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Here is Heart of Darkness MCQs Part 02 for you!
(Heart of Darkness MCQs Part 01)

Q. Who does Marlow describe as the most unstable kind of fool?
Ans. The mad helmsman of his ship
Q. Blowing the rock for railway track was?
Ans. Ironical
Q. Mr. Kurtz was turned into?
Ans. Barbarian
Q. Mr. Kurtz was……..by the locals?
Ans. Worshipped
Q. What corrupted Mr. Kurtz?
Ans. Lust for power
Q. Marlow in the end……..to Kurtz’s Intended?
Ans. Lies
Q. Where is Marlow when the narrator tells his story?
Ans. Sitting in a pleasure ship on the Thames River
Q. What is the name of the pleasure ship?
Ans. Nellie
Q. Why do the four travelers anchor near London?
Ans. They are waiting for the storm to subside
Q. As a child, at what did Marlow love cooking?
Ans. Maps
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Q. Who is Kurtz?
Ans. One of the top agents in the company
Q. Marlow originally yearns to visit Congo to……..?
Ans. Explore the uncharted wilderness
Q. Trip to Kurtz’s station reminds Marlow of?
Ans. Prehistoric times
Q. What is the main reason Marlow wants Kurtz to still be alive?
Ans. So that he can hear his voice
Q. To whom does the abandoned hut belong?
Ans. The Harlequin
Q. The main reason Marlow admires the chief accountant is because of his?
Ans. Neat European dress
Q. What negative term does Marlow use to describe the manager?
Ans. Hollow
Q. How many men were on board the Nellie?
Ans. Five
Q. On which river was the cruising yawl at anchor?
Ans. Congo
Q. When did the Romans invade Britain?
Ans. Nineteen hundred years ago
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Q. Marlow was fascinated by which river?
Ans. Congo
Q. Who helped Marlow to get a job with the Belgian trading company?
Ans. His aunt
Q. What were the two women doing?
Ans. Knitting black wool
Q. Who was the first white man that Marlow met at the company’s station?
Ans. The brickmaker
Q. Who described Kurtz as a remarkable person?
Ans. The accountant
Q. What did Kurtz export to the company?
Ans. Ivory
Q. Who was the spy of the manager?
Ans. The brickmaker
Q. The old painting of a woman was painted by whom?
Ans. Kurtz
Q. What did Marlow need to repair his steamer?
Ans. Rivets
Q. Heart of Darkness was written by?
Ans. Joseph Conrad
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Q. Who is the protagonist of this novel?
Ans. Charles Marlow
Q. Where is Nellie anchored?
Ans. On the banks of Thames River
Q. Who is the narrator of this novel?
Ans. Marlow and an anonymous narrator
Q. Other travelers on the ship are……….?
Ans. Lawyer, accountant, anonymous narrator, owner of the ship and Marlow
Q. Who informed Marlow that Kurtz is dying?

Ans. Russian
Q. Who criticized this novel for its racism?
Ans. Chinua Achebe
Q. At the central station, the native laborers burn?
Ans. A hut full of trade goods
Q. When Marlow visits Kurtz’s Intended and finds her still in mourning, how long has it been since Kurtz’s death?
Ans. Over a year
Q. Heart of Darkness was one of the first novels to provide a critical view of……..?
Ans. European imperialism
Q. Heart of Darkness suggests that………inevitably corrupts?
Ans. Power
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Q. Who ordered the attack on the steamer?
Ans. Kurtz
Q. What does Kurtz use to adorn the fence post around the inner station?
Ans. Severed heads
Q. What job does Marlow take with the company?
Ans. Riverboat captain
Q. Who is the object of Marlow’s quest?
Ans. Kurtz
Q. What do Kurtz and his African mistress have in common?
Ans. They are enigmas
Q. Who is the audience for the central story of Heart of Darkness?
Ans. Men aboard the Nellie
Q. Which character acts as a guide for the reader?
Ans. Marlow
Q. What archetype does Kurtz resemble?
Ans. Evil genius
Q. What inspired Marlow to go to Africa?
Ans. A map
Q. Why was the company eager to send Marlow to Africa?
Ans. His predecessor died
(Heart of Darkness MCQs Part 01)

Q. What is the name of the group of white men led by the general manager’s uncle?
Ans. Belgian Mining Corporation
Q. On what river did Marlow captain a steamship for the company?
Ans. Congo
Q. What according to the general manager’s uncle may kill Kurtz?
Ans. Tropical disease
Q. What do the men aboard the steamer hear at night on their journey to Kurtz’s station?
Ans. Drums
Q. Who nurses Marlowe back to health once he returns to Europe?
Ans. His aunt
Q. According to his cousin, Kurtz’s talent was?
Ans. Music
Q. What does Kurtz’s journalist colleague believe were Kurtz’s true skills?
Ans. Popular OR extremist politics
Q. Marlow tells Kurtz’s Intended that his final words were…….?
Ans. Her name
Q. Heart of Darkness raises questions about?

Ans. Imperialism
Q. There are how many listeners of Marlow?
Ans. Four
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Q. World’s shortest and finest novel is?
Ans. Heart of Darkness
Q. Heart of Darkness is about?
Ans. A voyage
Q. The blink-folded woman in Kurtz’s sketch carries a?
Ans. Torch
Q. The crew realizes they are under attack when they see flying…….?
Ans. Arrows
Q. In Heart of Darkness, Joseph Conrad offers parallels between London and Africa as places of?
Ans. Darkness
Q. What is the central idea of Heart of Darkness?
Ans. There is little difference between civilized people and those described as savage
Q. What does Marlow do with Kurtz’s letters?
Ans. He gives them to Kurtz’s Intended
(Heart of Darkness MCQs Part 01)

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