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Here is Great Expectations MCQs Part 1 for you!
(Great Expectations MCQs Part 2)

Q. What is the name of the husband of Pip’s sister?
Ans. Joe Gargery
Q. What advice does Joe Gargery give to Pip?
Ans. To always be honest and forthright
Q. How does Estella treat Pip?
Ans. Unpleasantly
Q. What does Pip get when he wins the fight?
Ans. To kiss Estella
Q. What does Pip do on Sundays?
Ans. Teaches Joe Gargery to read
Q. What happens when Mrs. Joe is attacked?
Ans. She suffers brain damage and is disabled
Q. Whom does Pip confess his love for Estella to?
Ans. Biddy

Q. What does Jaggers tell Pip is in his future?
Ans. A large inheritance
Q. What does Pip regret most?
Ans. Treating Joe Gargery and Biddy poorly

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Q. Great Expectations was published in?
Ans. 1861
Q. What is the real name of Pip?
Ans. Philip Pirrip
Q. Who did Pip live with?
Ans. His sister and her husband
Q. Joe Gargery is a…….?
Ans. Blacksmith
Q. Where did Joe Gargery and his family members live?
Ans. In the marsh area of Kent

Q. The man who met Pip in the Churchyard asked Pip to bring?
Ans. Food and file
Q. Who came to Joe Gargery for repairing handcuffs?
Ans. Soldiers
Q. Who took Pip to Miss Havisham’s house?
Ans. His uncle Pumblechook
Q. What is the name of Miss Havisham’s house?
Ans. Satis House
Q. Who is Estella’s father?
Ans. Magwitch

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Q. Who is Estella’s mother?
Ans. Molly

Q. Who is Herbert?
Ans. Pip’s friend

Q. Joe Gargery married……….after the death of Mrs. Joe?
Ans. Biddy
Q. Who is the wife of Herbert?
Ans. Clara
Q. Pip goes to his village after……….?
Ans. 11 years
Q. Whom did Estella marry first?
Ans. Drummle
Q. Who is Pip’s tutor in London?
Ans. Matthew Pocket
Q. Who is responsible for the attack on Mrs. Joe?
Ans. Orlick
Q. Who plays the role of a villain in Great Expectations?
Ans. Orlick
Q. Who was the clerk of Jaggers’ lawyer?
Ans. Wemmick

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Q. How does Miss Havisham die?
Ans. Her clothes caught fire
Q. The novel Great Expectations first appeared in the magazine……..?
Ans. All the Year Round
Q. Who calls Pip, “the coarse and common laboring boy?”
Ans. Estella
Q. Miss Havisham is a……….?
Ans. Spinster
Q. Who is Pip’s sister?
Ans. Mrs. Joe
Q. Who is the convict in Great Expectations?
Ans. Magwitch
Q. Great Expectations belongs to which genre?
Ans. Bildungsroman

Q. What is Bildungsroman?
Ans. It focuses on the psychological and moral growth of the protagonist from youth to adulthood
Q. In Great Expectations, Miss Havisham is a………..?
Ans. Misandrist
(a person who hates men)

Q. Great Expectations is narrated by…..?
Ans. Pip

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Q. The lady deserted on the bridal morning in Great Expectations is?
Ans. Miss Havisham
Q. Great Expectations was the………..novel of Charles Dickens?
Ans. 13th
Q. Which weekly magazine was founded and owned by Charles Dickens?
Ans. All the Year Round
Q. Who published Great Expectations?
Ans. Chapman and Hall

Q. In 1861, Great Expectations was published in?
Ans. Three volumes
Q. Who is “the pale young gentleman” in Great Expectations?
Ans. Herbert
Q. How old is Pip when Magwitch returns to his life?
Ans. 23
Q. What was Herbert’s nickname for Pip?
Ans. Handel
Q. Who takes credit for Pip’s rise in social status?
Ans. Uncle Pumblechook
Q. Mrs. Joe can best be described as?
Ans. Nagging and temperamental

(Paradise Lost MCQs Part 01)

Q. The convict who Pip feeds at the beginning of the novel reappears later with a name. That name is?
Ans. Magwitch
Q. For Pip, dinner with Mrs. Joe was always?
Ans. Agonizing

Q. Pip is helped with his education at a young age by……?
Ans. Biddy
Q. Pip is first blessed with Great Expectations when he receives a notification from………?
Ans. Mr. Jaggers that he is to go to London
Q. Throughout the novel, the marshes have represented Pip’s?
Ans. Lowly background

Q. Pip becomes the roommate of………in London?
Ans. Herbert
Q. Where had Pip met Herbert for the first time?
Ans. In Miss Havisham’s Garden where they fought
Q…….. would probably agree most with his cliché, “a man’s home is his castle?”
Ans. Wemmick
Q. Miss Havisham raised Estella to have no heart and break the hearts of…….?
Ans. Men
Q. The meal Joe had with Pip in London might be described as?
Ans. Stilted and uncomfortable

Q. The final words of Miss Joe Gargery apparently indicated that she was apologizing for her behavior toward?
Ans. Joe Gargery and Pip
Q. The great expectation that Pip expected for his 21st birthday was that……?
Ans. His benefactor would make himself/herself known to Pip
Q. Why did Magwitch work all those years only to send money to Pip?
Ans. Because Pip fed him when Magwitch was a convict once
Q. When does Pip meet an escaped prisoner?
Ans. On Christmas Eve, around 1812
Q. Orlick reappears in Pip’s life, employed as Miss Havisham’s?
Ans. Porter
Q. Who said about Great Expectations as, “Dickens most compactly perfect book?”
Ans. G B Shaw

(G B Shaw MCQs)
Q. Who said about Great Expectations as, “Pip nonsense”?
Ans. Thomas Carlyle
Q. Who calls his father “The Aged Parent”?
Ans. Wemmick

Q. Who does Pip suspect of being his secret benefactor, for most of the novel?
Ans. Miss Havisham
Q. Which character is described as, “A dry, brown corrugated old woman?”
Ans. Sarah Pocket

Q. Who can be seen as a direct contrast to Pip?
Ans. Drummle
Q. What happens to Compeyson at the end of the novel?
Ans. He disappears and is presumed drowned
Q. Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations can be considered……….?
Ans. An autobiographical novel
Q. The protagonist of the novel Great Expectations is?
Ans. Pip
Q. What is the age of Pip when the novel starts?
Ans. 7 years
Q. Who is the heroine of the novel?
Ans. Estella

(Thomas Carlyle MCQs)
Q. In London, what is Pip’s reaction to Joe’s visit?
Ans. Embarrassment
Q. Miss Havisham is a……..?
Ans. Rich and grim lady
Q. The mystery of Miss Havisham’s seclusion is that she…….?
Ans. Was deceived and robbed by a young man
Q. Who tells Pip that Compeyson was Miss Havisham’s fiancé?
Ans. Herbert

(Great Expectations MCQs Part 2)

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