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Here is Heart of Darkness MCQs Part 01 for you!
(Heart of Darkness MCQs Part 02)

Q. The story of Heart of Darkness is about Marlow’s obsession with the successful ivory trader……..?
Ans. Kurtz
Q. Joseph Conrad described Heart of Darkness as a wild story of a……..who becomes manager of a station in the African interior?
Ans. Journalist
Q. In 1902, Heart of Darkness was published ?
Ans. In book form by William Blackwood
Q. Who wrote that Heart of Darkness had been analyzed more than any other work of literature?
Ans. Harold Bloom, a literary critic
Q. Who tried to teach European civilization to Africans?
Ans. Kurtz
Q. Who was the chief of the inner station?
Ans. Kurtz

(The Old Man and the Sea MCQs)
Q. What does the doctor ask Marlow before they sail?
Ans. If there is a history of madness in his family

Q. What did Marlow give to the young native African boy who first approached towards Marlow?
Ans. A biscuit
Q. When did Joseph Conrad publish Heart of Darkness in serial form?
Ans. 1899

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Q. According to Marlow, who was Kurtz’s devoted friend?
Ans. The Russian

(Joseph Conrad MCQ’s)
Q. What is the central theme in Heart of Darkness?
Ans. To show the dark side of human nature
Q. Who is Marlow’s direct supervisor?
Ans. Manager
Q. The Congo experience has caused Marlow to become a?
Ans. Fresh water sailor
Q. In the eyes of Marlow, what does his journey down the river symbolize?
Ans. Movement in the past

Q. What do flies symbolize in chapter 1?
Ans. Death
Q. What type of narrator do we have?
Ans. First person
Q. Why doesn’t Marlow get Kurtz back to civilization?
Ans. Kurtz dies
Q. The character of the Manager is based upon what real person?
Ans. Camille Delcommune
Q. Who said the following: “We were wanderers on a prehistoric earth, on an earth that wore the aspect of an unknown planet?”
Ans. Marlow

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Q. What was the fate of Marlow’s predecessor in the Company, according to the Swedish captain?
Ans. Hanged himself
Q. Where did the mad helmsman of the Nellie die?
Ans. At Marlow’s feet
Q. After the long journey, Marlow came to the end only to find out Kurtz was dead?
Ans. True

Q. Marlow wanted to meet Kurtz because……?
Ans. Of his legacy
Q. Heart of Darkness was first published as a three-part serial story in?
Ans. Blackwood’s Magazine
Q. In 1998, the Modern Library ranked Heart of Darkness………. on their list of the 100 best novels in English of the twentieth century?
Ans. 67th
Q. Who said the following: “This man has enlarged my mind?”
Ans. The Harlequin
Q. Who lived in the Reed hut?
Ans. The Russian
Q. How did the helmsman die?
Ans. Hit by the spear
Q. Who was Kurtz’s fiancé?
Ans. The Intended

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Q. How many pages were there in the report prepared by Kurtz?
Ans. 17
Q. How was helmsman’s dead body disposed of?
Ans. Dropped into the water
Q. What was the Russian sailor’s father?
Ans. An arch priest
Q. What did the Intended request Marlow to tell her?
Ans. The last words of Kurtz
Q. On the Thames………..was at anchor?
Ans. A cruising yawl
Q. Romans invaded England to get?
Ans. Wealth and power
Q. Marlow was fascinated by?
Ans. Africa
Q. Marlow was appointed as………of one of the company’s river boats?
Ans. Skipper

Q. The aunt represented Marlow as an?
Ans. Emissary of light
Q. Marlow saw the accountant to be……..dressed?
Ans. Elegantly

(Indian English Literature MCQs)

Q. The accountant described Kurtz as a………person?
Ans. Remarkable
Q. Marlow called the……….as the faithless pilgrims?
Ans. White traders
Q. Marlow saw a small………..in the brick maker’s room?
Ans. Oil painting
Q. Marlow found the pilgrims………..against one another?
Ans. Plotting and intriguing
Q. The manager’s way would be clear if Kurtz…..?
Ans. Died
Q. In the Reed hut Marlow found?
Ans. A book
Q. The book contained some guidance for?
Ans. Seamen

Q. Marlow sent the natives back into the dark woods by?
Ans. Whistling
Q. Kurtz had collected more………than all the other agents?
Ans. Ivory
Q. Intended lived in an idealistic………of her own?
Ans. World

Q. Kurtz’s mother was?
Ans. Half-English
Q. The savages regarded Kurtz as a kind of……?
Ans. Deity
Q. When Kurtz fell ill, he was nursed by the…….on two occasions?
Ans. Russian
Q. Kurtz’s last words were?
Ans. The Horror! The Horror!
Q. Heart of Darkness opens in what setting?
Ans. A boat on the Thames River

Q. Where does Kurtz die?
Ans. Aboard Marlow’s steamer
Q. What does Marlow discover atop the fence posts at the Inner Station?
Ans. Human heads
Q. The Company trades primarily in?
Ans. Ivory
Q. Who receives Kurtz’s “Report” after his death?
Ans. A journalist
Q. Most of Marlow’s adventures take place in?
Ans. The Congo

Q. What do the men at the Central Station hear about the fate of the Eldorado Exploring Expedition?
Ans. That the expedition’s pack animals are dead
Q. At the end of his “Report” on the natives, Kurtz writes?
Ans. “Exterminate all the brutes!”
Q. What one thing does Marlow need to repair his wrecked steamer?
Ans. Rivets

Q. The Company is?
Ans. Belgian
Q. Why are the cannibals aboard the steamer hungry?
Ans. The pilgrims threw their rotting meat overboard
Q. Who is ultimately responsible for the attack on the steamer?
Ans. Kurtz
Q. Marlow’s predecessor with the Company dies as a result of a quarrel over?
Ans. Hens
Q. The last person Marlow sees in Brussels is?
Ans. Kurtz’s fiancé
Q. What does the Russian trader leave downriver for the approaching steamer?
Ans. Firewood
Q. Before he goes to Africa, Marlow has been on a voyage through?
Ans. Asia

Q. Where does Marlow encounter the “grove of death”?
Ans. The Outer Station

Q. The chief accountant’s most notable characteristic is?
Ans. His spotless white clothing
Q. At the Central Station the native laborers burn?
Ans. A hut full of trade goods
Q. Who does Marlow first cite as a source of great darkness along the Thames River?
Ans. The Romans
Q. Marlow believes that he is going for the sake of?
Ans. Civilizing the Brutes
Q. Most of Marlow’s adventures take place in?
Ans. Congo
Q. The snake-like river on map was?
Ans. Congo river
Q. The natives in the story are constantly described in terms of?
Ans. Animals
Q. The most valuable commodity in Congo is?
Ans. Ivory

Q. What according to Marlow is the most horrible experience a man can go through?
Ans. Starvation

(Heart of Darkness MCQs Part 02)

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