Is free English Lecturer Preparation possible? Absolutely yes!

If you ever have felt worried about the lack of content for English Lectureship especially Summaries, A to Zee about Writers, and MCQ’s on English Literature, American Literature, Indian English Literature, Linguistics & Grammar, then it’s high time to throw your worries and start watching this ultra-special and serious website which will, hopefully, help you out in fulfilling your dreams!

Here, I upload posts that will be very fruitful for those who aspire to crack UGC, NET, JRF, NTA, SET, PGT, CBSE, CSIR  and TGT etc.
Besides, Pakistani brothers and sisters who tend to become lecturers in English by going through PPSC, BPSC, SPSC, KPPSC, FPSC, NTS and ETEA etc. are also mirthfully welcomed!

Self-praise is no recommendation, but my target is to upload 1000+ quality posts as early as possible. Tremendous progress has been made so far in achieving my target.
Best work and efforts always need laudation. Therefore, all of you are requested to keep sharing those posts of mine that are fruitful for English Lecturer Preparation. If you share, it’ll motivate me very much and, resultantly, I’ll keep adding new posts every single day.

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