what would
📗what’ll = what shall/what will
📗what’re = what are/what were
📗what’s = what has/what is /what does
📗what’ve = what have
📗when’s = when has/when is
📗where’d = where did, where would
📗where’ll = where shall/where will
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📗where’re = where are
📗where’s = where has/where is /where does
📗where’ve = where have
📗which’d = which had/which would
📗which’ll = which shall/which will
📗which’re = which are, which were
📗which’s = which has/which is
📗which’ve = which have
📗who’d = who would/who had/who did
📗who’d’ve = who would have

📗who’ll = who shall/who will
📗who’re = who are
📗who’s = who has/who is /who does
📗who’ve = who have
📗why’d = why did, why would
📗why’re = why are, why were
📗why’s = why has/why is/why does
📗willn’t = will not (archaic)
📗won’t = will not
📗wonnot = will not (archaic)

📗would’ve = would have
📗wouldn’t = would not
📗wouldn’t’ve = would not have
📗y’all’d’ve = you all would have
📗y’all’d’n’t’ve = you all would not have
📗y’all’re = you all are
📗y’all’ren’t = you all are not
📗y’at = you at
📗yes’m = yes ma’am/yes madam
📗yessir = yes sir

📗you’d = you had/you would
📗you’ll = you shall/you will
📗you’re = you are
📗you’ve = you have
(English Contractions Part 01)

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