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Q. Bacon was a hero to Robert Hooke and Robert Boyle, founders of the?
Ans. Royal Society
Q. Bacon’s general conception of essay was borrowed from?
Ans. Montaigne
Q. Who called Bacon’s style, “an index of the eminence of the modern world?”
Ans. L.C. Knights
Q. Although Bacon did not have much training in this category, his most remarkable works were in?
Ans. Science
Q. How did Bacon define essay?
Ans. “Receptacle for detached thoughts” and he also defined them as “dispersed meditations”
Q. Who was the greatest prose writer of the age of Milton?
Ans. Francis Bacon
Q. Who wrote the book Francis Bacon: The Major Works?
Ans. Brian Vickers
Q. Bacon had three goals: to uncover truth, to serve his country, and to serve his?
Ans. Church
Q. According to Bacon, “It were better to have no opinion of………at all than such an opinion as is unworthy of him?”
Ans. God
Q. Who wrote New Atlantis?
Ans. Francis Bacon

Q. Which work of Bacon was left incomplete due to his sudden death?
Ans. New Atlantis
Q. Francis Bacon was a……….Christian?
Ans. Protestant
Q. Who wrote Bacon’s biography?
Ans. William Rowley
Q. Being a Jurist, Bacon was influenced by legislators such as Cicero and?
Ans. Justinian
Q. Which work of Francis Bacon is another Utopia?
Ans. New Atlantis
Q. When was New Atlantis by Bacon published?
Ans. 1627
Q. Bacon wrote, “It is generally better to deal by speech than by………..?”
Ans. Letter
Q. Who has been called the father of empiricism?
Ans. Francis Bacon
Q. Francis Bacon became a member of parliament in?
Ans. 1584

(The Old Man and the Sea MCQs)
Q. Who called Bacon the first essayist, as he remains for sheer mass and weight of genius?
Ans. Hugh Walker

Q. Bacon’s Essays in first edition are………in number?
Ans. 10

Q. When was the first edition of Bacon’s Essays published?
Ans. 1597
Q. What is Francis Bacon most famous for?

Ans. Creating the scientific method
Q. Bacon’s scientific method is also called?

Ans. Baconian method OR Inductive method
Q. Who wrote of Bacon, “no man ever coughed or turned aside from him without a loss?”
Ans. Ben Jonson

(Ben Jonson MCQ’s)
Q. Who remained Lord Chancellor of England from 1617-1621?
Ans. Francis Bacon
Q. New Atlantis by Bacon is modelled on?

Ans. More’s Utopia
Q. Who wrote The Advancement of Learning?
Ans. Francis Bacon
Q. Where did Francis Bacon die?
Ans. London
Q. Where did Francis Bacon study law?
Ans. Gray’s Inn

Q. Which constituency did Bacon represent in parliament?
Ans. Taunton
Q. Bacon’s The Advancement of Learning appeared in?
Ans. 1605
Q. Who believed himself “Born for the service of mankind?”
Ans. Francis Bacon

Q. Counsels, Civil and Moral is the subtitle given to?
Ans. Bacon’s Essays
Q. How much fine Francis Bacon had to pay when he was found guilty of corruption?
Ans. £40,000
Q. Francis Bacon was born in?
Ans. 1561
Q. Francis Bacon was a/an……….philosopher?
Ans. English
Q. The first step in the scientific method by Francis Bacon is to?
Ans. Identify a problem
Q. Who wrote History of the Reign of King Henry Vll?
Ans. Francis Bacon
Q. Bacon’s History of the Reign of King Henry Vll?
Ans. 1622

Q. Who said, “English is a vulgar language and would remain so forever?”
Ans. Bacon
Q. Bacon died because?
Ans. He contracted pneumonia while doing experiments involving snow
Q. Bacon is one of the……..of Renaissance?

Ans. Champions
Q. According to Bacon, the chief use of study for delight is in?
Ans. Privateness and retiring
Q. According to Bacon, writing maketh an………man?
Ans. Exact

Q. Who said, “English would one day play the bankrupt with books?”
Ans. Francis Bacon
Q. Who wrote Novum Organum?
Ans. Francis Bacon
Q. Most notable work of Francis Bacon is?

Ans. Novum Organum
Q. Francis Bacon was knighted in?
Ans. 1603
Q. How does Bacon start his essay?
Ans. With a question

Q. Disadvantages of power according to Bacon are?
Ans. Four
Q. With whom Bacon may be fairly compared?
Ans. Emerson
Q. In which work does Francis Bacon say, “to divide with the reason between self-love and society?”
Ans. Wisdom for a Man’s Self
Q. The Advancement of Learning and Novum Organum are……….works by Bacon?
Ans. Philosophical
Q. Francis Bacon is also called as?
Ans. Lord  Verulam
Q. From which university did Bacon get educated?
Ans. University of Cambridge
Q. According to Bacon, who is delighted in solitude apart from God?
Ans. Wild beast

Q. Apart from Montaigne, who is widely accepted as the father of the modern essay?
Ans. Francis Bacon
Q. Who wrote, “In order for the light to shine so brightly, the darkness must be present?”

Ans. Francis Bacon
Q. Second edition of Bacon’s essays was published in?
Ans. 1612 (38 essays)

Q. Third edition of Bacon’s essays was published in?
Ans. 1625 (58 essays)
Q. Bacon entered parliament at the age of?

Ans. 23
Q. Who called Bacon the wisest, the brightest and the meanest of all mankind?
Ans. Alexander Pope

(Alexander Pope MCQ’s)
Q. Francis Bacon’s essays are based on?

Ans. Didactic approach
Q. Francis Bacon was a lawyer, a statesman, a politician, a poet, an orator, an essayist and a?
Ans. Jurist
Q. Bacon decoded rational messages from the myths and fables of antiquity in?
Ans. Novum Organum
Q. Which work of Bacon shows the influence of Plato’s Republic?
Ans. New Atlantis
Q. Francis Bacon was married to?
Ans. Alice Barnham
Q. Francis Bacon was inspired by Montaigne and?
Ans. Aristotle

Q. Francis Bacon was knighted after the accession of?
Ans. James I

Q. Bacon’s famous work The Advancement of Learning is dedicated to?
Ans. King James
Q. Who wrote the essay Of Death?
Ans. Francis Bacon
Q. Novum Organum by Bacon means?
Ans. New instrument/organ/tool
Q. Who was the lifelong enemy of Francis Bacon?
Ans. Sir Edward Coke
Q. Bacon courted a young widow. Who was she?
Ans. Elizabeth Hatton
Q. Francis Bacon married a 14-year old girl when he himself was 45. Who is this girl?

Ans. Alice Barnham
Q. Who wrote Apophthegms?
Ans. Francis Bacon
Q. A kind of jest-book by Bacon is?
Ans. Apophthegms
Q. The aphoristic style is associated with?

Ans. Francis Bacon
Q. Besides English, Bacon also wrote in?

Ans. Latin

Q. Who had the greatest influence on Bacon’s philosophy of life?
Ans. Machiavelli
Q. Who wrote lnstauratio Magna?
Ans. Francis Bacon

Q. The Latin works of Bacon were to be fashioned into a vast scheme, which he called?
Ans. lnstauratio Magna
Q. lnstauratio Magna was divided into?
Ans. 6 parts
Q. Who called his essays “dispersed meditations”?
Ans. Francis Bacon
Q. Who is known for the epigrammatic brevity in his essays?
Ans. Francis Bacon
Q. What kind of philosophy did Bacon embrace?
Ans. Utilitarianism
Q. Who wrote the essay Of Youth and Age?

Ans. Francis Bacon
Q. Bacon’s New Atlantis shows the influence of?
Ans. Plato’s Republic
Q. Who was instrumental in the execution of Earl of Essex?
Ans. Bacon

Q. Who perfected the essay form in English?
Ans. Francis Bacon
Q. No single English intellectual symbolises the idea of Renaissance man more than?
Ans. Bacon
Q. The Advancement of Learning is in…… books?
Ans. Two
Q. Who wrote the essay Of Revenge?
Ans. Francis Bacon

Q. Bacon wrote, “Revenge is a kind of…..?”
Ans. Wild justice
Q. Who has been seen by a few literary historians as the author of the plays attributed to Shakespeare?
Ans. Francis Bacon

(Shakespeare MCQ’s)
Q. Who has properly been hailed as the initiator of the modern scientific movement?
Ans. Francis Bacon
Q. Who wrote the essay Of Parents and Children?
Ans. Francis Bacon
Q. Who wrote about Bacon, “a man who, being intrusted with the highest gifts of Heaven, habitually abused them for the poorest purposes of earth?”
Ans. Hallam
Q. Bacon belongs both to the Elizabethan and……..?
Ans. Jacobian periods

Q. Who wrote De Sapientia Veterum?
Ans. Francis Bacon
Q. Who called Bacon, “Young Lord keeper?”

Ans. Queen Elizabeth called him when he was a boy
Q. Who wrote, “Hope is a good breakfast, but it is a bad supper?”
Ans. Francis Bacon
Q. Who wrote The Wisdom of the Ancients?

Ans. Francis Bacon
Q. Who is considered the father of the scientific method?
Ans. Francis Bacon
Q. Bacon’s public life ended after he was convicted for corruption?
Ans. True
Q. Who wrote Colors of Good and Evil?
Ans. Francis Bacon

Q. There is a conspiracy theory that Francis Bacon faked his death?
Ans. True
Q. Who said, “Knowledge is power?”
Ans. Bacon
Q. Bacon disinherited his wife after he learned of her affair?
Ans. True

Q. Who was the first scientist to receive knighthood?
Ans. Bacon
Q. Who wrote the essay Of Adversity?
Ans. Francis Bacon
Q. Who is considered one of the fathers of modern science?
Ans. Francis Bacon
Q. What according to Bacon would “eventually disclose and bring into sight all that is most hidden and secret in the universe?”
Ans. His scientific method
Q. Francis Bacon was the son of?
Ans. Sir Nicholas Bacon
Q. Who wrote the essay Of Unity?
Ans. Francis Bacon

Q. Which method did Bacon popularize for arriving at truth in Novum Organum?
Ans. Inductive Method
Q. Who said, “Latin would last as long as books last?”
Ans. Francis Bacon
Q. Who wrote the essay Of Simulation and Dissimulation?
Ans. Francis Bacon
Q. “He that hath wife and children hath given hostages to fortune” appears in?
Ans. Of Marriage and Single life by Bacon

Q. Francis Bacon became Attorney General in?
Ans. 1613
Q. Who wrote the essay Of Great Place?
Ans. Bacon
Q. “Men in great place are thrice servants; servants of the sovereign or state, servants of fame, and servants of business.” This sentence has been taken from?
Ans. The essay Of Great Place by Bacon
Q. Francis Bacon died in?
Ans. 1626

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