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Q. English dramatist and scholar Bernard Shaw was born in?
Ans. 1856. He died in 1950
Q. Bernard Shaw was born in?
Ans. Dublin

(Pygmalion MCQ’s)
Q. Bernard Shaw started to write dramas under the influence of?
Ans. Ibsen
Q. Quintessence Of Ibsenism is written by?

Ans. George Bernard Shaw
Q. The most underrated comedy of Bernard Shaw is?

Ans. You Never Can Tell
Q. In the history of English drama, Bernard Shaw’s position is next to?
Ans. Shakespeare

(Shakespeare MCQ’s)
Q. G B Shaw built his own theater, the theater of?

Ans. Ideas
Q. Who is considered the founder of the drama of ideas?
Ans. G B Shaw
Q. Bernard Shaw’s forefathers were?
Ans. Small landowners
Q. Bernard Shaw’s father’s family were small landowners in Ireland since?
Ans. 17th century

Q. Bernard Shaw’s play Man And Superman proved tremendous success especially in?
Ans. New York
Q. Bernard Shaw’s last unfinished play was given to?

Ans. The British Museum
Q. George Bernard Shaw won the Nobel Prize for literature in?

Ans. 1925
Q. Bernard Shaw dominated the English literature for?
Ans. Over sixty years
Q. G.B. Shaw’s father was employed at?
Ans. Law court
Q. G.B. Shaw’s father later became?
Ans. Grain merchant
Q. Bernard Shaw’s mother was young than his father by?

Ans. 20 years
Q. Bernard Shaw’s mother was?

Ans. Opera singer
Q. As a boy Bernard Shaw frequented to?

Ans. Irish National Gallery
Q. Through the source of opera, Bernard Shaw introduced himself to great?
Ans. Writers

(Robert Frost MCQ’s)

Q. Bernard Shaw’s family background with respect to religion was?
Ans. Protestant
Q. George Bernard Shaw’s first novel was?
Ans. Immaturity
Q. Bernard Shaw’s first novel immaturity deals with the problem of?
Ans. Marriage
Q. Bernard Shaw was?
Ans. An atheist
Q. G.B. Shaw had?
Ans. Two sisters
Q. Bernard Shaw Shaw worked as a?
Ans. Clerk then cashier

Q. In ten years upto the age of 29, Bernard Shaw earned by means of his journalism only?
Ans. Six pounds
Q. Between the period of 1879 to 1882 George Bernard Shaw wrote?
Ans. Four novels
Q. Bernard Shaw second novel was?
Ans. The Irrational Knot
Q. G.B. Shaw’s first published book was?
Ans. Cashel Byron’s Profession

Q. G.B. Shaw went to a meeting addressed by Henry George in?
Ans. 1882
Q. What, according to Bernard Shaw, changed the current of his life?
Ans. Henry George’s speech

Q. After change in the current of George Bernard Shaw’s life, he studied?
Ans. Socialism
Q. G.B. Shaw read Marx’s?
Ans. Das Kapital
Q. The name of the socialist journal which accepted Cashel Byron’s Profession was?

Ans. Today
Q. Bernard Shaw was elected to the executive of Fabian Society in?
Ans. 1885
Q. George Bernard Shaw had an outstanding aptitude for?

Ans. Debate
Q. His aptitude for debate earned for G.B. Shaw the position of a?
Ans. Public speaker

Q. Which is decidedly Bernard Shaw’s best novel?
Ans. Cashel Byron’s Profession
Q. Who wrote Pygmalion?
Ans. Bernard Shaw

Q. George Bernard Shaw wrote his last complete play at the age of?
Ans. 91
Q. The last complete play of Bernard Shaw was?
Ans. Buoyant Billions
Q. Bernard Shaw got married at the age of?
Ans. 42…in 1898
Q. Which play of G.B. Shaw was banned?
Ans. Mrs. Warren’s Profession
Q. Bernard Shaw’s play Major Barbara is about?
Ans. Money
Q. Bernard Shaw was?
Ans. Anti-romantic
Q. What is the subtitle given to Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw?
Ans. A Romance
Q. Who wrote the play Getting Married?
Ans. G.B. Shaw
Q. Which plays were G.B. Shaw’s first stage successes?
Ans. Arms And The Man and Candida
Q. Who wrote The Apple Cart?
Ans. Bernard Shaw

Q. Pygmalion was the legendary king of?
Ans. Cyprus
Q. Pygmalion is a problem play and?
Ans. Play of ideas
Q. The subject of Bernard Shaw Shaw’s Arms And The Man is?
Ans. Romantic conception of the soldier
Q. George Bernard Shaw was?
Ans. A vegetarian
Q. Who said, “Shaw has been for modern Britain what Socrates was for ancient Greece?”
Ans. A.C Ward
Q. G.B. Shaw’s play Mrs. Warren’s Profession deals with?
Ans. Prostitution

Q. Bernard Shaw’s play John Bull’s Other Island deals with?
Ans. Irish problems
Q. In whose writing George Bernard Shaw saw an escape from the Darwinian theory?
Ans. Samuel Butler
Q. G.B. Shaw published the first collection of plays in?
Ans. 1898. It was in two volumes
Q. Doctor’s Dilemma was written by?
Ans. Bernard Shaw

Q. George Bernard Shaw got Oscar Award in?
Ans. 1938
Q. G.B. Shaw married?
Ans. Charlotte Payne-Townshend
Q. Bernard Shaw died at the age of?
Ans. 94

Q. George Shaw wrote how many novels in total?
Ans. Five
Q. Bernard Shaw’s first financial success as a playwright came with his eighth play?
Ans. The Devil’s Disciple
Q. George Bernard Shaw’s The Devil’s Disciple is about the attempted hanging of a rebel during?
Ans. The American War of Independence
Q. Bernard Shaw bequeathed a large sum of money in his will for?
Ans. Creating and promoting a new alphabet
Q. Pygmalion was published in?
Ans. 1912

Q. The novel An Unsocial Socialist was written by?
Ans. Bernard Shaw
Q. George Bernard Shaw’s work Love Among The Artists is?

Ans. A novel

Q. The Black Girl In Search Of God is a short story by?
Ans. Bernard Shaw
Q. Who wrote The philanderer?
Ans. G.B. Shaw
Q. Misalliance is written by?
Ans. Bernard Shaw
Q. Who wrote Caesar And Cleopatra?
Ans. George Bernard Shaw
Q. Who wrote Heartbreak house?
Ans. Bernard Shaw

Q. G.B. Shaw’s The Devil’s Disciple is?
Ans. A melodrama
Q. In Man Of Destiny, Bernard Shaw presented the satirical portrait of?
Ans. Young Napoleon
Q. George Bernard Shaw wrote prefaces to his plays in order to justify his determination to accept……….. as the normal material of the drama?

Ans. Problems
Q. G.B. Shaw’s plays are of………….. , debate and discussion rather than dramas of character, action and passion?

Ans. Ideas
Q. Pygmalion reveals George Bernard Shaw’s constant fascination with?
Ans. Language

Q. Bernard Shaw’s play Man And Superman explores the idea of a?
Ans. Life force

Q. G.B. Shaw’s play Candida deals with?
Ans. Female equality
Q. Bernard Shaw’s Widowers’ Houses deals with a slum landlord’s………… of the poor?
Ans. Exploitation
Q. The chief Shavian quality is to make people………….. by compelling them to laugh?

Ans. Think
(Chaucer MCQ’s)
Q. Who asked Bernard Shaw to write dialogue for the adaptation of French play?
Ans. Henry George
Q. George Bernard Shaw’s first collection of plays is entitled?

Ans. Plays Pleasant And Unpleasant
Q. The main purpose of Bernard Shaw’s first volume was to shake people out of their?
Ans. Political complacencies and beliefs
Q. G.B. Shaw’s most successful play was?
Ans. Pygmalion

(Pygmalion MCQ’s)

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