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This article talks about how to conduct an online test using “Google Forms” and how “Form Presenter” helps users in this process to conduct an online test efficiently.
Google Forms is a tool that helps in collecting information from users through a personalized survey or exam. Google Forms is a free tool from Google that allows you to do the following:

➡️Create forms, surveys, quizzes etc.
➡️Share the forms with others
➡️Allow others to complete the forms online
➡️Collect all the responses in a spreadsheet
➡️Provide you with helpful summaries of the collected data with charts and graphs
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📗How to conduct online test using Google Form?

Conducting an online exam is very simple. You can follow the following steps to conduct an online exam.
➡️Open Google Forms.
➡️Create the required sections such as name, email etc.
➡️Create the test with the questions needed.
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📗If the test needs to be made as quiz:

➡️At the top right corner of the form, click Settings
➡️Click Quizzes and switch on Make this a quiz.
➡️Mention the required questions and the corresponding answer key.
➡️Click Save.
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Once the form is created you can share the published form link so that audience can submit the form and their responses will be saved.
Google Forms has some pitfalls with remote teaching. These pitfalls can be rectified by adding features like setting up timer, screen tracking, device tracking, etc.

“Form Presenter” comes up with all these features so that online exams can be conducted easily.
Form Presenter helps to add time, action, audience, and presentation controls on Google Forms. And Form Presenter is one of the best solutions to conduct online tests using Google Forms.
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📗How to configure Form Presenter?

➡️Open a new Google Form
➡️Click on “Add-ons” Menu
➡️Then click Form Presenter
➡️Then click Start Setup.

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