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Q. George Eliot was born in?
Ans. 1819. She died in 1880
Q. George Eliot was born in?
Ans. WarwickShire

(The Victorian Age MCQ’s)
Q. The Napoleonic Wars ended?
Ans. Four years before the birth of George Eliot
Q. George Eliot’s favorite author was?
Ans. Sir Walter Scott

(Walter Scott MCQ’s) (Walter Scott Quiz)
Q. Who wrote the novel Silas Marner?
Ans. George Eliot
Q. How many copies of George Eliot’s novel Silas Marner were sold at once?
Ans. 3300
Q. In the novel…………, villagers needed Silas’ skills but they kept their distance from him? Ans. Silas Marner
Q. Who steals gold in Silas Marner?
Ans. Dunstan
Q. What was Silas Marner’s profession?
Ans. Weaver
Q. George Eliot had also remained the assistant editor of?
Ans. The Westminster Review

Q. George Eliot believed that a work of art must have an?
Ans. Ethical influence
Q. George Eliot could talk in?
Ans. Five languages

Q. Who said, “George Eliot is unmistakably a painter of bourgeois life as Thackeray was a painter of life of drawing rooms?”
Ans. Henry James
Q. George Eliot’s novels are largely set in?

Ans. Midlands, the area of her childhood
Q. How many years did George Eliot spend in Midlands ?
Ans. 30 years
Q. The name of George Eliot’s father was?

Ans. Robert Evans
Q. George Eliot’s rural upbringing inspired?

Ans. Her later novels
Q. George Eliot also worked as a?

Ans. Translator
Q. Thackeray and Dickens were?

Ans. The contemporaries of George Eliot
Q. The real name of George Eliot was?
Ans. Mary Anne Evans

(Charles Dickens MCQ’s)

Q. Why did Mary Anne Evans write under the name George Eliot?
Ans. At that time writing was considered a male profession
Q. Who suspected that George Eliot was a woman working under a male pseudonym? Ans. Charles Dickens
Q. Who placed George Eliot among the greatest Western writers of all time?
Ans. Harold Bloom
Q. Queen Victoria and George Eliot were born in?
Ans. The same year, 1819
Q. George Eliot’s personal life was?
Ans. Scandalous

Q. George Eliot’s famous novels are?
Ans. 7
Q. George Eliot wasn’t a fan of most women writers of her day?
Ans. True
Q. George Eliot was not?
Ans. Pretty
Q. George Eliot invented the word?
Ans. Pop
Q. Who admired George Eliot’s writing?
Ans. Virginia Woolf

(Virginia Woolf MCQ’s)

Q. George Eliot was also a?
Ans. Poet
Q. The characters of…………. tend to be ordinary, unheroic people?
Ans. George Eliot
Q. Which magazine did George Eliot edit for two years?
Ans. The Westminster Review
Q. George Eliot met Herbert Spenser in?
Ans. 1851
Q. Herbert Spenser introduced George Eliot to?
Ans. Henry Lewes
Q. With whom George Eliot lived in an unmarried union as a partner till 1878?
Ans. G.H Lewes
Q. Who wrote Amos Barton?
Ans. George Eliot
Q. Who wrote The Lifted Veil?
Ans. George Eliot

Q. Stauss’ Life Of Jesus was translated by?
Ans. George Eliot
Q. How much money did George Eliot receive for translation of Stauss’ Life Of Jesus?
Ans. £20

Q. Who wrote the novel The Mill On The Floss?
Ans. George Eliot
Q. The heroine of George Eliot’s novel The Mill On The Floss is?
Ans. Maggie Tulliver
Q. George Eliot’s first novel was?
Ans. Scenes Of Clerical Life
Q. George Eliot’s Scenes Of Clerical Life is a collection of?
Ans. Three stories
Q. George Eliot was sent to a boarding school in?
Ans. 1824
Q. Who wrote Mr. Gilfil’s Love Story?
Ans. George Eliot
Q. Who wrote Janet’s Repentance?
Ans. George Eliot
Q. George Eliot married J.W Cross in?
Ans. 1880
Q. George Eliot’s second husband J.W Cross was?
Ans. 20 years junior to her
Q. George Eliot’s second marriage lasted for?

Ans. Seven months

Q. Who wrote Romola?
Ans. George Eliot
Q. George Eliot’s Romola is a?
Ans. Historical novel
Q. For her novel Romola George Eliot received the then-record payment for a novel of?
Ans. £10,000
Q. George Eliot lost faith in Christianity in and became a silent agnostic in?
Ans. 1842
Q. Who wrote Brother Jacob?
Ans. George Eliot
Q. Who wrote Middle March?
Ans. George Eliot. It was published in 1872

Q. Middlemarch has been described as “the greatest novel in the English language”?
Ans. True
Q. George Eliot was hailed as the ‘Victorian Sage’ after the publication of?
Ans. Middle March
Q. Middle March was published in?
Ans. 8 parts
Q. How many copies of Middle March were sold at once?
Ans. 25 thousand

Q. George Eliot’s Middle March interweaves the biographies of some?
Ans. 51 people
Q. Which novel of George Eliot is considered her greatest?
Ans. Middle March

Q. Who is the protagonist of Middle March?
Ans. Dorothy Brooke
Q. Middle March was a…………. in the Midlands in 1832, at the time of the first Reform Act?
Ans. Town
Q. Where is George Eliot buried?
Ans. Highgate Cemetery
Q. Who introduced George Eliot to new religious and political ideas?
Ans. Charles Bray
Q. In the works of George Eliot, the English novel reached new depths of social and philosophical concern and?
Ans. Moral commitment
Q. All of her full scale characters are drawn from her?
Ans. Family circle, close friends and acquaintances
Q. The novels of George Eliot can be divided into?
Ans. Two groups
Q. Who wrote the essay Silly Novels By Lady Novelists?
Ans. George Eliot

Q. Who wrote Daniel Deronda?
Ans. George Eliot
Q. Which was George Eliot’s last novel?
Ans. Daniel Deronda. It was published in 1876
Q. George Eliot’s novel Daniel Deronda was published in?
Ans. Eight Monthly Installments
Q. The fight for a Jewish nation is the keynote of George Eliot’s novel……….. ?

Ans. Daniel Deronda
Q. George Eliot went to Spain in?
Ans. 1867
Q. Who wrote The Spanish Gypsy?
Ans. George Eliot

(English Literature MCQ’s Part 03)
Q. Who wrote Felix Holt, The Radical?
Ans. George Eliot
Q. George Eliot’s Felix Holt is a radical of the days of?
Ans. 1832
Q. George Eliot was a?
Ans. Victorian novelist
Q. The novel Adam Bede by George Eliot was published in?
Ans. 1859

Q. The character of Dinah in Adam Bede represents?
Ans. George Eliot’s aunt
Q. Who is the hero of George Eliot’s novel Adam Bede?

Ans. Adam Bede
Q. The action in George Eliot’s Adam Bede took place in?
Ans. 1799
Q. George Eliot’s Adam Bede was her?
Ans. Second novel
Q. In her novel Adam Bede, Adam Bede is the portrayal of?
Ans. Methodists
Q. George Eliot took over charge of her father’s household in?
Ans. 1837

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