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Here is English Literature MCQ’s Part 02 for you!

Q. When did plague close theatres for two years in England?
Ans. 1592

(George Orwell MCQ’s)
Q. G.B Shaw’s plays are known for?

Ans. Both Social Criticism and Plays of Ideas
(G B Shaw MCQ’s)
Q. The ‘Prefaces’ of G.B Shaw to his own plays are?
Ans. Very popular

(James Joyce MCQ’s)
Q. ‘Rhymers Club’ of the late 19th century was?
Ans. A group of young poets who wrote on the prostitutes and music-hall dancers.
Q. What is Bildungsroman?
Ans. It is a German word which means Novel of Education. In such novels, the development of the mind of the protagonist could be noticed

(Rudyard Kipling MCQ’s)
Q. The Great Tradition is a book of literary criticism by?
Ans. F.R Leavis

(E M Forster MCQ’s)
Q. Whom did F.R Leavis name as the great English novelists in his book The Great Tradition?
Ans. Jane Austen, George Eliot, Henry James and Joseph Conrad
Q. James Joyce’s novel Ulysses is set in?

Ans. Dublin
(Joseph Conrad MCQ’s)
Q. What is Deixis?
Ans. In English we have a system of two deixis levels: one for objects close at hand (‘this, these’), and another for objects far from the speaker (‘that, those’). These words are called deictics or demonstratives
Q. Who said, “The 20th century is still the 19th, although it may in time acquired its own character?”
Ans. T.S Eliot

(T S Eliot MCQ’s)

Q. Who wrote the play Justice?
Ans. John Galsworthy

(Charles Lamb MCQ’s)
Q. John Galsworthy’s play Justice deals with?
Ans. The cruelty of solitary confinement

(William Hazlitt MCQ’s)
Q. The pen name of Charles Lamb was?
Ans. Elia

(The Victorian Age MCQ’s)
Q. Who wrote the novel The Picture Of Dorian Gray?
Ans. Oscar Wilde

(Oscar Wilde MCQ’s)
Q. What kind of novel is Oscar Wilde’s novel The Picture Of Dorian Gray?
Ans. Gothic and philosophical
Q. Ernest Hemingway wrote plays?
Ans. Yes, just one which is The Fifth Column
Q. Sir Winston Churchill was given Nobel Prize in literature?
Ans. In 1953

(John Galsworthy MCQ’s)
Q. Anthony Burgess’ novel 1985 was inspired by?
Ans. George Orwell’s novel 1984
Q. What is full name of Kim in Rudyard Kipling’s novel Kim?
Ans. Kimball O’ Hara

(Shakespeare MCQ’s)
Q. The title of Aldous Huxley’s novel Brave New World is borrowed from?
Ans. Shakespeare’s play The Tempest

(The Tempest MCQ’s)

Q. When were British forces defeated by Americans at Yorktown?
Ans. In 1781
Q. Who wrote, “When a poet’s mind is perfectly equipped of its work, it is constantly amalgamating human experience?”
Ans. T.S Eliot

(T S Eliot MCQ’s)
Q. Who wrote Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde?
Ans. R.L Stevenson. It is a parable of good and evil
Q. All of Christopher Marlowe’s plays are?

Ans. Tragedies
(Christopher Marlowe MCQ’s)
Q. Who wrote Holy Sonnets?
Ans. John Donne

(John Donne MCQ’s)
Q. Who wrote the novel Maurice?
Ans. E.M Forster
Q. Forster’s novel which deals with homosexuality?
Ans. Maurice
Q. Who wrote the poem An Essay On Man?

Ans. Alexander Pope
(Alexander Pope MCQ’s)
Q. Pope’s poem Essay On Criticism is written in?
Ans. Heroic Couplet
Q. Bacon used to write in?
Ans. Latin and English

Q. The character Mrs. Ramsay appears in?
Ans. To the Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf
(Virginia Woolf MCQ’s) (To the Lighthouse MCQ’s)
Q. Who became the Poet Laureate of England in 1850 after Wordsworth?
Ans. Tennyson

(Tennyson MCQ’s) (Wordsworth MCQ’s)
Q. Keats died of?
Ans. Tuberculosis

(John Keats MCQ’s) (Keats MCQ’s)
Q. Who was greatly influenced by Milton’s style and manner?
Ans. John Keats

(John Milton MCQ’s)
Q. The period of sixty years from 1830 to 1890 is known as?
Ans. The Victorian Age

(Robert Browning MCQ’s)
Q. Who was the ruler of Britain in the Age Of Pope?
Ans. Queen Anne

(Alexander Pope MCQ’s)
Q. Samuel Beckett was given Nobel Prize in?

Ans. 1969
Q. The greatest epic in the English language is?
Ans. Paradise Lost

(English Language Teaching MCQ’s)
Q. Essays in the third edition of Bacon’s Essays are?
Ans. 58
Q. The first novel of James Fenimore Coope was?
Ans. Precautions

Q. Pearl Buck was given Nobel Prize in?
Ans. 1938
Q. Who said, “Mr. Henry James writes fiction as if it is a painful duty?”
Ans. Oscar Wilde

(Oscar Wilde MCQ’s)
Q. The poem Tintern Abbey by Wordsworth was written in?
Ans. 1793

(Wordsworth MCQ’s) (Wordsworth Quiz)
Q. Fortinbras is a character in the play?
Ans. Hamlet

(Hamlet MCQ’s)
Q. Who wrote Preface To Shakespeare?
Ans. Dr. Johnson
(Samuel Johnson MCQ’s)
Q. The Tragic Flaw is also called?
Ans. Hamartia

(Shakespeare MCQ’s)
Q. The Winter’s Tale is Shakespeare’s?
Ans. Dramatic Romance

(The Winter’s Tale MCQ’s)
Q. Who is believed to be suffering from Oedipus Complex?
Ans. Oedipus

(Oedipus Rex MCQ’s)
Q. Who is associated with the Theatre Of The Absurd?
Ans. Samuel Beckett
Q. The novel which is called Hemingway’s Waste Land?
Ans. The Sun Also Rises

Q. Murder In The Cathedral is written by?
Ans. T.S Eliot
(T S Eliot MCQ’s)
Q. End Game is written by?
Ans. Samuel Beckett
Q. ‘Doubts, Disputes, Distraction’ is an example of?
Ans. Alliteration
Q. ‘Pleasant Pain’ is an example of?
Ans. Oxymoron

(Literary Terms MCQ’s)
Q. Who wrote the play The Rock?
Ans. T.S Eliot

(T S Eliot MCQ’s)
Q. First Labour Government took place in?

Ans. 1924
Q. My Fair Lady is a cinematic version of?

Ans. Pygmalion
(Pygmalion MCQ’s) (G B Shaw MCQ’s)
Q. Who usually caricatures his characters?

Ans. Dickens
(Charles Dickens MCQ’s)
Q. Who said, “The words of the dead man are modified in the guts of the living?”
Ans. W.H Auden
Q. Tradition And Individual Talent is a critical essay by?
Ans. T.S Eliot

(T S Eliot MCQ’s)

Q. Robert Bridges became Poet Laureate in?
Ans. 1913
Q. About whom has it been said, “He never takes liberties with historical facts, as Shakespeare does, but is accurate to the smallest details?”
Ans. Ben Jonson

(Ben Jonson MCQ’s) (Shakespeare MCQ’s)
Q. In which poem Tennyson expresses his sorrow for the death of Arthur Hollams?
Ans. Break, Break, Break

(Tennyson MCQ’s)
Q. The first novel by Charles Dickens was?

Ans. Pickwick Papers
(Charles Dickens MCQ’s)
Q. Who wrote the novel Middle March?
Ans. George Eliot

(George Eliot MCQ’s)
Q. Which book of Hardy is not pessimistic?

Ans. A Pair Of Blue Eyes
(Thomas Hardy MCQ’s)
Q. Sohrab And Rustam by Matthew Arnold is taken from?
Ans. Arabian Nights

(Matthew Arnold MCQ’s)
Q. The first story of George Eliot was?
Ans. Amos Barton. It was published in 1857
Q. Who wrote Looma Doona?
Ans. Blackmore

(Paradise Lost MCQ’s)
Q. In which poem by Tennyson we come across knights and heroes to fair ladies and manor houses?
Ans. Enoch Arden

Q. During whose reign were most of Tennyson’s poems published?
Ans. Queen Victoria

(Tennyson MCQ’s)
Q. World economic depression?
Ans. 1930
Q. Which poem by Matthew Arnold is an incursion into the field of Norse Mythology?

Ans. Balder Dead
(Matthew Arnold MCQ’s)
Q. Stalky & Co. by Rudyard Kipling is about?

Ans. His school experience in England
Q. Shelley’s poem which expresses the idea that church, state and society prevented man’s perfect happiness?
Ans. The Cenci

(Shelley MCQ’s)
Q. Why did Keats refuse Shelley’s invitation to be Shelley’s guest in Italy?
Ans. Because Keats did not agree with Shelley’s revolt

(John Keats MCQ’s)
Q. Who said, “What the imagination seizes as beauty must be truth?”
Ans. Keats

(Keats MCQ’s)
Q. Which English writer was banned in USSR in 1929 for Occultism & Spiritualism?
Ans. Arthur Conan Doyle
Q. Which letter of English Alphabet occurs least in writing?
Ans. Z
Q. Who was the first editor of Daily News which started in 1846?
Ans. Charles Dickens

(Charles Dickens MCQ’s)

Q. The king of Scotland who was murdered by Macbeth in Shakespeare’s play Macbeth?
Ans. Duncan
(Macbeth MCQ’s) (Shakespeare MCQ’s)
Q. The work Lyrical Ballads by Wordsworth and Coleridge was published in?

Ans. 1798
(Wordsworth MCQ’s) (Wordsworth Quiz)
Q. The line, “Life is a tale told by an idiot” can be found in?
Ans. Macbeth by Shakespeare
Q. Who said in Paradise Lost, “Better to reign in hell than serve in heaven?”
Ans. Satan

(Samuel Beckett MCQ’s)
Q. Who translated The Rubaiyats Of Omar Khayyam into English?
Ans. Scott Fitzgerald
Q. Who is the beloved of Hamlet in Shakespeare’s play Hamlet?
Ans. Ophelia

(Hamlet MCQ’s) (Shakespeare MCQ’s)
Q. Who called Emerson, “The only wayfaring man?”
Ans. Thomas Carlyle

(Thomas Carlyle MCQ’s)
Q. Milton’s Paradise Lost is written in?
Ans. Blank Verse

(John Milton MCQ’s)
Q. Which book contains much of the background material for Forster’s novel A Passage To India?

Ans. The Hill Of Devi
(A Passage To India MCQ’s)
Q. Why did Keats abandon his poem Hyperion?
Ans. Because it contained traces of an excessive influence of Milton

Q. Which Shakespearean play is regarded as the most delightful play?
Ans. Twelfth Night

(Othello MCQ’s)
Q. Characters Of Shakespeare’s Plays is a collection of lectures by?
Ans. William Hazlitt
Q. How old was Juliet, the heroine of Romeo And Juliet?
Ans. 14

(Romeo And Juliet MCQ’s)
Q. The source of Milton’s Paradise Lost chiefly lies in?
Ans. The Bible

(John Milton MCQ’s)
Q. Bacon’s Essays are regarded as compendiums of?
Ans. Worldly wisdom
Q. Who wrote the essay On Liberty?
Ans. J.S Mill
Q. During his student life at Cambridge, Tennyson won the Chancellor’s Medal for his poem?
Ans. Timbuctoo

(Tennyson MCQ’s)
Q. Dr. Johnson’s fame as a critic rests on?

Ans. His work Lives Of Poets
(Samuel Johnson MCQ’s)
Q. Who wrote the novel Jane Eyre?
Ans. Charlotte Bronte
Q. Whom does Jane Eyre finally marries in the novel Jane Eyre?
Ans. Rochester

Q. Dr Johnson’s fame as a critic rests on?
Ans. His work Lives Of Poets
Q. Alice In Wonderland is?
Ans. A Menippean Satire
Q. Who wrote Alice In Wonderland?
Ans. Lewis Carroll
Q. Who spoke in praise of Pope’s heroic couplets?
Ans. Tillotson

(Alexander Pope MCQ’s)
Q. How did Tilloston praise Pope’s heroic couplets?
Ans. Pope uses as if they were stanzas, self-contained
Q. Who wrote Joseph Andrews?
Ans. Henry Fielding

(Henry Fielding MCQ’s)
Q. Fielding’s Joseph Andrews is the parody of?
Ans. Pamela
Q. Who wrote Pamela?
Ans. Richardson

(Samuel Richardson MCQ’s)
Q. Who said, “Pope can fix in one couplet more sense than I could do in six?”

Ans. Jonathan Swift
(Alexander Pope MCQ’s) (Jonathan Swift MCQ’s)
Q. Who wrote The Hind And The Panther?

Ans. Dryden
(John Dryden MCQ’s)

Q. The parody of Dryden’s The Hind And The Panther is?
Ans. Story of The Country Mouse
Q. Who wrote Story Of The Country Mouse?

Ans. Mathew Prior
Q. Who said, “our admirable and indispensable 18th century?”
Ans. Mathew Arnold

(Matthew Arnold MCQ’s)
Q. The coffee house culture flourished in?
Ans. Early 18th century
Q. Who said, “Books were seldom judged in their merits, the praise or blame being generally awarded according to the political principles of their authors?”
Ans. John Dennis
Q. About which century John Dennis said, “Books were seldom judged in their merits, the praise or blame being generally awarded according to the political principles of their authors?”
Ans. 18th century
Q. Who wrote The Splendid Shelling?
Ans. John Phillips
Q. The Splendid Shelling is the parody of?

Ans. Milton’s Paradise Lost
(John Milton MCQ’s)
Q. What is a Caesura in poetry?
Ans. A pause indicated by a comma
Q. What kind of heroic couplets did Pope use?
Ans. Closed heroic couplets

(Alexander Pope MCQ’s)
Q. Why is closed heroic couplet unique?
Ans. The two lines act as a stanza, every line contains a Caesura and the first line is end-stopped.

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