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Here are all English Language Teaching MCQ’s for you!

Q. A very important reason for regarding English as a world language is that?
Ans. World’s knowledge is enshrined in English
Q. Who has made a distinction between English as a foreign language and English as a second language?
Ans. Albert H. Marckwardt
Q. Who did state that English is the means of communication between the East and the West Pakistan?
Ans. Ayub Khan
Q. English has been the language of the academics in the sub-continent since?
Ans. 19th century

(Linguistics MCQ’s Part 01)
Q. Which languages of the sub-continent were replaced by English with the British Conquest?
Ans. Arabic, Persian, Sanskrit

Q. The importance of English in the academic set-up is apparent from the fact that?
Ans. English is compulsory at the graduate level
Q. In learning a new language, what is chief problem after the mastery of sound system? Ans. Learning vocabulary
Q. The earliest method of learning a second language is?
Ans. Grammar Translation Method
Q. Which method insists on learning grammatical rules and translation and ignores the skills of speaking and reading?

Ans. Grammar Translation Method
Q. As a reaction against the Grammar Translation Method, which method came in vogue?
Ans. Direct Method
Q. The Direct Method recognizes that?
Ans. Language has its roots in the spoken language and lays stress on the oral approach

Q. Limitations of Direct Method are?
Ans. Neglect of the reading and writing skills. It ignores the study of Grammar
Q. Why are the Direct Method and Grammar Translation Method important in spite of their limitations?
Ans. Because of primacy of speech and habit formation
Q. Language is primarily a spoken thing and therefore our approach to a foreign language should be?
Ans. Its spoken form

Q. Since language arises from situation, tge teacher’s task is to create a situation from which?
Ans. Language will arise easily and naturally
Q. Structural Method stresses that we should know well how the?
Ans. Word order, the structural words and the word forms are employed to make sentences
Q. Procedure that may be followed in the Structural Method is?
Ans. Creating situations to teach the structure, individual drill or chorus work and reading from the substitution tables

Q. Language teaching is sometimes discussed in terms of a few related aspects, namely?
Ans. Method, Approach and Technique
Q. Different theories about the nature of language and how languages are learnt are called?
Ans. Approaches
Q. A particular trick or strategy used to accomplish an immediate objective is called?
Ans. Technique
Q. Grammar Translation Method is also called?
Ans. The Classical Method OR The Natural Method
Q. Classical Method was named Grammar Translation Method in?
Ans. 19th century
Q. Situational Language Teaching OR Oral Approach is a language method developed by British specialists between?
Ans. 1940 and 1960

Q. Direct Method got formulated in the later part of the?
Ans. 19th century
Q. Which method insisted that speech is primary, grammar can be learnt indirectly?

Ans. Direct Method
Q. In which method is the use of mother tongue not encouraged?
Ans. Direct Method
Q. Objectives of Direct Method are?
Ans. Fluency in speech, capacity to think in English, meaningful everyday language and grammar to be induced from practice
Q. Audio-visual approach is also used in?

Ans. Direct Method
Q. Teaching aids can be classified into?
Ans. Three main categories

Q. Tape recorders, radio and lingua phone are?
Ans. Audio aids
Q. Blackboard, pictures, maps, charts, flash cards, models, slides and film strips are?

Ans. Visual aids
Q. Motion pictures and television are?
Ans. Audio-visual aids
Q. Audio-visual aids are important because they?
Ans. Serve as motivators and they provide direct experience
Q. What are the two groups of grammarians called?
Ans. Prescriptive and descriptive grammarians
Q. Who are prescriptive grammarians?
Ans. They favor the use of strict rules in order to preserve the elegance of the language

Q. Who are descriptive grammarians?
Ans. They think that a grammarian’s job is not to set a limit or a condition to better use of words
Q. A structuralist stresses speech and thereby lays importance on?
Ans. Phonology
Q. Who said, “Words are like bottles that contain ideas as bottles contain medicines?” Ans. H. Dippie
Q. Those words which are actively used by us are known as?
Ans. Active vocabulary

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