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Here are all Gulliver’s Travels MCQ’s for you!

Q. Jonathan Swift wrote Gulliver’s Travels in?
Ans. 1726

(Jonathan Swift MCQ’s)
Q. How tall are the Lilliputians?
Ans. 5 to 6 inches
Q. How tall are the Brobdingnags?
Ans. Giant
Q. What washes up on the shore of Lilliput?

Ans. Gulliver’s hat
Q. Gulliver extinguishes the fire in the empress’ bed chamber by?
Ans. Urinating on it
Q. On his first voyage, Gulliver is?
Ans. A surgeon
Q. Who is Gulliver’s enemy in Lilliput?
Ans. Flimnap
Q. How does Gulliver arrive in Lilliput?
Ans. He swims ashore after a shepwreck
Q. Lilliputians decided who will take a high position in the court by?
Ans. A tight-rope jumping contest
Q. After he is found guilty of treason in Lilliput, Gulliver is sentenced with?
Ans. Having his eyes put out

Q. Who are the enemies of the Lilliputians?
Ans. The Blefuscudians
Q. Why did the Lilliputians divide?
Ans. They cut their eggs at different ends
Q. When Gulliver awakens on the shore of Lilliput, he is lying on his back tied up by?

Ans. Hundreds of ropes
Q. What did Flimnap say about Gulliver in order to slander him?
Ans. That Gulliver slept with his wife
Q. The people of Lilliput were scared when Gulliver?
Ans. Fired his pistol
Q. How does Gulliver get home from Blefuscu?
Ans. He finds a boat floating off shore and repairs it
Q. How does Gulliver learn to speak the Lilliputians language?
Ans. Six scholars were employed to teach him
Q. Gulliver fled to Blefuscu because the Lilliputians were going to?
Ans. Put his eyes out

(Jonathan Swift MCQ’s)
Q. How does Gulliver gain his liberty in Lilliput?
Ans. With his gentleness and good behavior

Q. Who is the nicest to Gulliver of the Lilliputians?
Ans. Redressal
Q. How do the Lilliputians hurt Gulliver when they first find him?
Ans. They shoot tiny arrows at him
Q. What is the punishment for the Lilliputians who bother Gulliver?
Ans. They are given into Gulliver’s hands
Q. Gulliver’s time in Lilliput is ended when?

Ans. He is convicted of treason
Q. Who raises the Lilliputian children?
Ans. The government
Q. How does Gulliver end up stranded in Lilliput?
Ans. He survives a shipwreck
Q. How do the Lilliputians offer Gulliver something to drink?
Ans. They roll out barrels of wine
Q. How does Gulliver earn the title of Nardac in Lilliput?
Ans. By capturing the Blefuscudian fleet
Q. The line of doctrine over the Blefuscudians and the Lilliputians differ is?

Ans. All true believers shall break their eggs at the convenient end
Q. Gulliver’s main caretaker in Brobdingnags is?
Ans. Glumdalclitch

(Jonathan Swift MCQ’s)

Q. How does Gulliver leave Brobdingnags?
Ans. He is carried away by a giant eagle
Q. Who first discovers Gulliver in Brobdingnags?
Ans. A field worker
Q. How does Gulliver earns money for the field worker?
Ans. He performs tricks for spectators
Q. Gulliver’s main enemy in the royal court of Brobdingnags is?
Ans. The dwarf
Q. What human invention does Gulliver propose to the king of Brobdingnags that the king finds revolting?
Ans. Gunpowder
Q. How does Gulliver end up in Laputa?
Ans. Pirates attack his ship
Q. What do flappers do for the people of Laputa?
Ans. Keep them engaged in conversations
Q. Why does Gulliver seem stupid to the Laputans?
Ans. He is ignorant of music and mathematics
Q. Why does Gulliver summon the shades of Descartes and Gassendi to talk to Aristotle? Ans. They were philosophers who revised many of Aristotle’s theories
Q. Why is Gulliver exiled from the land of Houyhnhnms?
Ans. The Houyhnhnms decide that it’s not right for a yahoo to live among them

Q. Why is Lord Munodi looked down upon by the government?
Ans. He uses traditional methods of agriculture and architecture
Q. Who are Gulliver’s closest friends after he returns from his time with the Houyhnhnms?

Ans. Two horses
(Jonathan Swift MCQ’s)
Q. How does the king of Luggnagg dispose of his enemies in the court?
Ans. By poisoning the floor they are required to lick as they approach him
Q. On which island is Gulliver given the opportunity to summon the shades of the dead?
Ans. Glubbdubdrib
Q. What is different about the Struldbrugs of Luggnagg?
Ans. They are immortal
Q. Which language does Swift not ridicule?

Ans. Culinary
Q. Gulliver finds which human society the most appealing?
Ans. Brobdingnags
Q. First three voyages describe Gulliver’s personality as?
Ans. Gullible and honest
Q. Which place does Gulliver visit last?
Ans. The land of Houyhnhnms
Q. Gulliver’s Travels is essentially a satire on?
Ans. The nature of man

Q. In the land of Houyhnhnms, horses represent?
Ans. The perfection of nature
Q. Gulliver’s greatest fault is?
Ans. Pride
Q. What are the experiments called that the academics of Balnibarbi perform?
Ans. Projects
Q. Gulliver’s visit to Lilliput allows Swift to satirize what sort of rulers?
Ans. Rulers with small views and narrow interests
Q. Who are the only immoral and malicious people in Brobdingnags?
Ans. The deformed and children
Q. How does Gulliver describe the Yahoo’s?

Ans. The most filthy, noisome and deformed animals that nature ever produced
Q. The enemies of Lilliputians are?
Ans. Blefuscudians
Q. Gulliver considers his family, friends, countrymen and humans as?
Ans. Yahoos
Q. By what Christian name does Gulliver begin his journey?
Ans. Lemuel

(Jonathan Swift MCQ’s)
Q. On which ship did Gulliver begin his first adventure?
Ans. Antelope

Q. He started his first adventure on?
Ans. 4th May, 1699
Q. Lilliput is located in?
Ans. India
Q. The name of the chief of the Lilliputian folk was?

Ans. Hurgo
Q. The tallest trees in Lilliput are?
Ans. 7 feet high
Q. Why did Lilliputians like Gulliver?
Ans. He spares the lives of several prisoners delivered into his hands
Q. The Lilliputians call Gulliver by what term?

Ans. Quinbus Flestrin which means Great Man Mountain
Q. The two Lilliputians searching Gulliver conclude that his watch must be?
Ans. The god he worships
Q. The metropolis of Lilliput is called?
Ans. Mildendo
Q. What is the name of the island on which the enemy of Lilliput resides?
Ans. Blefuscu

Q. The ridiculous reason behind the war in which Lilliput is engaged?
Ans. Disagreement on how to break open an egg
Q. The name of Gulliver’s wife is?
Ans. Mrs. Mary Burton Gulliver

(Jonathan Swift MCQ’s)

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