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Here is English Literature MCQ’s Part 11 for you!

Q. Who declined Nobel Prize?
Ans. Jean Paul Sartre in 1964
Q. Who said, “The tragic poet purifies the minds of his audience by the emotion of pity?”
Ans. Aristotle

(The Victorian Age MCQ’s)
Q. Who used the phrase “Rich Disorganization” for T.S Eliot’s The Waste Land?
Ans. F.R Leavis

(T S Eliot MCQ’s)
Q. The New Critics were in praise for?

Ans. The Metaphysical Poetry
(George Orwell MCQ’s)
Q. What is Lax?
Ans. It is a vowel that contrasts with a tenser (more constricted) version. Compare the tense vowel in beat and the lax vowel in bit.
Q. The morals, “The world is not the reasonable place we are led to believe” and “all power corrupts” are conveyed through?

Ans. Lord Of The Flies by William Golding
(Lord of The Flies MCQ’s)
Q. Who wrote the essay In Memory Of W.B Yeats?
Ans. W.H Auden

(W B Yeats MCQ’s)
Q. Who wrote the play Ulysses?
Ans. Stephen Philips

(Philip Sidney MCQ’s)
Q. What is Digre?
Ans. It is a funeral song, composed to commemorate the dead and sung in roman funeral procession
Q. The Rape Of The Lock is?
Ans. Mock-heroic, hero-comical and Mock-epic

Q. Who ruled England during the Georgian Age?
Ans. George V

(Charles Lamb MCQ’s)
Q. Who sells his wife in Hardy’s novel The Mayor Of Casterbridge?
Ans. Henchard

(Thomas Hardy MCQ’s)
Q. What is Case?
Ans. The property of a noun or pronoun that indicates how it relates to other parts of a sentence. The three cases in English are subjective, possessive, and objective
Q. Who wrote the novel A Room With A View?
Ans. E.M Forster

(Howards End MCQ’s)
Q. Forster’s novel A Room With A View is set in?
Ans. Italy
Q. The poet who belongs to Victorian Age, but is Modern in matters of technique?
Ans. Hopkins

(D H Lawrence MCQ’s)
Q. Great Plague took place in London?
Ans. 1665
Q. Who wrote the novel The Man Of Property?
Ans. John Galsworthy

(John Galsworthy MCQ’s)
Q. Who wrote the elegy Lycidas?
Ans. John Milton

(John Milton MCQ’s)
Q. Milton’s Paradise Lost consists of?
Ans. 12 books

Q. The Glorious Revolution took place in?
Ans. 1688
Q. R.L Stevenson is famous for?
Ans. Romantic novels

(William Golding MCQ’s)
Q. What did R.L Stevenson say about romance?
Ans. “The romance is more truthful than the realistic fiction”
Q. Who wrote Kim?
Ans. It is a novel by Rudyard Kipling. It covers the story of the political conflict between Russia and Britain in Central Asia.

(Rudyard Kipling MCQ’s)
Q. What is Phoneme?
Ans. the smallest unit of speech that makes one word different from another word. Example: “c” and “b” are different phonemes in the words “cat” and “bat.”
Q. The characters in the novels of Henry James are?
Ans. Intellectuals

(E M Forster MCQ’s)
Q. Can it be said that the theme in the work of Henry James is the collision of American Innocence and European experience?
Ans. Yes
Q. Which novel begins with, “Ours is essentially a tragic age?”
Ans. Lady Chatterley’s Lover by D.H Lawrence
Q. The pen name of George Eliot was?
Ans. Marry Ann Evans

(George Eliot MCQ’s)
Q. Who wrote Lord Jim?
Ans. Joseph Conrad

(Joseph Conrad MCQ’s)

Q. Who is the hero in Lord Jim?
Ans. Jim
Q. The technique which Joseph Conrad used in Lord Jim is known as?
Ans. Oblique narrative (Indirect narrative)
Q. The first American Nobel Prize winner in literature Sinclair Lewis was given Nobel Prize in?
Ans. 1930
Q. Who wrote Brave New World?
Ans. Aldous Huxley
Q. Huxley’s Brave new World is about?
Ans. The courageous emerging world
Q. Who wrote, A Grammarian’s Funeral?
Ans. It is a poem by Robert Browning. In it the speaker mourns for his master who was a grammarian
Q. What is Allegory?
Ans. It is a figure of speech. It is a story or picture with a hidden meaning. The chief devices that a writer of Allegory uses are personification and metaphor
Q. The English novelist Graham Greene died in?
Ans. Switzerland

(Paradise Lost MCQ’s)
Q. Who wrote the novel Our Man In Havana?

Ans. Graham Greene
Q. Graham Greene’s Our Man In Havana is?

Ans. A satire on Spy Novels

Q. Bernard Shaw was given Nobel Prize in literature?
Ans. In 1925
Q. Who wrote Lord Of The Flies?
Ans. William Golding
Q. William Golding’s preoccupation in many of his novels is with?
Ans. Instinctive desire of men to destroy the good
Q. Charles Dickens’ A Tale Of Two Cities is?

Ans. A historical novel
(A Tale of Two Cities MCQ’s)
Q. What is Ballad?
Ans. It is a simple story in verse. It generally deals with some patriotic or romantic theme
Q. Who wrote Animal Farm?
Ans. George Orwell
Q. What is the main theme of Animal Farm?

Ans. Leadership and Corruption
Q. Who called Henry James “The Victorian of fine consciousness?”
Ans. Joseph Conrad
Q. Union of England and Scotland took place in?
Ans. 1707
Q. Who wrote the poem, “If”?
Ans. Rudyard Kipling

Q. Who was William Faulkner?
Ans. An American novelist
Q. Who wrote the novel Absalom Absalom?

Ans. William Faulkner 
(William Hazlitt MCQ’s)
Q. TESOL stands for?
Ans. Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
Q. Who wrote Two Cheers For Democracy?

Ans. E.M Forster
(A Passage To India MCQ’s)
Q. What is Two Cheers For Democracy?
Ans. A collection of essays by E.M Forster
Q. Which novelist wholeheartedly embraced Darwin’s theory?
Ans. Samuel Butler
Q.  O’ Henry is the pen name of?
Ans. William Sidney Porter
Q. Who wrote the novel Time Must Have A Stop?
Ans. Aldous Huxley
Q. What did Huxley say about his novel Time Must Have A Stop?
Ans. “Fusing idea with story”
Q. Shelley wrote Prometheus Unbound, but who wrote Prometheus Bound?
Ans. Elizabeth Browning

Q. Who coined the phrase negative capability?
Ans. John Keats

(John Keats MCQ’s)
Q. Keats negative capability means?
Ans. When man is capable of being in uncertainties, mysteries, doubts without any irritable reaching after fact and reason
Q. Who wrote this line, beauty is truth and truth beauty?
Ans. John keats
Q. Who loved the principle of beauty?
Ans. John Keats
Q. Who said about Keats, “It is no small thing to have so loved the principle of beauty?” Ans. Mathew Arnold

(Matthew Arnold MCQ’s)
Q. Hellenism is the characteristic of whose poetry?
Ans. John Keats
Q. Because of Hellenism in Keats poetry, shelley called Keats?
Ans. A Greek
Q. Who compares Keats with Shakespeare?

Ans. Mathew Arnold
Q. What did Arnold say when he compared Keats with Shakespeare?
Ans. He is with Shakespeare

(Shakespeare MCQ’s)
Q. According to Arnold, in which aspect is Keats with Shakespeare?
Ans. In compressing vast images into precise expressions

Q. Who disliked keats poetry?
Ans. Shelley

(P B Shelley MCQ’s)
Q. What did Shelley say about Keats when he disliked Keats poetry?
Ans. Inspite of his transcendental genius, Keats never was, nor ever will be a popular poet
Q. Why Shelley disliked Keats poetry?
Ans. Because Keats poetry is devoid of the revolutionary spirit
Q. Who said my name is writ in water?
Ans. Keats
Q. Were the Romantics interested in non-rational experience?
Ans. Yes
Q. Were the writers of the 18th century interested in rational experience?
Ans. Yes
Q. Did the Romantics produce criticism on dramas?
Ans. Yes
Q. Who wrote. On the knocking at a gate in Macbeth?
Ans. Thomas De Quincey
Q. Thomas De Quincey was?
Ans. A romantic
Q. Who said, I have a smack of Hamlet myself, if I may say so?
Ans. Coleridge

Q. John Ruskin dealt with?
Ans. Architecture and the style and the society
Q. Charles Dickens’ A Tale Of Two Cities can be considered?
Ans. A historic novel
Q. Ruskin’s Sesame And Lilies is about?
Ans. Books and the importance of reading and education for women
Q. The character Maggie figures in?
Ans. The Mill On The Floss
Q. The accession of Queen Victoria was in?

Ans. 1837
Q. “Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive” Wordsworth writes about?
Ans. French Revolution
Q. Who says about Wordsworth, “I see in Wordsworth the natural man rising up against the spiritual man continually?”
Ans. William Blake

(William Blake MCQ’s)
Q. Who said about Wordsworth, “His poetry is the reality, his philosophy is the illusion?” Ans. Arnold
Q. Shelley was expelled from the University College, Oxford because of his work?
Ans. The Necessity Of Atheism
Q. Shelley died by?
Ans. Drowning himself

Q. The coffee house culture belongs to?
Ans. The early 18th century
Q. What kind of status did women enjoy in the 18th century?
Ans. Low status
Q. What does Robert Jordan call “sharks”?

Ans. Enemy planet
Q. “Books were seldom judged on their merits” about which period is John Dennis talking?
Ans. The 18th century
Q. The Heroic Couplet was first used by?

Ans. Chaucer
(Chaucer MCQ’s)
Q. Who wrote, “When a poet’s mind is perfectly equipped of its work, it is constantly amalgamating human experience?”
Ans. T.S Eliot

(T S Eliot MCQ’s)
Q. Why is Hopkin’s Sprung Rhythm called so?

Ans. Because it runs like a coach of the spring
Q. Who said, “The 20th century is still the 19th although it may in time acquired its own character?”
Ans. T.S Eliot
Q. Big Brother is found in?
Ans. The novel Nineteen Eighty Four
Q. “A thing of beauty is a joy forever” is a famous line from?
Ans. Endymion by Keats

Q. Who said, “Geography is about maps but biography is about chaps?”
Ans. E.C Bentlay
Q. Who made this observation, “An egg boiled very soft is not unwholesome?”
Ans. Jane Austen

Q. Who is the most translated author of the world?
Ans. Lenin
Q. Who said, “I awoke one morning and found myself famous?”
Ans. Byron

(Lord Byron MCQ’s)
Q. Whom does this line belong to, “Fortune favors the bold?”
Ans. Shakespeare
Q. Who wrote the lines, “We are all the hollow men/we are the stuffed men?”
Ans. T.S Eliot
Q. “Yet each man kills the thing he owns” is a famous line of?
Ans. Oscar Wilde

(Oscar Wilde MCQ’s)
Q. “Nature never did betray/The heart that loved her” are famous lines from?
Ans. Tintern Abbey
Q. The Seven Years War(1756-63) is the background of one of the Bertolt Brecht’s plays. Name the play?
Ans. Mother Courage
Q. “Poetry is more philosophical and of higher value than history” was said by?
Ans. Aristotle

Q. What is the name of G.K Chesterton’s detective?
Ans. Father Brown
Q. Which novel of Forster deals with homosexual theme?
Ans. Maurice
Q. Who wrote Rites Of Passage?
Ans. William Golding
Q. Who are known as Lake District Poets?

Ans. Wordsworth, Coleridge and Southey
Q. This line, “Season of mists and melow fruitfulness” is from?
Ans. Ode To Autumn by Keats
Q. Who is the heroine in Shakespeare’s The Tempest?
Ans. Miranda

(The Tempest MCQ’s)
Q. When was Sir Walter Scott’s novel Waverly published anonymously?
Ans. 1814

(Walter Scott MCQ’s)
Q. This line, “The old order changeth yielding place to new” is from?
Ans. The Passing Of Arthur by Tennyson

Q. Who wrote the book entitled The Mother?
Ans. Pearl S. Buck
Q. What do you understand by term Plagiarist?
Ans. One who passes on as one’s own what has been written by other

Q. “They also serve who stand and wait”, is opening line by?
Ans. Milton
Q. What is the name of Eppie’s mother in George Eliot’s novel Silas Marner?
Ans. Holly
Q. What was the nationality of Oscar Wilde?

Ans. Irish
Q. Who wrote Prince And The Pauper?
Ans. Mark Twain
Q. Who wrote, “The desire of the moth for the star of the night for the morrow?”
Ans. Shelley
Q. “Frailty thy name is woman” is from which Shakespearean play?
Ans. Hamlet

(Hamlet MCQ’s)
Q. Which Aristotle Poetics’ translation is considered classic?
Ans. Ingram Bywates
Q. Who wrote Agnes Grey?
Ans. Anne Bronte
Q. “That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet” is from?
Ans. Romeo And Juliet

(Romeo And Juliet MCQ’s)
Q. Family Reunion is a play by?
Ans. T.S Eliot

Q. Which drama begins with these words, “Good morning to the day and next my gold?” Ans. The Poetaster by Ben Jonson
Q. Who wrote The Book Of Job?
Ans. No one because it has been taken from Old Testament
Q. The theaters were opened in 1660, when were they closed lost?
Ans. 1642
Q. The Circulating Libraries were popular during?
Ans. The 18th century
Q. The Closed Heroic Couplet used by pope is unique because?
Ans. The two lines act as a stanza and every line contains a caesura
Q. Which Chaucer’s tale is in prose?
Ans. The Parson’s Tale

(Prologue To The Canterbury Tales MCQ’s)
Q. Don Juan written by Lord Byron is specimen of?
Ans. Epic satire
Q. The firstl Folio edition of Shakespeare’s plays was printed in?
Ans. 1623
Q. Look Back In Anger was performed in the year?
Ans. 1956

(Look Back In Anger MCQ’s)
Q. Who is the movement poet?
Ans. Philip Larkin

Q. Harriet Smith and Frank Churchill are characters in?
Ans. Jane Austen’s Emma

(Emma MCQ’s)
Q. Who said, “A thought to Donne was an experience. It modified his sensibility?”
Ans. T.S Eliot

Q. The Great Tradition was written by?
Ans. F.R Leavis
Q. Rape Of The Lock by Pope contains?
Ans. 5 Cantos

(Alexander Pope MCQ’s)
Q. Romeo And Juliet is based on the story by Italian author?
Ans. Bandello
Q. A Reed Shaken By The Wind is written by?

Ans. W.B Yeats
(W B Yeats MCQ’s)
Q. Literature always anticipates life. It does not copy it but moulds it to its purpose was said by?
Ans. Oscar Wilde
Q. Who said I awoke one morning and found myself famous?
Ans. Byron
Q. Who wrote under pseudonym of ‘y, y’?
Ans. Robert Lynd
Q. Who said get stewed, books are a load of crop?
Ans. Philip Larkin

Q. Who is the author of Toba Tek Singh?
Ans. Saadat Hassan Manto
Q. Who said the child is the father of man?

Ans. Wordsworth
Q. Which goddesses take sides in the Trojan War in Iliad?
Ans. Zeus, Hera, Athena, Aphiodite
Q. Who wrote The Rising Of The Moon?
Ans. Arnold Wesker
Q. Who is regarded as the Georgian Poet?
Ans. Hopkins
Q. Cry The Beloved Country is written by?

Ans. Alan Paton
Q. New Testament has?
Ans. 27 books
Q. John Ashbery was born in?
Ans. 1927
Q. Are the manuscripts of Shakespeare’s plays available?
Ans. No
Q. Shakespeare’s Sonnets are in which form?

Ans. Three quatrains and a couplet

Q. Who is the heroine in Shakespeare’s Tempest?
Ans. Miranda

(The Tempest MCQ’s)
Q. “France standing on the top of nature seeming born again.” These lines are from?

Ans. The Prelude
Q. Which play of G.B Shaw was proscribed because of its portrayal of sexual exploitation?
Ans. Mrs. Warren’s Profession

(G B Shaw MCQ’s)
Q. Shelley’s Queen Mab is about?
Ans. Religious persecution and domestic bondage
Q. Who wrote Abasalom, Abasalom?
Ans. William Faulkner
Q. The Quintessence Of Ibsenism was written by?
Ans. G.B Shaw
Q. What does Mathew Arnold’s Scholar Gypsy deal with?
Ans. It’s about the decay of youth and hope
Q. The prefaces of Shaw to his own plays are very popular?
Ans. Yes
Q. The novel No Name was written by?
Ans. Wilkie Collins
Q. Shakespeare’s Sonnets were printed by?

Ans. Thomas Thorpe

Q. The year 1776 was associated with?
Ans. American Independence
Q. Who is an 18th century author, essayist and a painter?
Ans. Hazlitt
Q. Who said, “Lamb was the most delightful, the most provoking and sensible of men?” Ans. Hazlitt
Q. Who introduced sonnet?
Ans. Thomas Wyatt
Q. The term Negative Capability is associated with?
Ans. Keats
Q. What is Everyman?
Ans. It is a morality play
Q. ‘Light breaks where no sun shines’ is written by?
Ans. Dylan Thomas
Q. Who wrote Daffodils?
Ans. Wordsworth

(Wordsworth Quiz)
Q. When was Jhonson’s dictionary published?
Ans. 1755

(Samuel Johnson MCQ’s)
Q. Orwell’s Animal Farm is about?
Ans. The degeneration of communist ideas

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