Formal and Functional Linguistics MCQ’s l Functional Linguistics MCQs

Here are all Formal and Functional Linguistics MCQ’s for you!

Formal Linguistics:

Q. Contemporary approaches to linguistics can be divided into?
Ans. Two primary types namely Formal Linguistics and Functional Linguistics
Q. What is Formal Linguistics?
Ans. Formal Linguistics adopts an overall focus on form
Q. What is functional Linguistics?
Ans. Functional Linguistics adopts an overall focus on function

Q. In 1957, neo-Bloomfieldian Structuralism suffered a major challenge with the publication of whose book?
Ans. Noam Chomsky’s book Syntactic Structures
Q. Chomsky was very influenced by recent developments in mathematical logic, hence he rejected the neo-Bloomfieldian obsession with discovery procedures?
Ans. True

(Linguistics MCQ’s Part 03)
Q. Chomsky considers grammar to be a?

Ans. A formal system

Q. Chomsky said that it is through grammar rules that?
Ans. Grammatical sentences of a language can be generated
Q. The tradition which Chomsky developed is called?
Ans. Generative Grammar
Q. Who is called the father of modern Linguistics?
Ans. Noam Chomsky

Q. Chomsky played a big role in the decline of?
Ans. Behaviorism
Q. Chomsky was born in?
Ans. 1928

Q. Chomsky adopted whose approach to the study of language?
Ans. The linguist Zellig S. Harris

Q. Functional Linguistics has its basis in the works of?
Ans. The Prague School and J. R Firth
Q. The most noteworthy functionalist was?

Ans. Michael Halliday
Q. What was the view of Michael Halliday?

Ans. Language developed because of the uses it was put to

Functional Linguistics:

Q. What other school emerged in opposition to Chomskian Linguistics?
Ans. Functional Grammar
Q. Who developed Functional Grammar?

Ans. Dutch linguist Simon Dik in the late 1960s
Q. Another School of Thought which arose in 1960s in USA was called?
Ans. West Coast Functional Grammar

Q. Why was it called West Coast Functional Grammar?
Ans. Because many of its practitioners were located on the West Coast Of America
Q. What is the idea and focus of West Coast Functional Grammar?
Ans. Grammatical categories arose to serve some function, they are not arbitrary

Q. Another tradition of functional grammar associated with Ronald Langacker was called?
Ans. Cognitive grammar

Q. What does Cognitive Grammar hypothesize?
Ans. It says that grammar, semantics and lexicon do not exist as separate processes
Q. The least functional of the functionalist schools is?
Ans. The Greenbergian Tradition
Q. What did Mr. Greenberg propose?
Ans. He proposed a set of linguistic universals based primarily on a set of 30 languages

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