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Here is English Literature MCQ’s Part 01 for you!

Q. Who wrote History Of Dramtic Literature?
Ans. A.W Ward
Q. Who wrote the poem Vanity Of Human Wishes?

Ans. Dr. Johnson
(Samuel Johnson MCQ’s)
Q. The character Wily Loman appears in?

Ans. Death Of A Salesman
(Death Of a Salesman MCQ’s)
Q. Who wrote, “And there I shut her wild eyes with kisses four?”

Ans. John Keats in his poem La Belle Dame Sans Merci
Q. Who wrote the play The Lady’s Not For Burning?

Ans. Christopher Fry
(John Keats MCQ’s)
Q. Which English author had an IQ of 190?

Ans. Mill
Q. What is the name of Matthew Arnold’s autobiography?

Ans. Truth About An Author
(Matthew Arnold MCQ’s)
Q. Who said, “I write plays with the deliberate purpose to convert the nation to my opinion?”

Ans. G.B Shaw
(G B Shaw MCQ’s)
Q. Who wrote War And Peace?

Ans. Leo Tolstoy
Q. What was the name of Ulysses’ son?

Ans. Telemachus

Q. The only prose work of Edmund Spenser?
Ans. View Of The State Of Ireland
Q. Don Adriano is a character in?

Ans. Shakespeare’s play Love’s Labour’s Lost
(Shakespeare MCQ’s)
Q. India was transferred to British Crown?

Ans. In 1858
(Edmund Spenser MCQ’s)
Q. Who is the central character in Marlowe’s The Jew Of Malta?

Ans. Barabas
(Christopher Marlowe MCQ’s)
Q. Marlowe died at the age of?

Ans. 29 years
Q. Who till today is known as dictator of English letters?

Ans. Dr. Johnson
(Samuel Johnson MCQ’s)
Q. By nature Tennyson was?

Ans. Shy and retiring
(Tennyson MCQ’s)
Q. Agricultural Depression took place in?

Ans. 1875
Q. Who wrote The Structure Of Novel?

Ans. Edwin Muir
Q. The character Mr. Knightly appears in?

Ans. The novel Emma by Jane Austen
(Jane Austen MCQ’s) (Emma MCQ’s)

Q. Who said, “Poetry is not a turning loose of emotion, but an escape from emotion?”
Ans. T.S Eliot
(T S Eliot MCQ’s)
Q. T.S Eliot’s The Waste Land concludes with?

Ans. A Sanskrit word
Q. Emily Bronte wrote only one novel which is?

Ans. Wuthering Heights
(Wuthering Heights MCQ’s)
Q. Who wrote the play Look Back In Anger?

Ans. John Osborne
(Look Back In Anger MCQ’s)
Q. When was John Osborne’s play Look Back In Anger performed?

Ans. 1956
Q. Byron’s Don Juan is a specimen of?

Ans. Epic Satire
(Lord Byron MCQ’s)
Q. Who wrote the play A Doll House?

Ans. Henrik Ibsen
Q. The action of Shakespeare’s play Coriolanus takes place in?

Ans. Rome
(Shakespeare MCQ’s)
Q. What was the name of Edmund Spenser’s girlfriend?

Ans. Rosalind
(Edmund Spenser MCQ’s)
Q. Where did Robert Browning stay after the death of his wife Elizabeth Browning?

Ans. Italy
(Robert Browning MCQ’s)

Q. The poetry of Alexander Pope is typified by its?
Ans. Formal outlook
(Alexander Pope MCQ’s)
Q. Waltetr Scott died in?

Ans. 1832
(Walter Scott MCQ’s)
Q. The line, “Sweet Helen, make me immortal with a kiss” appears in?

Ans. The play Dr. Faustus by Marlowe
(Doctor Faustus MCQ’s)
Q. Milton’s poetic style is regarded as?

Ans. Grand
Q. Who was the shortest poet? Ans. Alexander Pope

(Christopher Marlowe MCQ’s)(Alexander Pope MCQ’s)
Q. What is considered to be the most complete expression of human thoughts, feelings and emotions?

Ans. Drama
Q. Give an example of Anti-climax?

Ans.” As Caesar loved me I weep for him but as he was ambitious I slew him.”
Q. Why were earlier English odes written?

Ans. To eulogize a person or the art of music or poetry
Q. The novel Tom Jones was dedicated to?

Ans. George Lyttleton
(Henry Fielding MCQ’s)
Q. Who wrote the play Who’s Afraid Of Virginia Woolf?

Ans. Edward Albee
(Virginia Woolf MCQ’s)

Q. Who wrote an essay concerning human understanding?
Ans. John Locke
Q. Who said, learn hence for ancient rule a just esteem/to copy nature is to copy them?

Ans. Alexander Pope
(Alexander Pope MCQ’s)
Q. What message does Pope want to convey in learn hence for ancient rule a just esteem/to copy nature is to copy them?

Ans. Imitation of the ancients
Q. Who wrote Ars Poetica?

Ans. Horace
Q. The neoclassical ideal was found on?

Ans. Horace’s Ars Poetica
Q. The concern of neoclassical writers was?

Ans. Human nature
Q. Who said true wit is what often was thought but never so well expressed?

Ans. Alexander pope
Q. Who wrote poetics?

Ans. Aristotle
Q. What is poetics?

Ans. It is the classic discussion of greek tragedy
Q. Who is the father of English criticism?

Ans. Dryden
(John Dryden MCQ’s)

Q. Who are puritans?
Ans. People who follow very strict moral and religious rules
Q. Who wrote Hudibras?

Ans. Samuel Butler
Q. Samuel Butler’s Hudibras satirize?

Ans. Puritanism
Q. Who said stiff in opinion always in the wrong/was everything by starts and nothing long?

Ans. John Dryden
(John Dryden MCQ’s)
Q. The character Zimri appears in?

Ans. Dryden’s absalom and achitophel
Q. Who wrote The Medal?

Ans. Dryden
Q. What is The Medal?

Ans. A personal satire
Q. Dryden’s The Medal is aimed at?

Ans. Shaftesbury
Q. Who wrote for his wife’s grave, “Here lies my wife, here let her lie! Now she is at rest, and so am I?”

Ans. Dryden
Q. Application of high style to a trivial subject results in?

Ans. Mock epic OR Mock heroic
(Alexander Pope MCQ’s)

Q. Who wrote The Rape Of The Lock?
Ans. Alexander Pope
Q. What epic qualities are there in The Rape Of The Lock?

Ans. Supernatural machinery, a voyage on boardship, a heroic battle between the sexes
Q. The 18th century is known as?

Ans. The Age Of Prose And Reason
Q. Who said that 18th century is the age of prose and reason?

Ans. Matthew Arnold
(Matthew Arnold MCQ’s)
Q. In what words did Victor Hugo criticize the 18th century?

Ans. “The wife bolth out her husband, she shuts herself in Eden with Satan, Adam is left outside.”
Q. Why did Victor Hugo criticize the 18th century?

Ans. Because of low status of women, immorality and coffee house culture
Q. Did the neoclassical literature forsook the country for the town and the nature for the man?

Ans. Yes
Q. Who wrote The Elegy?
Ans. Gray
Q. What is common about Thomson’s The Seasons and Gray’s The Elegy?

Ans. They represent the pre-romantic note. They also have abundant description of nature
Q. Who wrote Rowley Poems?

Ans. Chatterton

Q. Who wrote Reliques Of Ancient English?
Ans. Bishop Percy
Q. The Romantic/pre-romantic poetry was influenced by?

Ans. Chatterton’s Rowley Poems and Bishop Percy’s Reliques Of Ancient English
(Lord Byron MCQ’s)
Q. Were the pre-romantics influenced by the Middle Ages?

Ans. Yes
Q. Who said, God made the country and man made the town?

Ans. William Cowper
Q. God made the country and man made the town is suggestive of?

Ans. Neoclassics’ preference for the human nature and the town life
Q. Who wrote, my love is like a red red rose?

Ans. Robert Burns
Q. What is meant by the churchyard school of poets?
Ans. The poetry that suffered from the Melancholic strain
Q. The Conduct Of The Allies is a famous work of?

Ans. Samuel Johns
Q. Where do we come across, “A lioness has whelped in the streets, and graves have yawned and yielded up the dead?”

Ans. In Shakespeare’s play Romeo And Juliet
(Shakespeare MCQ’s)
Q. Gordon Riots took place in?

Ans. 1780
(Romeo And Juliet MCQ’s)

Q. The name of monodrama by Tennyson is?
Ans. Maud (Tennyson MCQ’s)
Q. The abstract theory of utilitarianism is the theme of Dickens’ novel?

Ans. Hard Times
(Charles Dickens MCQ’s)
Q. The character of Thomas Hardy which is much like Oedipus and king Lear?

Ans. Henchard
(Thomas Hardy MCQ’s)
Q. Withdrawal from the world either to death or to an ideal world is the theme of?

Ans. Tennyson’s The Lotus Eaters
(Tennyson MCQ’s)
Q. Philip Wakem and Aunt Pullet are the characters of George Eliot’s novel?

Ans. The Mill On The Floss
(George Eliot MCQ’s)
Q. In Memoriam by Tennyson is?

Ans. A collection of elegies
(Tennyson MCQ’s)

Q. Meeting At Night by Browning is?
Ans. Dramatic lyric
(Robert Browning MCQ’s)
Q. A pioneer in psychological analysis in fiction is?

Ans. George Eliot
(George Eliot MCQ’s)
Q. Dickens gave a tragic picture of the French Revolution in his novel?

Ans. A Tale Of Two Cities
(A Tale of Two Cities MCQ’s)
Q. Love of political freedom inspired Browning to write?

Ans. The Prisoner Of Chillon
(Robert Browning MCQ’s)
Q. An aesthetic delight in art and streak of extreme sadistic cruelty can be observed in Browning’s poem?

Ans. My Last Duchess
Q. Who said 18th century is an age of prose and reason?

Ans. Matthew Arnold
(Matthew Arnold MCQ’s)
Q. Edward Fitzgerald’s The Rubaiyat Of Omar Khayyam inspired Browning to write?

Ans. Rabbi Ben Ezra
Q. Shakespeare uses soliloquy for?

Ans. Revelation of character
Q. The Battle Of The Nile took place in?

Ans. 1798
Q. Hyperion by Keats may be classified as?

Ans. An epic

Q. Who said that Dryden is the father of English criticism?
Ans. Dr. Johnson
(Samuel Johnson MCQ’s)
Q. What is puritanism?

Ans. The beliefs and practices of puritans
Q. G.B Shaw’s Principles of Criticism are similar to those of?

Ans. Karl Marx
(G B Shaw MCQ’s)

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