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Here Great Expectations MCQs Part 2 for you!
(Great Expectations MCQs Part 1)

Q. Where does Pip first encounter Magwitch?
Ans. Churchyard
Q. Where does Estella live when she goes abroad?
Ans. France
Q. What was the name of Miss Havisham’s brother who was Compeyson’s partner?
Ans. Arthur
Q. What accident befalls Miss Havisham before her death?
Ans. She is burned in a fire
Q. What name does Magwitch use to hide his identity?
Ans. Provis
Q. Who brings this news that Pip is wanted by Miss Havisham?
Ans. Mrs. Gargery
Q. A day before the 21st birthday of Pip, Mr. Jaggers gives Pip a banknote of……?
Ans. 500 pounds
Q. Magwitch is sentenced to……..?
Ans. Death
Q. Which female character did Miss Havisham use as a means of her revenge upon the male sex?
Ans. Estella
Q. Who first courted and then promised to marry Miss Havisham but he did not keep his promise?
Ans. Compeyson
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Q. Who says, “Look’ee here, Pip. I’m your second father?”
Ans. Magwitch
Q. The young girl who allowed Pip to enter the gate is?
Ans. Estella
Q. Who accompanied Pip on his first visit to Miss Havisham’s house?
Ans. Uncle Pumblechook
Q. Miss Havisham has an adopted child whose name is?
Ans. Estella
Q. Miss Estella ultimately becomes the wife of?
Ans. Pip
Q. By nature, Estella is?
Ans. Proud and insulting
Q. Great Expectations has………?
Ans. 59 chapters
Q. The last line of Great Expectations is?
Ans. “I saw no shadow of another parting from her”
Q. Who takes care of Mrs. Joe?
Ans. Biddy
Q. Who is a criminal and former partner of Magwitch?
Ans. Compeyson
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Q. Who is the hero of Great Expectations?
Ans. Pip
Q. Pip lived in a village with his?
Ans. Sister
Q. Miss Havisham is?
Ans. An eccentric woman
Q. Miss Havisham wants to take revenge on……..?
Ans. The entire world
Q. The name of the lovely girl whom Miss Havisham keeps in her house is?
Ans. Estella
Q. Great Expectations has?
Ans. Many subplots
Q. The great expectations designed for Pip were that he was to be sent to London and be educated into a gentleman with financial aid from a?
Ans. Mysterious benefactor
Q. Pip was only a snob when he was supposed to be in great expectations, but he acted as a _________when he owned nothing?
Ans. Gentleman
Q. Pip and Stella meet in the final scene on the desolate property where?
Ans. Miss Havisham’s house once stood
Q. What is the source of the Havisham fortune?
Ans. A brewery
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Q. What does Estella warn Pip that she is missing?
Ans. A heart
(it means she told him that she is cold-hearted)
Q. Why does Jaggers smell of soap?
Ans. Because he compulsively scrubs his hands
Q. What does Mrs. Joe threaten Pip and Joe with?
Ans. Her cane
Q. What happens to Drummle after he marries Estella?
Ans. He dies
Q. How does Pip view his own past?
Ans. Harshly
Q. What word best describes Estella’s marriage to Drummle?
Ans. Miserable
Q. How does Miss Havisham feel about what she did to Pip?
Ans. Regretful
Q. How are Miss Havisham and Pip alike?
Ans. They both have broken hearts
Q. Which measure of success is the most important in Great Expectations?
Ans. Inner goodness
Q. What does Miss Havisham’s wedding dress symbolize?
Ans. Decay
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Q. What do the mists signify in Great Expectations?
Ans. Danger
Q. Whom does Pip come across first when he returns to the marshes?
Ans. A second convict
Q. What do the police officers have when they walk into Joe’s house?
Ans. A pair of handcuffs
Q. What does Pip decide to call his convict?
Ans. Uncle Provis
Q. What does the anonymous note that Pip receives say?
Ans. It threatens Uncle Provis
Q. Who sent Pip the anonymous note?
Ans. Orlick
Q. What crime does Orlick confess?
Ans. Killing Mrs. Joe
Q. Who saves Pip from Orlick?
Ans. Herbert
Q. What does Pip say to comfort Magwitch?
Ans. That his daughter Estella is alive
Q. What is Pip arrested for?
Ans. For going into debt
(Shelley MCQs Part 02)

Q. Who pays off Pip’s debts?
Ans. Joe Gargery
Q. What surprises Pip about Biddy?
Ans. That she has married Joe
Q. Who is the true source of Pip’s “great expectations”?
Ans. Magwitch
Q. Who says the following: “I am as unhappy as you can ever have meant me to be?”
Ans. Pip
Q. What is Pip’s mother’s name?
Ans. Georgiana
Q. Miss Havisham’s House was called Satis House which means…..?
Ans. Enough house
Q. Who seemed to Pip like the witches of Macbeth?
Ans. Molly
Q. “Love her, Love her, Love her.
If she favours you, love her, if she
wounds you, love her.”
Who advised up?
Ans. Miss Havisham
Q. Pip regards Biddy as……..?
Ans. The wisest of girls
Q. Who is Pip’s best friend?
Ans. Herbert Pocket
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Q. In Satis House, all clocks have been stopped at ………..?
Ans. Twenty minutes to nine
Q. Dickens gave a happy ending to Great Expectations at the suggestions of ……..?
Ans. Edward Bulwer Lytton
Q. Charles Dickens’ penultimate completed novel is?
Ans. Great Expectations
(Penultimate means next to the last)
Q. It is Dickens’s second novel, after David Copperfield, to be fully narrated in the first person. Which novel?
Ans. Great Expectations
Q. How many pages are there in the first edition of Great Expectations?
Ans. 544
Q. In 2003,………..was ranked 17th on the BBC’s The Big Read poll?
Ans. Great Expectations
Q. Major themes in Great Expectations are social class and ambition, guilt and redemption and?
Uncertainty and deceit
(Great Expectations MCQs Part 1)

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