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Q. Who said, “To judge of poets is only the faculty of poets; and not of all poets, but the best?”
Ans. Ben Jonson
(Ben Jonson MCQ’s)
Q. Which prominent modern novelist has written the critical work The Writings Of E.M Forster?

Ans. Rose Macaulay
(George Orwell MCQ’s)
Q. Adam Smith’s famous work The Wealth Of Nations was published in?

Ans. 1776
(John Galsworthy MCQ’s)
Q. The period 1607-1705 is known as?

Ans. Colonial period of American Literature
(Howards End MCQ’s)
Q. D.H Lawrence dealt with the psychological phenomenon known as Oedipus Complex in?

Ans. His novel Sons And Lovers
Q. Who wrote the critical English essay Shakespeare’s English Kings?

Ans. Walter Pater
(Shakespeare MCQ’s)
Q. The Glass Menagerie is a play by?

Ans. Tennessee Williams
Q. John Ruskin’s Unto This Last is a series of lectures on?

Ans. Political economy
(John Ruskin MCQ’s)
Q. Ape And Essence is a novel by?

Ans. Aldous Huxley
Q. The Grapes Of Wrath is a novel by?

Ans. John Steinbeck
(E M Forster MCQ’s)

Q. The two famous works on criticism by A.C Bradley are?
Ans. (a) Shakespearean Tragedy (b) Oxford Lectures On Poetry
Q. Shakespearean comedy mainly preoccupies itself with?

Ans. Falsity of romance
Q. Thomas Moore’s Utopia appeared in English translation in the year?
Ans. 1551
(Charles Lamb MCQ’s)
Q. Shylock, the jew, is a character in Shakespeare’s play?

Ans. The Merchant Of Venice
(Othello MCQ’s)
Q. Which play by G.B Shaw is centered round Napolean?

Ans. The Man Of Destiny
(G B Shaw MCQ’s)
Q. The first play by John Galsworthy is?

Ans. The Silver Box
Q. William Golding was given Nobel Prize in?

Ans. 1983
(Lord of the Flies MCQ’s)
Q. The first English tragedy was?

Ans. Gorboduc
Q. The longest work by Ruskin is?

Ans. Modern Painters
(John Ruskin MCQ’s)
Q. Who said, “My aunt dies of influenza, so they said?”

Ans. Eliza in G.B Shaw’s play Pygmalion
(Pygmalion MCQ’s)

Q. D.H Lawrence dealt with the psychological phenomenon known as Oedipus complex in?
Ans. His novel Sons And Lovers
Q. The first labor government in England was formed?

Ans. In 1924
Q. Who said, “an archeologist is the best husband any woman can have, the older she gets, the more interested he is in her?”

Ans. Agatha Christie
Q. The New Critics believe in?

Ans. The view of autonomy of literature
Q. A literary group known as The Bloomsbury group was founded by?

Ans. Virginia Woolf
(Virginia Woolf MCQ’s)
Q. Who coined the phrase affective fallacy?

Ans. Wimsatt and Beardsley
Q. What is Affective Fallacy?

Ans. The error of evaluating a poem by its emotional effects
(Literary Terms MCQ’s)
Q. Who wrote, “In a station of the Metro, the apparition of these faces in the crowd petals on a wet, black bough?”

Ans. Ezra Pound. This line is unique for its imagism
Q. The phrase, “Collective Unconsciousness” is associated with?
Ans. C.G Jung
Q. What is Idiolect?

Ans. An idiolect is a person’s specific or unique way of speaking. Every one of us has his or her own idiolect that differs from the way other people talk

Q. Who wrote a collection of short prose stories Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Dog?
Ans. Dylan Thomas
(D H Lawrence MCQ’s)
Q. Who wrote the poem Against Romanticism?

Ans. Kingsley Amis
Q. Who wrote the play Rosencrantz And Guildenstern Are Dead?

Ans. Tom Stoppard
Q. The pen name of George Orwell was?

Ans. Eric Blair
Q. ‘Big Brother’ is found in?

Ans. 1984 by George Orwell
Q. George Orwell’s novel 1984 appeared in?

Ans. 1949
Q. George Orwell’s Animal Farm is about?

Ans. The degeneration of Communist ideas
Q. Earnest Hemingway was given Nobel Prize in literature ?

Ans. In 1954
Q. Who is a classicist in literature, royalist in politics and anglo-catholic in religion?”

Ans. T.S Eliot
(T S Eliot MCQ’s)
Q. Who wrote the poem The Second Coming?

Ans. W.B Yeats
(W B Yeats MCQ’s)

Q. We come across, “Things fall apart, the centre cannot hold?”
Ans. In The Second Coming by W.B Yeats
(W B Yeats MCQ’s)
Q. Who wrote the essay Boswell’s Life Of Johnson?
Ans. Macaulay
(Samuel Johnson MCQ’s)
Q. Macaulay’s work Boswell’s Life of Johnson is about?

Ans. Johnson 
Q. Who wrote a poem in order to pay for his mother’s funeral?

Ans. Dr. Johnson
(Walter Pater MCQ’s)
Q. The poem that Johnson wrote in order to pay for his mother’s funeral?

Ans. Rasselas
(Samuel Johnson MCQ’s)
Q. Who wrote Joseph Andrews?

Ans. Henry Fielding
(Henry Fielding MCQ’s)
Q. Joseph Andrews starts with?

Ans. “It is a trite but true observation that examples work more forcibly on the mind than precepts.”
Q. Who wrote Tom Jones?

Ans. Henry Fielding
Q. Tom Jones is?

Ans. A comic novel
(William Golding MCQ’s)
Q. Fielding’s Tom Jones was dedicated to?

Ans. George Lyttleton

Q. Tom Jones concludes with?
Ans. “As there are not to be found a worthier man and woman, than this fond couple.”
(Henry Fielding MCQ’s)
Q. Who wrote Preface To A Dictionary Of The English Language?

Ans. Dr. Johnson
Q. Who wrote, “preserve the purity and ascertain the meaning of our English idiom?”

Ans. Dr. Johnson in his Preface To A Dictionary of English English Language
(Samuel Johnson MCQ’s)
Q. The Circulating Libraries were popular during?
Ans. The Eighteenth century
Q. What was common during the Eighteenth century?

Ans. Explosion of fiction by women
Q. What words about circulating libraries are there in Sheridan’s The Rivals?

Ans. A circulating library in a town is an evergreen tree of diabolical knowledge
Q. Who wrote Vindication Of the Rights Of Women?

Ans. Marry Wollstonecraft
Q. What kind of work is it?

Ans. Feminist
Q. In which novel do we come across these words, “It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife?”

Ans. Emma
(Emma MCQ’s)
Q. Who wrote Emma?

Ans. Jane Austen
(Jane Austen MCQ’s)

Q. Jane Austen’s subject matter for her novels was?
Ans. Human nature
Q. The drama All For Love was written by?

Ans. John Dryden
(John Dryden MCQ’s)
Q. All For Love was written in?

Ans. Blank Verse
Q. What is Blank Verse?

Ans. Poetry that does not rhyme but that has a regular rhythm
Q. Dryden based All For Love on?

Ans. Shakespeare’s Antony And Cleopatra
(Shakespeare MCQ’s)
Q. Who wrote King Lear? Ans. Shakespeare
Q. Who was the playwright that provided a happy ending to Shakespeare’s King Lear?

Ans. Nahum Tate
(The Tempest MCQ’s)
Q. Who wrote Gulliver’s Travels?
Ans. Jonathan Swift
(Gulliver’s Travels MCQ’s) (Jonathan Swift MCQ’s)
Q. What is the other name of Gulliver’s Travels?

Ans. Travels Into Several Remote Nations Of The World
Q. What did Jonathan Swift say to Alexander Pope?

Ans. I heartily hate and detest that animal called man

Q. In which novel of Swift do we find the theme, “I heartily hate and detest that animal called man?”
Ans. Gulliver’s Travels
(Alexander Pope MCQ’s)
Q. Who said that “Donne affects the metaphysics?”

Ans. Dryden
(John Dryden MCQ’s) (John Donne MCQ’s)
Q. In which of his literary works did Dryden say, Donne affects the metaphysics?”

Ans. Discourse Of Satire
Q. Who extended the term metaphysical from Donne to a school of poets?

Ans. Dr. Johnson
(Samuel Johnson MCQ’s)
Q. In which of his works did Dr. Johnson extend the use of the term metaphysical to a group of poetry?

Ans. Life Of Cowley
Q. Who wrote Absalom And Achitophel?

Ans. Dryden
Q. Dryden’s Absalom And Achitophel deals with?

Ans. The Popish plot
(John Dryden MCQ’s)
Q. Popish plot is about?

Ans. People’s plot to prevent Catholic James from succeeding Charles ll
Q. What did people want in Popish plot?

Ans. To make the Duke of Monmouth their king
Q. Who is called a papist?

Ans. A Roman catholic

Q. James ll ascended the throne in?
Ans. 1685
Q. Who is the current Poet Laureate of England?
Ans. Simon Armitage
Q. “Money is the tie of all ties it is tie which ties and unties all ties” is quotation from the essay?

Ans. Of Money by Bacon
Q. The poem The Triumph Of Life was written by?

Ans. Shelley
(Shelley MCQ’s)
Q. The Excursion was written by?

Ans. Wordsworth
(Wordsworth MCQ’s) (Wordsworth Quiz)
Q. The Ring And The Book is a poem by?

Ans. Browning
(Robert Browning MCQ’s)
Q. The Art For Art’s Sake theory was presented by?

Ans. Oscar Wilde
(Oscar Wilde MCQ’s)
Q. The Old Familiar Face was written by?

Ans. Charles Lamb
Q. Who said, “We are such stuff as dreams are made?”

Ans. Shakespeare
(Shakespeare MCQ’s) (King Lear MCQ’s)
Q. Songs Of Experience were published in?

Ans. 1789
(William Blake MCQ’s)

Q. Which novel of Hardy has Clym as the main male character?
Ans. Return Of The Native
Q. Which novel of Hardy presents EgdonHeath as the background of story?
Ans. Return Of The Native
(Thomas Hardy MCQ’s)
Q. Who wrote the novel Death In The Afternoon?

Ans. Hemingway
Q. Famous romantic poets were?

Ans. Six
(Lord Byron MCQ’s) (S T Coleridge MCQ’s)
Q. Mr. and Mrs. Bennett had?

Ans. Five daughters
(Wordsworth MCQ’s)
Q. Who is famous for representing London in his novels?

Ans. Thackeray
Q. Who was known aesthete?

Ans. Russell
Q. Who is the most illustrious representative of the doctrine of Utilitarianism?

Ans. J.S Mill
Q. The Recluse was written by?

Ans. Wordsworth
Q. Dorothy was the gifted sister of?

Ans. Wordsworth
(Wordsworth Quiz)

Q. The Frankenstein is a novel by?
Ans. Mrs. Shelley
Q. The other name of utopia is?
Ans. The kingdom of nowhere
Q. Whose plays are all tragedies?

Ans. Marlowe
(Christopher Marlowe MCQ’s)
Q. What did Ben Jonson say about Donne?

Ans. “Donne for not keeping of accent deserves hanging”
Q. How did king Charles l die?

Ans. He was hanged
(John Donne MCQ’s)
Q. Who headed the Puritan government that was formed after King Charles l?

Ans. Cromwell
(Ben Jonson MCQ’s)
Q. Who wrote Dance Of The Seven deadly Sinnis?

Ans. William Dunbar
(John Milton MCQ’s)
Q. What did T.S Eliot say about John Milton?

Ans. “He is admirable as virgil or Dante and in this respect he is unique among us. None else in English literature possesses the like distinction.”
(T S Eliot MCQ’s)
Q. Which plays starts with “if music be the food of love play on”?

Ans. Twelfth Night
(The Winter’s Tale MCQ’s)
Q. What did Arnold say in praise of chaucer?

Ans. “With him is born our real poetry.”
(Matthew Arnold MCQ’s)

Q. The number of Chaucer’s complete and incomplete stories is?
Ans. 20 and 4 respectively
(Chaucer MCQ’s)
Q. What is common about Chaucer’s two stories Tale of Melibens and The Parson’s Tale?

Ans. Both are written in prose
Q. Which story did Chaucer tell during the pilgrimage?

Ans. The Tale Of Melibens
Q. Some of Shakespeare’s verses about England?

Ans. The royal throne of kings; this sceptred isle/this earth of majesty/this seat of mars/ this other eden, demi paradise
(Macbeth MCQ’s)
Q. Faerie Queene is written by?

Ans. Spenser
(Edmund Spenser MCQ’s)
Q. The hero in Faerie Queene is?

Ans. Prince Arthur
Q. Who said that Spenser is the poet’s poet?

Ans. Charles Lamb
Q. Amoretti is a poem written by?

Ans. Spenser
(Chaucer MCQ’s)
Q. What does Spenser celebrate in Amoretti?

Ans. His love for his beloved
(Edmund Spenser MCQ’s)
Q. The Study of Poetry is a critical work by?

Ans. Matthew Arnold
(Matthew Arnold MCQ’s)
Q. What estimation parameter did Arnold use for Chaucer in The Study of Poetry?
Ans. Real estimation
(Prologue To The Canterbury Tales MCQ’s)

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